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  1. I love my 766 perfect for a loader tractor I gave $13,500 for mine with Loader (it was restored before I bought it) been super reliable. Only real kicker is it’s kinda like a 4020 JD it’s to big for small chores and to small for big jobs. You just gotta get used to it’s size I also bought a 656 before I bought my 766 it’s a big step in overall size.
  2. Yeah I’m gonna keep every thing below the tank. I’ll probably mount the shut off where the old push button was located. I plan on using a in tank screen (pic below) I just want everything right at the operator station in reach.
  3. I'm gonna be taking the New Idea Mounted Corn picker off my Farmall Super M and putting it on my Farmall M to free up my Super M. After I've gone through the Picker making sure everything is clean, greased, repainted and working good of course. Mainly I want to move some of the hard to reach stuff when the picker is mounted. Like move the starter button up on the tree with the item below. Also relocate the fuel shut off. My idea is to take the fuel bowl off, replace it with a brass elbow, run the fuel line (with an inline Fuel Filter) to the steering tree to a Fuel shut off, then run it to the carb. After using the picker on my Super M its a pain to bend, fold and a stretch to get to the fuel shut off with the Picker mounted. Anyone else have any other ideas? I'd like to raise the headlights as well cause when the picker is fully raised the headlights are useless.... did IH/Aftermarket make any items to do just that? Thanks for any info and help
  4. Just a little Tid bit of history below on my 4 most recent pieces of treasure I've found (Some may have seen them on Facebook). Just as the title says I got a call from a local Farm equipment dealer. He was taking care of a Widow ladies Husband IH collection. He was an avid IH collector as well as a restorer of them from tools to tractors. The last piece he restored was believed to be the 10-20 below but, it was easier to take his Restored F20 to shows at his age so it sat in an old silo for many years. I picked up the 10-20 First (just found the Carb for it in his garage) i hope to have it up and going next week. The F12, F14 and F20 below were on his list to fix but, he never got to fix them. She made a point that only other collectors were aloud to even see these items or have a chance to buy them. I plan on getting each and every one up and going for her sake and his memory. She said I "Had the same ear to ear grin as her husband when he drug these old rust piles home and it means the world to her to see them go to a fellow Collector." I';m not sure if others are this way but, That right there gives me the fuel to keep going. So i hope i can look to y'all for advice cause i can tell I'm gonna need it. :D I also hope to come up with the Cash to get his Restored F20 soon. I'll be sure to post my progress on here as time goes by...
  5. Yes The Radiator is a 3 hole (just don't have it pictured yet), hood is just one that was laying around he put on it years ago. The metal fuel line for the small hood tank is still there and the block number matches the serial number Tag show's it as an F14. Yes both are duel fuel's.
  6. So tomorrow I go to pick up a 1936 Farmall F12 and a 1939 Farmall F14. Not sure which one I'll try to get going first probably the F14... The F12 is nearly complete minus Carb and Magneto(which may be in the Garage somewhere). Stuck from sitting for so long but, it has been keep inside and the gas tank looks new on inside from a quick look. The F14 has the rear steel (need Front steel now) just gotta find the Magneto. It has front shutter's but, only one fuel tank am i missing one(was there small one's cut in the hood?) It also has some kind of rear lift (Hydraulic i assume for implement's). Also what is the second gauge for on the side the oil is on the other side. Some of the other part's are not on it but, are in a pile near it. Will need some help and info with these babies....these are a new era...err ....area for me ...
  7. I was wondering if the block had been sleeved or not myself. Since they went .040 wasn't sure if you'd have to sleeve it or not. Didn't get to check much had to leave for work early. I'll have to check tomorrow And thanks for the info on the Piston's they looked different from my Super A , Farmall C and Super C piston's.
  8. Well had to pull the Head off to get the valve unstuck look's to have been stuck for a while. Gonna clean the head up, put in a few new/used push rod's and try it again tomorrow. Also can anyone identify the piston's Are these regular IH piston's or aftermarket? It says there .040 over. Z-16 .040 388557-R2 I'm assuming it has been rebuilt at one time and they bored it .040 over. Would they now have sleeve's by boring that far? Thanks for the info wish me luck
  9. Need some help/info Since IH liked to start serial #'s with 501 Would that make this one the 150th one built would love to know the year, month, day it was built etc... Finally got the Sprayer running had a weird noise out exhaust and was belching smoke. Took the Valve cover off to find an exhaust valve stuck 3/4 down. I haven't had any luck popping the valve up. Looks like the head will have to come off. The IH dealer is no help as the workers are younger then me and just stare when i say IH 780 Hi-Clear Sprayer. What tractor would use the same C-146 they might be able to help with that info. I belive a 444 had the C-146 correct? Would a head gasket kit for a 444 work on this motor? thanks for the help
  10. I bought my 656 gas about 3 years ago i use it with my 8ft Bush hog, hay work, plow, disk, etc.. it could use a few more RPM's but, it's my #2 favorite tractor (Behind my Ford 8000). I love the 263 gas motor reliable, stout, mine's easy on gas. My 560 has a 282D that i absolutely hate if i had the time to swap it with a 263 gas i'd do it in a heart beat! Then send the 282 to the scrap yard where it belong's. just my 2 cent's i think you'll enjoy it good luck
  11. Update: So i got her home and safely unloaded she is gonna need a lot of love and work. No better time to learn body work cause it needs plenty. Also ordered a owner's manual moment's ago finally found one. Can't wait to go to work on her but, i got a Super M with a Mounted NI corn picker that also need's some love it's hard to chose between them. Edit: also any help on finding out what year this was built? I added the Engine and Power takeoff Serial number's.
  12. Went to look her over real good. Its a IH 780 #651 built not sure what year that would fall under. Needs plenty of sheet metal work but, nothing I don't think i can't handle. He didn't have a battery but, say's it start's, run's and drives great but, has ZERO break's. Would I order brakes for a 140 since I've been told it has 140 part's from trans back. Thanks again y'all for all the help so far looks like i'll be here alot with question
  13. I gave them a call their gonna check there archive's to see if they have one. Thanks for the info
  14. Thanks for the pic's and info it does have the seat framing and suspension but no cushion. Gonna try to put a seat off a something like a 656 or up if it will fit.
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