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  1. I have been told the 10-16.5 cannot be but the 12-16.5 can. I know our neighbors have had 12-16.5 retreaded with good results.
  2. We have mostly 10-16.5 like 5 sets on caterpillar 226D. Dairy farm work. Rubber tire scraper and cleaning bedded packs. Ride is very good compared to solids. Traction way better than solid or foam fill. Ability to drive over uneven concrete and small curbs excellent because of the flex is great. No flat tires. We have not had any spokes break. Not cheap but work well.
  3. We have one made by Goodall. I will start a cat 3406 no problem. I believe they have smaller ones if you don’t need one that big.
  4. We have had galaxy tires do what your pictures show. Michelin bibsteel is a good tire . I have recapped 12 now with wastehauler tread. Have not have one do that yet. We are running Michelin tweels on manure skidloaders. We have used those claw daddy tires and galaxy hulk solid but the ride is horrible and the traction is poor.
  5. I would not do it unless it gives trouble. At work we have a 624K and 938K caterpillar payloaders that feed cows all day. Those are 2014 vintage. Deere has 12 K hours cat has almost 14K. They are tier 4 interim which means DPF and a fuel doser to do the cleaning. We have had no major problems. Had a plugged exhaust gas pressure sensor tube on the cat that required a manual forced regen. The John Deere had a turbo due to actuator failure and the exhaust pipe between the turbo and the filter broke so all the fuel from the doser was not going to the proper spot but a forced regen took care of it. You want to take care of any problem right away. All the guys from the dealership tell me a big problem is guys run them till they wont move. Do not idle it at all. Those loaders have 5 minute idle shut down timers so the turbo can cool down but they can go run the load of feed off. We also have several tractors with various amount of tier 4 stuff. The problems are not anything close to what people said. Maybe we are just lucky. There are people who can do it for sure. I know guys who have deleted trucks like big bud guy and are having no issues. If we were having lots of trouble we probably would look at it harder.
  6. Waytek wire might be a place to try if farmer fix em up suggestion does not work out
  7. Last 2 I got came from there. They both worked well. I get them from our case IH dealer but according to the shipping label they are sent from leaman tractor parts in pa.
  8. Yes. That tool is used on the L10 with STC. Thank you for this information. We have about 10 M11 ISM and N14 engines at work that I have worked on. I have fairly new books and follow the procedures in them. On the L10 STC my book has me adjusting them IBC. The M11 and ISM we have are electronic book has you adjusting valves and injectors on same cylinder which leads me to believe is OBC. I always adjust the valves on them with the Cummins 6 inch pound torque wrench method. I think it provides a more consistent result when running the overhead.
  9. On that engine you will adjust valves on one cylinder and the injector on another cylinder depending on if you are on A B or C. I just overhauled a LTA260 with STC timing control in a dump truck a month or so ago. I have the book for that engine. You may want to get a Cummins quick serve account. You should be able to enter your engine serial number and get the access to the service manual. If your engine is the STC I could take pictures of the pages for the overhead set if needed.
  10. X2 on fleetguard restore. If they are really bad it takes a few cycles to get them clean. Any truck dealer that can sell you Cummins parts can get it for you. We made an adapter for our high pressure hot water washer to thread into block drain. Turn washer on till water comes out top then run engine for a while. This will float a lot of oil out that is stuck in the top of radiator.
  11. X2 but if you need to use it braze it up til you can get one. Another quick fix might be a compression fitting or a small piece of hose over the hole with a hose clamp. On a return line it won’t take much to keep if from leaking.
  12. X2. That’s a tractor I would have to see in person before I would pay anymore than going rate for it. It doesn’t look like it’s totally worn out but 2900 hours is hard to believe. It would look way better with the doors on it.
  13. I look at the fresh salvage tractors in the worthington ag email and think these are better than some of the stuff we use everyday? Im always could be do wrong that no one would fix them? So many boxcar magnums still working the parts probably get snapped right up. I needed and input planetary for a 15 speed Deere power shift a couple weeks ago. Called all the places I usually call everyone was out of them. Would think that would be a fairly common part . Maybe when some of these farms depreciate the tractor to zero they won’t perform major repairs. With what the dealers get for some of these repairs I could see this happening. I’m not bashing dealers it just costs a lot to do trans / motor work on newer tractors.
  14. It’s good to hear you have had good luck with the A and I. We just didn’t for whatever reason. It would make since they would sell a quality product . All the a/c / heating parts I have got from them are good and everything I have gotten from ag parts (same company I think) has been good quality.
  15. IMHO if you have a radiator shop try to get it recorded. They can usually supply replacement copper tanks. If no radiator shop is available you might try a place called radiator supply house in sweet home Oregon. We have bought radiators from them for our silage trucks for about 8 years. The only one I have had to replace that I got from them is in a Peterbilt 367. It is huge and I think it flexes a lot. It is a feed mixer truck with 30k hours. On its third radiator. First ones lasted about 14k hours each. That truck gets run everyday all day. They are very good quality. They may have radiators for your tractors if you give them IH part numbers. They build radiators for about everything imaginable. I have used ones from A and I for John Deere’s and was less than impressed. I cannot speak on the northern radiator quality as I have never seen one.
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