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  1. another link https://www.hy-capacity.com/userdocs/documents/cih7200_rangeclutchpk.pdf
  2. Hy-capacity offers clutch kits that include frictions, steels, piston seals, and shaft seals. https://www.hy-capacity.com/transmission/clutch-pack-kits/range-clutch-packs/pid27384/range-clutch-pack-kit-input-shaft/
  3. It looks like a relief valve, but part number 387229R91 calls it an anti-cavitation valve for backhoe attachment
  4. You could use a cummins setup with a little machine work. Number 5 in the picture slips over the nut. https://www.marinepartsexpress.com/cummins_schematics/C8.3-M3 (450) 6C8.3/Electronic Control System/Instrumentation and Control/Mechanical Tachometer Drive EI9020 (UPFIT 2).pdf
  5. If i read this right, you say the front is being pushed but your numbers say the opposite? I am confused on that. I would let some air out of the front tires and recheck it, let it squat a bit, that will tell you what way you need to go. Hope this helps.
  6. I would do a compression test, a friend of mine got one that had 466 pistons with a 436 crank, not enough squeeze to make it light
  7. I fixed one of them years back that the lining fell off. I used john deere 4020 brake pads with the steel backing (r111122). I drilled and taped, i believe 10-32, then used tapered head allen screws to hold them on. It's been about 10 year now with no problems.
  8. Get the aftermarket with the webbing between the ports. I see they also have a two piece aftermarket one now, i haven't tried one yet, but looks promising. (not sure if the picture is the exact part number you need, just found a decent picture to post)
  9. If you get the shaft out of a late 9 or 1086, it will have small spline on the front and the big spline on the back. If you flip it around, you can use the 856 pto in a 15. Have to change of the linkage to pull style also.
  10. you need a push style off a late 986 or late 1086 will fit right in. You can put in a pull style like 1066, but you have to change the linkage and get the front (intermediate ?) shaft for a late 9 or 1086 to make it work
  11. That photo was a listing on ebay, info says Clarkfield, Minnesota https://www.ebay.com/itm/294075849148?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001
  12. I got a set 2 weeks ago, let me know if you need some
  13. We had a stop light in town when i was a kid, it was at the car wash!
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