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  1. I am seriously thinking about trying this in new F550 they got me at work. Lots of emissions problems get out of hand from operators/ drivers not recognizing when something is wrong or knowing how to operate it correctly. Example operator didn’t know to not shut Skidsteer off when regen light is on. Once this was explained 2 years ago have not had one problem since. Payloader had a plugged tube to an exhaust pressure sensor. Operator tells me this is not running right smoking a lot. Seems like this would generate a stop engine code or a derate but no. Caterpillar corrected problem but i
  2. Pre emissions truck is an old truck by now. I think your on the right track. A quality delete and reasonable HP those trucks will run a long time. They have beefed the engines up a lot is my understanding to handle the soot load from the EGR. Somebody needs to come out with a kit to swap a reliable engine into a truck with a maxx force. They can’t hardly give those trucks away from the looks of the prices they put on them.
  3. I’m with you. Seems like you would have be able to pay cash for that. I can’t see a bank loaning 24k on a 766. Seems like if you were in business to make a profit it would be hard to make that pencil out. I know it may be considered more reliable than a new tractor with electronics but wow that’s a lot of money.
  4. Sorry to hear about your parts troubles. We have a very good spring shop close to us and we get all that kind of stuff for them. We have a 1998 Freightliner that has 13,200 I think front end with kingpins that seem to only fit it. First time we changed those it took done figuring to get the right parts. We have two gliders for feed mixer trucks just for the reason you said -reliability. One has 30k hours on a Cummins reman. Mixer box is close to worn out and they want me to put a new one on that truck and keep running it. We are feeding cows with a magnum 250 that has DEF and it is work
  5. We have a DA 100 10 bottom at work. We found some of the wear parts were the same as Kuhn and were much cheaper.
  6. Right at 3.00 for 87 in my part of NY. Some stations a little more done a little less.
  7. Yes. That tool is used on the L10 with STC. Thank you for this information. We have about 10 M11 ISM and N14 engines at work that I have worked on. I have fairly new books and follow the procedures in them. On the L10 STC my book has me adjusting them IBC. The M11 and ISM we have are electronic book has you adjusting valves and injectors on same cylinder which leads me to believe is OBC. I always adjust the valves on them with the Cummins 6 inch pound torque wrench method. I think it provides a more consistent result when running the overhead.
  8. On that engine you will adjust valves on one cylinder and the injector on another cylinder depending on if you are on A B or C. I just overhauled a LTA260 with STC timing control in a dump truck a month or so ago. I have the book for that engine. You may want to get a Cummins quick serve account. You should be able to enter your engine serial number and get the access to the service manual. If your engine is the STC I could take pictures of the pages for the overhead set if needed.
  9. Nice truck! Cummins or CAT? At work we have a 1991 9370 10 wheeler with a 3406B but it’s not as nice as that one.
  10. Nice work dale. We do this kind of stuff all the time. I’ve used lots of junkyard parts. Got a steering column for a loader not too long ago. 1/4 price of Deere. It works perfect hardly any wear. Any truck we park usually gets picked clean of anything useable. If there was nothing wrong with the kingpin and it was tight nothing wrong with re using it in my book. It’s not what was causing the problem anyway. The last steering knuckle I had bored and sleeved for a kingpin was a mess when I got it back. They messed it up on the bottom of the top so the seal didn’t fit right. I kind of
  11. That 1586 looks pretty good for a parts tractor. That would be mint condition in these parts.
  12. X2 on fleetguard restore. If they are really bad it takes a few cycles to get them clean. Any truck dealer that can sell you Cummins parts can get it for you. We made an adapter for our high pressure hot water washer to thread into block drain. Turn washer on till water comes out top then run engine for a while. This will float a lot of oil out that is stuck in the top of radiator.
  13. This is a concern. If it’s an older one with the kubota or duetz it will be fine. Take out the hand primer and wire in an electric 12volt fuel pump to empty tank. At work they filled a 60 gallons tank on a DTA 360 with 40 gallons of gas drove it five miles before it started running bad. We pump tank out filled with diesel added a good dose of fuel conditioner and it was fine. ATF would work for lube also. Conditioner would be my first choice.
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