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  1. From my experience the kits for the german engine kits are not any more expensive than any thing else. Same ball park as the dt414, allis 301 and many others.
  2. should be a spacer on top of seal. Some had different ends where the rod goes tru, they had square and hex. I don't remember which one was which, but one used a jam nut and one did not
  3. Did you put a gauge in it? If so, what is the pressure? If pressure is ok you are going to have to take it apart. Things to check when apart, clutch disc not fully engaged onto spline hub, snap ring under the piston not in place, or excess end play in 1000 shaft. Hope this helps
  4. Yes, that is how you adjust pressure
  5. Check the roll pin in the valve spool. If the pin is broke it will have low apply pressure but will have enough to hold brakes off
  6. Weatherhead numbers 06U-756 and 08U-758 are the compression style ends that westendorf used on their loaders for years. I have made a lot of hoses with these ends. IH combines and NH and heston haybines also use them. I would think if you get some straight hyd tubing and bend to fit your application with this style hose end you will be fine.
  7. I went to look something up, the picture was correct but the part numbers did not match up. This lookup sucks!
  8. Thanks for all the replies, the one my friend had was what i needed. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the replies, a friend of mine thinks he has one. He is going to bring it by in the morning
  10. I am in need of a ring gear and pinion set for the rear of a 3788. Are the 33 and 3588 the same? I can't find the number in the new lovely CNH parts lookup. Thanks
  11. About how long ago did they sell it. I bought one at st anne auction about 10 years ago. I sold it to a friend of mine. Might take me awhile to get up there to look at it. It has a dealer sticker from Bear Creek WI.
  12. I was told "you aint going to drink the brewery dry". We always said "no, but we got them working 3 shifts"
  13. Herl truck (785) 769-5266
  14. This is for a newer model, not sure if its the same or not. https://www.srsoemparts.com/default/distributor-199683a3.html If will work for you, sr sales sold their inventory to asap tractor parts in Ft. Atkinson, IA. Hope this helps
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