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  1. Just find an authorized Cummins dealer and they can get them. I get them through our Kenworth dealer. The tools have to be next day air or it takes like 10 days which if you plan ahead is fine. I always google the tool numbers because some of the tools are made by other companies also and sometimes are less money but not always.
  2. X2 . I can be hard enough to figure out what you got when they run and drive. That being said I’m not saying not to but it I just would not over pay.
  3. How could they drop under armor and not go out of business? Thats all that is in the place.
  4. The above post is probably what you need but if not try this. You may be able to go to Cummins quickserve on line and create an account. That will allow you to put up to five engine serial numbers in and view the service manuals free. It has worked for me on truck engines.
  5. Cool pictures. That dualed up 806 with the straight pipe looks to be set up to do some serious pulling. Would those be conidered rice and cane tires?
  6. Those powertailgates sure are handy. I am hoping I can make the one from my 02 fit my 19. If not I Gotta find another one. Nice saw. That fence looks great.
  7. Looks great. Good to hear the mechanic admit there was a problem and be part of the solution.
  8. Temper-pedic. It was like just under 3 grand but my back doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s like 5 years old can’t see any change. I felt ripped off when I bought it but not so much now.
  9. Is there a way to whack it with a sledge the opposite way it drives?
  10. I have done it this way. Take the Caps off and the locks out. Put a bottle jack under the kingpin and hit the top of the axle with a sledgehammer. Sometimes heat is required. For the most part the ones I have done have come out with out to much trouble.
  11. Can’t help you there. Our town has plow and wing on grader but uses mainly ten wheeler plow trucks. All the machines I mentioned in my post are on a dairy farm. All bought slightly used. All have oversized buckets. We have good dealer support from both cat and John Deere. I might also add the fusion coupler cat has is light years ahead of anything else I have seen. Which would be a good feature if you are going to have multiple attachments.
  12. Have 544e 20k hours, 544g 28k hours, 544h 27k, 544h 27k hours, 544h 20k hours, 2-544j 16k hours, 624k 10k hours, cat 938k 9 k hours at work. 544/ 624 night and day difference in durability. Cat will run circles around 624 Deere and burn less fuel doing it. Cat 938k and Deere 624k same year 2014 but cat has way more features and makes Deere seem way behind. We have all John Deere tractors at work and they will not even think about anything else so for them to have went along with a cat says something.
  13. Firestone SAT II is a stout tire. Use them at work on three tractors that bed cows everyday. They wear good and stand up to driving over stuff they probably shouldnt. That said one of those tractors has one akuret on it and that has lasted well also. Was in a pinch and could’nt get a Firestone .
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    Hope she gets well soon. Helped my lady with a shoulder and a hand. I do most of the cooking so that part went okay.
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