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  1. Looks good. That stand you have the front axle on look really handy. Good of you to help him out so he can Continue to do things he enjoys.
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. They definitely become a part of the family.
  3. Cool pictures. That green Pete pulling the dozers is really cool. Amazing they have kept the same basic styling for so long. Some people say they are just for looks but lMHO they are one of the best built trucks out there.
  4. Adopted this dog from the SPCA a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Ruby. Supposed to be about 2 1/2 years old. They told us she is a blue heeler/ hound mix. Our border collie seems to get along okay with her. Happy to have her in our home.
  5. My experience is longer the truck better it rides. If I was going to get a 6.5 bed it would be a crew cab for the extra length so it would ride better. My 2019 F250 regular cab long box does not ride well empty, wife is always complaining. Load it full of fire wood rides great. My 02 f250 extended cab 8 foot box rode much better but springs were probably about shot and that truck was 1200 less GVW. My experience is Chevy is a softer ride than Fords but IMHO a ford carries the load better.
  6. We have pet safe. I had it put in by guy that does it as a business. He used 10 or 12 ga wire. We bought a rechargeable collar , blinks when it needs charging. Bought it for a border collie / Australian Shepard that liked to chase deer. Have since gotten a blue heeler/ hound cross. Both dogs picked it up quickly with 1-2 weeks training for 20 minutes or so a day. The guy put it in with a machine that resembled a Troy Bilt rototiller with a saw blade on it. This was great because our whole yard is surrounded by trees.
  7. My first central boiler lasted 17 years. Picked up another central boiler classic 2 years ago that had been used very little. I have 3 chimneys on it and burn only dry wood and don’t really think the smoke is all that bad. Its bigger than my first one and does a really nice job heating the house. I hear the new gasification style are much more efficient and much more reliable that the first emissions ones on the market. My door is close to 2x3. I can burn 36 inch long wood.
  8. Two red ones I am familiar with. There is the Cat ELC with is red like diesel fuel. I ran into is a pinkish one which was called final charge which was basically green coolant with an additive package. Way too many kinds of coolant coolant now days. IMHO find a petcock Down low and drain some out. The fuel is usually right at the top. If it’s green you know you got some contamination. If it’s red or pink maybe they used some form of the coolants I mentioned. We have used this method a few times at work. We have John Deere’s that the injector cup o rings go bad and put fuel in the coo
  9. We get something called Kensol in 55 gallons drums from our oil supplier. Used to be brad penn now it’s da lubricants. It is way cheaper than the stuff we used to use from zep. I think they said we could get it in 5 gallons buckets also
  10. We have a SSV75 at work . 2000 hours on it. It loads bedding and hydrated lime to bed the cows. Very dusty a dirty environment. No problems expect for a bad throttle pot and a few a/c pressure switches. The other Skidsteer we looked at was a cat 262D. The cab on the kubota has more room, is easier to get in and out of, and you can run it with the door open. Pins seem robust. No problems with the regen once I showed the operator not to shut it off when the regen light is on. The pilot controls in the kubota are still hyd so it seems smother. My one knock on cat is the electronic pilot
  11. Do you mark the valve stem and then turn them a half turn? How do you decide if you turn or flip them? Our tire balancer manual talks about least weight balance but isn’t real specific about how to do it. Most of the tires I do are on 3/4 ton pickups that are on road off road so they don’t have to be perfect but I like to do the best job I can.
  12. General grabber AT3 is almost the same thing as the bfg you are talking about I think. We run them at work usually get 25k miles . Seem like they balance okay. Traction is very good and price is right. They are a good heavy tire casing.
  13. Paystar5000


    I believe it was snoshoe who called them the model of extreme misery in a different thread.
  14. I have used a 1/2 to 3/4 that would do 1000 ft lbs and a harbor freight 3/4 to 1 one that would do 1500. Both worked. One situation I used it on was to tighten the frame to trunnion bolts on a Mack. Other time was to tighten the bolt that holds the lower center pin in on a payloaders. Probably other times I have forgotten about. I have been told the cheaper ones are not as accurate. That sounds like a pretty fair price for that OTC. You want to find a pretty stout piece of round tubing to go on the multiplier handle.
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