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  1. The Bosch internal fan units are excellent. If no one has better advice I would try the 58 mm and see how far off it is. At work I try to replace starters and alternators with the most modern versions I can find so I understand your plight.
  2. Not trying to cause a brand war but we have two very good John Deere dealers that seem to go out of their way to help you. The case IH dealer closest to us is getting a lot better better. As long as you talk to the right people at case IH your okay. Parts for any color seem to add up fast. Most of the vendors we deal with seem to say service could be better if they could find employees.
  3. Run it. We just got a new a new GE side by side fridge about 18 months ago. The quality of it just does not seem that great. It’s noisy and the shelves just seem cheap. I buy all my stuff from an independent appliance dealer. Recently we got a speed queen washing machine that is built like a tank. We got a fridgidaire stove that seems pretty good quality. Before I buy any I call the guy I have fix them and buy his recommendation. Should not have to buy appliances for a while.
  4. The cartridge filter on a John Deere 8.1/ 9.0 is like this. They work really well. Takes a 1 1/4 wrench same a the drain plug.
  5. Nice. I got this for Ava last year.
  6. At work we have 4 sets. They are much better that the other 2 options you talked about. The ride is way better than foam or solid. We are mostly on concrete. I think the traction is a little better because of how the tire flexes. We have some small curbs by doors of the barns so manure / water can’t get out. The tweels drive right over the solids you would have a hard time. The first set we bought is 2 years old and have about 2200 hours on them . The tread is down under 25 percent now. Haven’t had any trouble with them.
  7. I’ve wondered the same thing. I had some that were about 7 years or so old that I just couldn’t bring myself to use. They were inside in the box. I just kept thinking maybe the paper gets old and would disentegrate with use?
  8. pocket screwdriver. Gets me out of many jams. Milwaukee battery tools.
  9. I have used silicone spray with some success which makes no sense at all to me. I saw one of the best mechanics I know do it and he said he does it all the time. It has to be way better than spraying a ton of either in it. If you get it turning over I would crack the line coming off the fuel pump that goes to the tee in the fuel lines and get fresh fuel coming out.
  10. Bolts on a Cummins N-14 I have worked on are standard. Bolts on Cummins M11 metric. Macks trucks had metric engine bolts and standard frame bolts in late 90s. John Deere 50 series and up has some mix and match. It’s okay if you know it going in but can slow you down if your not ready for it. Plus you have to have a lot more bolts with you to make up for ones the last guy left out or ones that are no good.
  11. At work Just ordered a new BWise 30 foot gooseneck tilt bed. Got E/H disc brakes. We have E/H drum brakes On two Eby cattle trailers and they work well. Seems like the disc will be easier to maintain/ fix. We shall see. Big Tex gooseneck with all electric seemed to always need something fixed or didn’t want to work when you really needed it.
  12. Happy birthday. Thanks for contributing some great information to the forum.
  13. I’m not prejudiced against gas or diesel in a pickup, it depends on what your application is. I will say for the diesel up charge and the increased cost to keep it going will pay for many gas station stops.
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