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  1. We are in CNY and sometimes have stretches of -10overnight to 10 or so in the day not as cold as some but cold. We have had caterpillar Tier 4 Skidloaders for 3 years now and the ones that need to operate outside can be a real struggle. We cut 70/30 with kerosene and power service added to the big tank. We have tried a bunch of different fuel conditioners and have not found much difference in results. Luckily on those cats the fule tank is in the rear pillar so we put the salamander on them when we have trouble for 30 minutes or so and that wil get them going again. For side covers you need some of those nice panel the tractor pullers run to keep the parts from flying and so the other guys can’t see your secrets. LOL. The canvas sound like a good idea to me.
  2. Our neighbor has a new Holland of some sort and his new Holland head is the same as our Deere 688 I’m pretty sure is the number. He borrows parts from us all the time. What does the gearbox on the top of the drum do? The ones we have only have gearboxes on the bottom. That is a lot older than anything I have worked on. The cutting knives on that look just like the ones we have though.
  3. I give extra points for the first one. They even managed to get the turbo stickers on.
  4. 19 f250 reg cab 8 foot box 6.2 gas currently. Last truck 02 f250 extended cab 8 foot box 5.4 gas. I like 8 foot boxes especially if you have a fuel tank in them. I haul a lot of firewood with mine. I only had 1 dog when I got the 19 . Now I have 2 and wish I had the extended again. There isn’t any truck I have drove that fits in a parking spot so I just drive our car to the grocery store if I am not getting anything I need the truck for.
  5. Don’t feel bad. Picture isn’t quite the same thing as yours but it happens. We even had the rear axle break on a John Deere 6850 self propelled chopper right at the axle pivot . We run weights on the tractors at work in different quantities all the time. The one in the picture doesn’t have any for some reason but it has some now. Hope whatever repair you choose goes well.
  6. We used a lot of Schaefer grease at work. Bought it from a guy that was old when I meet him and worked with him for about 10 years. I’m thinking he had to be almost 90 when he retired. They must have not have planned very well because after that it was tough to get product. We get grease from our oil company now.
  7. X2. I wonder what goes on in there. I doesn’t look like those tractors would need much work. Makes the 50 x 120 at work look like a house garage. That high ceiling would be handy. I m pulling a transmission out of a 9420 right now and we need to roll it outside to get the cab off.
  8. Why doesn’t that Deere dealer put cranes on their trucks? Is that a dealer shop or a customers shop? Our John Deere dealer has a new Chevy truck like that one with an 8000 pound Palfinger crane. They got it because it had more gvw than a Ford. We are going to stick with the Ford chassis. I don’t like how high the Chevy is for getting in and out. Maybe it’s not that bad and I am just stuck in my ways but the Chevy seems more like a big truck and the Ford is more like a pickup.
  9. Great sign. Happy to hear your having success. Is that the crane you posted about a little while back? What happened to the quad trac? Nice job on that planter . Those are great pictures.
  10. Looks good. Nice when half the engine is not under the cab. We have got a timing cover/oil pan job to do soon on one of those.
  11. We have a border collie/ Australian Shepard and a blue tick/ blue heeler mix. Underground fence works great. We have pet safe controller. Supposedly they have it so you map with gps and do it that way now. Border collie won’t go near it. Blue tick will walk the whole perimeter all day but never cross. I have 2 acres fenced. I wish I had more for the blue tic/ heeler. I have seen both of them spot a deer and take off running as fast as they can and stop on a dime just before the wire.
  12. I am seriously thinking about trying this in new F550 they got me at work. Lots of emissions problems get out of hand from operators/ drivers not recognizing when something is wrong or knowing how to operate it correctly. Example operator didn’t know to not shut Skidsteer off when regen light is on. Once this was explained 2 years ago have not had one problem since. Payloader had a plugged tube to an exhaust pressure sensor. Operator tells me this is not running right smoking a lot. Seems like this would generate a stop engine code or a derate but no. Caterpillar corrected problem but it had not been running regen cycle because of this sensor. Fours hours of forced regen later it was good to go. Caterpillar tech told me most guys just run them until they absolutely will not go anymore. Not saying emissions engines are not without more than their fare share of problems.
  13. Pre emissions truck is an old truck by now. I think your on the right track. A quality delete and reasonable HP those trucks will run a long time. They have beefed the engines up a lot is my understanding to handle the soot load from the EGR. Somebody needs to come out with a kit to swap a reliable engine into a truck with a maxx force. They can’t hardly give those trucks away from the looks of the prices they put on them.
  14. I’m with you. Seems like you would have be able to pay cash for that. I can’t see a bank loaning 24k on a 766. Seems like if you were in business to make a profit it would be hard to make that pencil out. I know it may be considered more reliable than a new tractor with electronics but wow that’s a lot of money.
  15. Sorry to hear about your parts troubles. We have a very good spring shop close to us and we get all that kind of stuff for them. We have a 1998 Freightliner that has 13,200 I think front end with kingpins that seem to only fit it. First time we changed those it took done figuring to get the right parts. We have two gliders for feed mixer trucks just for the reason you said -reliability. One has 30k hours on a Cummins reman. Mixer box is close to worn out and they want me to put a new one on that truck and keep running it. We are feeding cows with a magnum 250 that has DEF and it is working okay buts it only has 2000 hours so far. That motor is has no EGR and just has a wastegate turbo ( no VGT) all the after treatment is done in the exhaust. That is a big reason it was choose for the job. IMHO EGR is bad news for engine longevity. That TRP stuff Kenworth and Peterbilt wants to sell is all over the place for quality. I bought two passenger side window regulator for a Peterbilt . Neither on lasted very long like 3 months. I finally got them to get me an actual PACCAR one. Been like 2 years no trouble. It was 3X the money. This 30- 35 dollar Chinese brake chambers all the dealers want sell what a joke those are. We bought a couple of used trucks with them on they lasted about 6 months.
  16. We have a DA 100 10 bottom at work. We found some of the wear parts were the same as Kuhn and were much cheaper.
  17. Right at 3.00 for 87 in my part of NY. Some stations a little more done a little less.
  18. Yes. That tool is used on the L10 with STC. Thank you for this information. We have about 10 M11 ISM and N14 engines at work that I have worked on. I have fairly new books and follow the procedures in them. On the L10 STC my book has me adjusting them IBC. The M11 and ISM we have are electronic book has you adjusting valves and injectors on same cylinder which leads me to believe is OBC. I always adjust the valves on them with the Cummins 6 inch pound torque wrench method. I think it provides a more consistent result when running the overhead.
  19. On that engine you will adjust valves on one cylinder and the injector on another cylinder depending on if you are on A B or C. I just overhauled a LTA260 with STC timing control in a dump truck a month or so ago. I have the book for that engine. You may want to get a Cummins quick serve account. You should be able to enter your engine serial number and get the access to the service manual. If your engine is the STC I could take pictures of the pages for the overhead set if needed.
  20. Nice truck! Cummins or CAT? At work we have a 1991 9370 10 wheeler with a 3406B but it’s not as nice as that one.
  21. Nice work dale. We do this kind of stuff all the time. I’ve used lots of junkyard parts. Got a steering column for a loader not too long ago. 1/4 price of Deere. It works perfect hardly any wear. Any truck we park usually gets picked clean of anything useable. If there was nothing wrong with the kingpin and it was tight nothing wrong with re using it in my book. It’s not what was causing the problem anyway. The last steering knuckle I had bored and sleeved for a kingpin was a mess when I got it back. They messed it up on the bottom of the top so the seal didn’t fit right. I kind of wished I had got a junkyard one. Usually their work is excellent. Speaking of keeping trucks going we are finishing up putting new frame rails in a 1998 paystar and a 1998 Freightliner. The Freightliner was rusted so bad it had split the flanges off 4 places. The paystar had the rear suspension pushed out so far you couldn’t keep rubber blocks in the suspension. They were both in good shape mechanically so they decided to have us repair them rather than buy different used trucks. That guy was a nut. Around this area everyone wants as little fixed as possible for as little money as possible to get by or keep going. Guy wanted me to diagnose of bad computer on an M11 Cummins . Another mechanic told him it was bad so I figured it probably was but went and checked it out. Batteries are stone dead in truck. Needs three batteries only 2 in it. Battery cables should have been replaced 5 years ago. Told him I needed batteries. Told me to go get the ones out of the excavator. Checked it over computer was bad. Sent it in for him put it back on. Had to get batteries out of another truck this time. Ran good . He was happy paid me cash right as soon as I was done but I will guarantee he did not put new batteries or cables on that truck. Not to sound like a cob artist but I’ve seen some and done some not text book stuff that lasted a long time.
  22. That 1586 looks pretty good for a parts tractor. That would be mint condition in these parts.
  23. X2 on fleetguard restore. If they are really bad it takes a few cycles to get them clean. Any truck dealer that can sell you Cummins parts can get it for you. We made an adapter for our high pressure hot water washer to thread into block drain. Turn washer on till water comes out top then run engine for a while. This will float a lot of oil out that is stuck in the top of radiator.
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