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  1. Paystar5000

    Silage bunk feeder

    Looks good.
  2. Paystar5000

    harmonic balance pullers

    The OTC 7793 one I have is about twice the price of that Napa one. It has lots more stuff with it though. I have used the forcing screws from it with another puller I have to pull truck driveline yokes often so I think they are made pretty well. It really depends on how much you use it. If you keep the forcing screw lubed that less expensive one would probably get the job done.
  3. Paystar5000

    2674 not making air.

    It’s a bendix tu-flo 501 I think. There is a kit from bendix with both the valves springs and the gasket.
  4. Paystar5000

    Michigan's newest congresscreature

    X2 on how do these people get elected. Does their crazy come out only after they get elected. X2 on the term limits.
  5. Paystar5000

    Firewood Duty...

    When is that a good idea?
  6. Paystar5000

    Hydraulic help

    X2. That is the correct way. Getting drivers to do it can be a challenge .
  7. Paystar5000

    Poop pusher

    Looks good. That is one big tire scraper. Makes our skid steer ones look tiny. I need to check out this euro coupling system. I have not heard much about it but it looks like something I need to know about.
  8. Paystar5000

    Hydraulic help

    Shouldn’t be a problem but there are some Allison’s without pto gears. Fleetpride or a truck parts place that sells pto’s and pumps should be able to set you up with something that will work together. I would highly recommend a clutch shift pto unless they have very skilled operators. The 22 foot live floors we have have 25 gpm pumps. A guy I know runs his 22 foot live floor with a pto but uses a jackshaft with a chain and sprocket setup instead of the Hyd pump. Seems to work for him.
  9. Paystar5000

    Headlights are TOO bright!

    At work we put led headlights in our silage trucks. All the drivers tell me the best thing about them is they are not blinded by the oncoming truck . We think it is because the light is so white. Those headlights in cars are ridiculous now days. Impossible to tell when someone is high beaming you. X2
  10. Paystar5000

    Fisher plow control placement

    I saw one that had a thing that would slide in next to the window like in between the weatherstrip and the glass. Worked good
  11. Paystar5000

    wrench turners please

    Have snap on , sk , grey pneumatic, and Mac at work. If you are not a daily user snap on is not needed. Also have Sunex in service truck . I have used them quite a bit, have not broke a single one, and they are reasonably priced. Grey pneumatic are priced well and work good too.
  12. This is a Bad day. I have never had too much trouble getting the wedges loose on these because they are apart so often. Out of 3 9430’s 2 of them I have had the front axle out 3 times in 7500 hours each for broken axles and bad ring and pinions. They said we had them over ballasted and we have corrected that problem.
  13. Paystar5000

    New torch kit

    X2. Hypertherm 85 at work . Works really well. If you need to do a lot of heating look into a propylene torch setup. It heats better that 2 acetylene torch’s with rosebuds. Uses very little gas also. They have cheapened the victors up. That set you bought should be just fine.
  14. Paystar5000

    Another oil topic🤦‍♂️

    Great !! At work we just got a 9510R off lease with 800 hours. Hopefully it had more than one oil change. LOL.
  15. Paystar5000

    About chain saws

    Have an MS460 which is a very powerful saw but expensive. Bought a 361 used and that has really good power for its size. Both easy to start. Still has cheap home owner ones now. I think you want to stay with the even number ones. Also have a 55 rancher and a 359 husqvarna both bought used but work really good. The 55 was built before they cheapened up that series of saw. The 359 I think came from Lowe’s originally but besides a couple of fuel lines has been a great saw. I would go with a brand that you get dealer support from. Stihl dealer is 2 miles from me so when it was time to buy that 460 it was a pretty easy decision.