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  1. We had a stop light in town when i was a kid, it was at the car wash!
  2. Gillett WI NW of Green Bay
  3. Thanks 88seriesrestorer
  4. Thanks for the reply Can you get the number off the gear from the side, or does it have to be split? What is the difference in the gears? I searched for info on this topic and couldn't find much Thanks
  5. I talked to the salvage yard here, and they don't have a good one but are looking for one they had that was bad, didn't call back yet
  6. thanks for the post, it will help on future repairs. I am currently trying to figure out the difference on tooth pitch related to the parking pawl, mine do not have any part numbers on them.
  7. How do you tell the difference in park pawls between the early, late 5X88, and the magnums. I have 2, but no part numbers on them. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the pictures!! You are not the only person, you should see the abbreviations these young guys text message, not sure if it is english myself.
  9. ISO = in search of (looking for something) boxcar = 71, 72 and 89 series magnum tractors
  10. Bearing size is different G15215 CAS BEARING ASSY, PTO driven shaft front cone, used only with gears, 528677R1, 67594C1 & 68512C1 Superseded by part number: 86512027 533729R91 IH ASSY, PTO driven shaft front cone, used w/gear, 68511C1 Superseded by part number: 199954
  11. Like others have mentioned, sounds like the differential went out. I don't know where you are located, but i have a 7120 for parts. I am located in NE WI
  12. LOL I should have had you translate the manual for me, i couldn't make out more than a few sentences! Merry Christmas!
  13. You apparently never tried to farm with a Belarus, the only way we could start ours was roll it down a hill or hook on with the pickup and give it a pull.
  14. I would use a 5.9, put one in a 706, made tractor out of it! I redrilled the 282 back plate and added a spacer between it and the block. The flywheel was reworked to put on the cummins crank. Didn't cost much at all.
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