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  1. I have used a federal mogul head gasket set. I thought it was very high quality for after market. Next time I needed one I could not get one in a reasonable time. I have used some PAI in truck engines. Have had good luck. There was a few gaskets I thought looked cheap so I bought cummins ones but 95 percent of it was fine
  2. Good info right here. I have seen the weep holes on John Deere water pumps so plugged a drill was needed to clear them. I guess what I’m saying is if its leaking very good chance it is not coming out weep hole.
  3. We had it for my wife’s car but took it off that and put it on my 2 daughters cars. One is a 2008 acccord. She need a starter at college and it covered the tow no problem. The other is a 2011 civic. She hit a pothole and needed a tire changed. It would have covered that but we were in the process of gettting the car enrolled so we missed that one. That one tire change cost almost to the yearly fee for both cars. My wife and I needed a jump start in Connecticut once and it was really handy.
  4. This is a possibility of it leaking by the input shaft seal and into the crankcase. I have never seen one do it but we only have 10 of these engine so I have not been in a dealership type environment. Possibly a injector cup with a scratch but I doubt it. I deal with a very good machine shop that says they never change the cups in those Cummins heads because it is just not necessary. Maybe they said cups are stainless? I would bet money its an injector. At work we buy Cummins reman injectors for m11-ISm. Some last along time some don’t. I have not expericed the failure you are taking about though.
  5. There was a thread on here not too long ago about a magnum on a John Deere 3970 chopper. SD man provided some good information. It sounds like a very similar problem to this. I have some of it saved in a screen shot dated September 20,2020.
  6. At work we have one made out of a truck air tank. I have no idea how old it is. Works well plenty of ports for fill, hose and gauge
  7. John Deere service tool number 1. LOL
  8. IMHO pull the injectors back out and have them pop tested. If one is overfueling bad this test will identify it. Pull the exhaust manifold and try to see which cylinder the material is coming from. It might be a good idea to pull valve cover put engine on TDC 1 and see how the valves feel and then turn to TDC 6 and check those ones. If something is way off I would think you could see/ feel it this way. I’ve seen some pretty leaky valve guides on those but it seems unlikely it is leaking that bad. If the head gasket is bad around the the oil passage it should only be putting the oil In one cylinder if I am rembering correctly.
  9. Very true. We had a few at work like the one in the picture. You could easily shift 2-3 low range. Shift to high 3 and then 4 and 5. How many guys running an 18 speed use every gear all day long?
  10. That looks to be in great shape. Congratulations
  11. I work on a big dairy farm. We have 13 trucks with Allison’s. Most of them have the HD4560 5 speed with a M11/ISM in front of them. So 335-370 horsepower. They were all mostly old trash trucks with 15-20K hours when we go them. One came from Kansas City Missouri. We haul haylage, corn silage and shell corn in them. Most of them have6 foot deep 22 foot boxes. Land is about 15 mile radius. Not flat here some decent hill climbing. Lots of different drivers. I know three of our guys would not drive for us if we didn’t have them. They are are good drivers but don’t want to shift. We run the crap out of these trucks and they just keep going. Your not going to get in them and think this is the most powerful truck I have ever driven but they get the job done. We have a 4900 with a DT530 with a MT3560. It has a feed mixer body. It has 35K hours I think it has 6.17 gears. Hauled load after load of feed around grossing 60K pounds. That truck does really good for what is under the hood. For your purpose the 4900 platform would probably work. Make sure it has low gears. The 4900 platform is usually a lot less money the heavier models. The t444e is not what you want. The DT466E is okay if your box is sized to match it. The 10-11L motors are just enough power where it works good. Just remember it not a 550 Cat. A truck is not helping us when its in the shop with the clutch tore up or the driveshaft twisted off because billy bob big rigger thought he could grab a gear at the last minute and it didn’t quite work out. It’s always the guys that claim to be the best truck drivers that seem to have the most problems.
  12. So that means they made 17K on that 7810? Or is it capped at a certain amount?
  13. We have two at work. One has 18K hours one has 16K. Both power quads. I used to pull a 12 row anhydrous knife with one. We never used them for super hard work. That 8.1 is pretty solid engine. They don’t ride very well. I’m not sure I would want to tie up that much money in that tractor. X2. That kubota or caterpillar 262D will run circles around that case for just a little more. To each his own I guess.
  14. If that is a 6030 series Deere we have the same trouble. We have three 6230 we use to bed cows and you want them plugged in when it gets below 40. That stupid expensive John Deere battery I see you guys have I got rid of those and modified things so I could put a group 31 in them. I have never understood why they start so hard. Sometimes I think another battery would help because a lot of times if you put the jump box on them they will fire right off Other than the starting those are some rugged tractors. We have a 6400 that bedded cows for 30000 hours and is still running strong. We have 6.8 liters in other equipment that will start like you just shut them off at any temperature. We love those grill guards.
  15. Sharp Peterbilt. That cattlepuller sticker is cool. Really sharp pickup. I really liked that body style but around here all the bodies are rusted off of them by now.
  16. At work we have 1500 ish acres to combine which is a lot more than normal. The guy we have doing has a Claas Lexion with tracks and a quad trac with a kinze grain cart on tracks. I’m pretty sure without this we would not be as far a long as we are and we are not half done yet. I saw a picture this morning of a John Deere combine in the road with a snapped axle not far from here. Lucky it was a back road but still that’s no fun. It sounds like we have some better weather ahead.
  17. Try forklift tires incorporated in Roseville Michigan. 586-777-1866. They have those claw daddy tires bitty is talking about. They should be able to press your old tires off and put new ones on your rims. Galaxy also makes the hulk in a solid tire that comes with a rim and one other tread design also. Last time We bought the galaxy obes they were like 550 each? We are running a bunch of Michelin tweels now which have a great ride and better traction but do not last a long as those clawdaddy solid tires.
  18. My parents just got a new wood master gasifier. I am interested to see how it works. I have a central boiler made the last year before they couldn’t make the normal ones any more. That thing works like a charm but I’m sure someday I will need a new one.
  19. I know the feeling. These two like to take up the prime real estate also. When we first got that furniture the border collie wouldn’t go in it because the chair rocked ( the old one didn’t). She has since conquered her fear. I guess we are going to have to put a sheet on that chair all the time as well. Between the two of them there are three dog beds which they use, but sometimes they like these chairs.
  20. Great pictures. That 56 blower and Gehl silage wagon bring back memories from high school. I remember being told that 56 was the only blower on the farm that would blow haylage up the silo. Must have been true because there was a new Holland and a gehl we never used. One fall there was an Oliver 1800 gas on that blower. I remember pumping a lot of gas into that tractor. My neighbor has a chopper like that. He does not have a kemper head though. We started combing shell corn today but the almost three inches of rain we got the other day is not helping . Good thing the guy doing our combining has tracks on his machine.
  21. We use the Hanson silage rakes on our payloaders. Super simple no hydraulics to mess with. We have had it piled high enough so we could just reach the top. The rake saves a lot of abuse on the loader and bucket.
  22. Happy birthday. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the forum.
  23. Don’t feel bad . I was thinking the seat could have been done in red leather like the new case IH tractors.
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