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  1. What was wrong with the 986? That seemed really low.
  2. Thar log truck is probably handy. My friend has a forwarding trailer that goes behind a tractor. That thing works great. I have never seen a used one for sale. I would love to get one but they are ridiculously expensive. It seems to be a struggle to get guys to move firewood logs around here. My 3 point splitter is vertical so it’s not too difficult to get the big ones on it. As I get older I find myself just cutting the big ones in half with a chainsaw more and more.
  3. My parents is the gasifier. They really like and feel they are using 1/3 less wood. I cut all there firewood. They are only burning dry hardwood in it and are having no issues. Maple, Ash, cherry , hickory some oak. I got this one when it was 2 years old. My 18 year old one sprung a leak and I figured it was time for an upgrade. There has been good dealer support for central boiler here.
  4. 3 pt hitch splitter, farmi JL 601 winch, MS460, MS360,MS361, central boiler stove. First picture is 36 inch long for my stove. 16-18 footers in a second picture go home and get cut and split to 18 inches for my parents. They are in there 70 ‘s. The just bought a new wood master and love it. I have added to the pile of wood since picture were taken. There is another pile of logs on the other side of the woods I do not have a picture of.
  5. Any one of those things would be enough to deal with. Maybe this could be mentioned to the funeral director and he could provide some suggestions.
  6. Our case IH dealer had trouble getting a new transmission controller for a North American magnum 250. We tried a reman first but it was programmed with the wrong software. I can only imagine a euro.
  7. Been using DEKA for 10 years. Life varies depending on machine. 4-5 years is not uncommon some have lasted longer. Very few if any 1-2 year failures unless something else was causing it. We had nothing but trouble with EXIDE. Short life and horrible terminal corrosion. I wonder what level of quality those batteries were manufactured to.
  8. Nice truck. Glad to hear it s going well. They got me a truck with a crane at work this spring. Wonder how i got along without it.
  9. Medium size? I know where your coming from. Most of the tractors we work on have between 25-40 gallons of oil to deal with. I have done this but only to remove lines and cap them. Caterpillar has a special cap you put on the HYD oil tank to do this. I’m wondering if you could use and Airlift for filling radiators with a better result. It might be easier to get it sealed up on the filler neck.
  10. I have Pennsylvania tractor hauling story. At work we bought a magnum 250 that was at Hoobers in chambersburg. The trucking company thst hauled it got there at like 430 in the afternoon. The front and rear duals were still on. They apparently told him they couldn’t get them off til the next morning. He decided he wasn’t waiting and loaded the tractor. Waited til it got dark and hauled it up route 15. It was in auburn ny the next morning. I know a guy who used to bring quite a few tractors up from Florida. The hubs and axles were always painted black. He told me they would paint them black and run at night to avoid the permits.
  11. Great pictures. Glad to see you back. The fact that these tractors are so close to farm tractor is great. I always chuckle that these guys have absolutely no safety equipment whatsoever.
  12. Handle is 17 1/2 over all. Handle is 1.00 OD. Looks like balls on the end have a pin in it for removal. Balls on end are 1.61 diameter. If you need more info I can get it.
  13. Thanks for posting. Is the syrup corrosive and that’s why it’s a stainless pipe? Would like to see a picture of the crane when done. At work I just start led using a new truck that has a 7500 pound crane. I’m not sure how I got by without it.
  14. IMHO Firestone 23 degree all traction radial top choice if you want the best tire. I know guys are bashing them but we have been using SAT 2 on our bedding tractors for years. Priced right seem to last lots of gravel driveways and concrete. High chance of casualty. We have had a bunch that have been patched 4-5 times and we still worn them out. Not many have needed tubes. We have also used quite a few BKT which as mike mentioned are not nearly as heavy in the sidewall. We are running Michelin on all our high use field tractors but now you can’t hardly get one and the price is out of this world. Mitas is like a continental very thin sidewall. I would not recommend Michelin in this application.
  15. No I like it. I pointed it out because any time a 4020 3020 is advertised it is usually made a big deal out of by the advertiser. Fed a lot of cows with A 3020 with a 158 loader that had remotes on dash. Thought it worked well because when you got to mixer you could dump loader with one hand and shift with the other. That tractor was on of the special ones ( worn out) that you could get the extra reverse in the 4 th 7 th quadrant. For field work side console is definitely better.
  16. Oriskany falls. Seems to have an endless supply of tractors with almost no hours.
  17. Remotes and three point hitch are to your right instead on the dash in front of you. It was changed about halfway through production run.
  18. Come on it’s a side console!! With new rear tires!! Do they actually sell for those prices? It’s three times new. I have run a few 4020/3020. Never seen one that was not well worn in. They were popular and well liked here. I thinK I would buy one and do my own reconditioning before I paid that kind of money. There is a guy east of here that sells older deeres that always have ridiculously low hours and ridiculous price tags. Stronger 800 might know who I’m talking about.
  19. We had a 1966 at Work. Single front axle. Started out life as a concrete truck with a 230 Cummins and a 13 speed. Finished life with a big cam 400 and a 5 speed allision. We also had 1972,1975, 78,79 and one that was about built out of parts. All the rest were 270 and 290 Cummins all sorts of transmissions. I would think it likely the one in that picture has a spicer 5x4. Seems like it would fit the application. Cool picture. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Congratulations to the both of you!
  21. If you are diligent with maintenance and change the filters and coolant when needed the green will work fine. If that job always gets pushed to the bottom of the list I would go with something with the conditioner already it. If you are changing from green to something else flush out good with water first. If you have gotten along well with green I see no reason to change.
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