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  1. I know that situation well. We usually put 3 175BTU salamanders under them. Usually 5-6 hours your good to go. Problem is it gets so hot in the shop you can barely stand to be in there.
  2. This happened to a 7830 at work the oil pump gear coming loose. Caught it and no harm was done.
  3. Feeding cows wears buckets out faster than I would ever think. We had the bucket on the 938K lined with 3/16 AR450 plate when it was new. In 3 years and three months Of feeding 3500 cows it was less than a 1/16 think. It rolled up into the back of the bucket one day. The bucket got 1/4 this time.
  4. Sorry for your loss Jeff. Condolences. That’s some good advice at the end of your post.
  5. A new one is in the 180-200K neighborhood give or take. By the time it has that many hours trade value is low. At work we have 2 544H with 28K hours still going strong. If they have good fluid maintenance and get greased I believe you can get many, many hours out of them.
  6. The axles in those J loaders at work when we were feeding cows every day with them were nothing but trouble especially the front one. Maybe it was the 6YD bucket LOL? Deere put a Reman front one in under warranty. Just after the warranty the pinion nut backed off. Bad day. We ended up buying a burnt 544K and swapping the axles into the one of the loaders. Front one bolted right in. Back one required a good machinist and a horizontal boring mill. The H and the J had the ZF axles. Before the H and after the J they used Funk which I believe John Deere owns. That must have been a heck of a hit.
  7. Yes. It might have been an 806 but I’m pretty sure it was and 856.
  8. I saw an 856 at a dealer in southern PA that had a very similar setup. I had a large loader with an extendable jib boom on it.
  9. All the ones I have seen the braided covers the bellows. IMHO I would have the exhaust shop fix it. Odds are an aftermarket pipe will be no better than what you have now.
  10. Looks like he did a good job. No matter what he does later in life I bet he learned more in those 184 hours than he ever would have in 184 hours of regular school.
  11. At work we have 2 otc transfer tankers. They work well but I believe they are about 600 dollars. They have an electric pump to empty themselves. I think I would try to modify that so it will work for you.
  12. On a John Deere quick hitch the hook for the top pin bolts on. Not sure if it is this way or not. Maybe you could take the hook off and use those four bolts. Back when dragline first became popular a custom guy by us had his manifold and pull tube mounted to the top of the quick hitch on a 7120 magnum. I think he had it held on with u bolts.
  13. Looks good . In no time you will be wondering how you got along without it. At work we have a heated shop but cows at 4 spots. At one spot there is an uninsulated pole barn with a concrete floor and good lights. Even with no heat it is so much nicer working in there than out in the wind and rain. IMHO I would look into spray foam. It not as expensive as it used to be and it seals them up tight.
  14. The John Deere one is still not working 100 percent. I’m laughing a little bit as I read this thread. I’m 45 and I remember looking up parts on microfiche and parts books and calling the dealer. Now we are all in a panic because we can’t look up parts from our phones, I pads and computers. I will say when you get used to it it’s tough to get along without it.
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