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  1. We have Ferris 3200z at work. When you change the oil and filters in the hydrostatic units there is a very specific fill and bleed procedure. way more involved then I would have imagined had I not read the book. Maybe there is some thing like this that would help with your mower
  2. Your on the right track. I usually drill a hole in them before I weld the nut on with the theory that it will let them shrink slightly. I think you will get it. Those usually don’t come out too hard.
  3. My parents made me pay for my first pickup and insurance. Truck was 500 insurance wasn’t much more than that for four years. I bought my kids both cars and they paid me back. One car was 4500 and other was 3800. Anything much less than that around here is a pile of junk rotten etc. I wanted them to be able to get through college or start working with them. Insurance any more for a kid just starting driving here outrageous. My older daughter started working at 16 teaching swim lessons at YMCA. Younger one started at a restaurant at 15 and taught swim lessons at school. Younger one was very involved in the car buying process. I think she learned a lot. They pay for gas and repairs I provide labor. I agree with giving them tools to succeed. I hauled them around a fair bit and I figured once they could drive it should be their responsibility to get themselves there. I wanted to teach them to be independent. Also about a 20 minute drive to school and about 30 minutes to each of their work. The younger one was on the swim team for 6 years the older one 4 years of swim and 2 years of FFA. I guess I’m saying they had to time for work and school.
  4. X2. I buy all my clothes there and the stuff is good quality. Sometimes things are out of stock but check often and they will have it.
  5. X2. I put dawn soap in our pressure washer and made a hose up so I could hook the hot water pressure washer up to the block drain. Leave radiator cap off wait for it to start coming out top and then start engine. Really cut my time down. Get the bulk of it out and then use Cummins restore one or 2 times.
  6. Oil cooler might be worth a look. I had a John Deere motor putting oil in antifreeze this summer. That was a bad oil cooler. Took at lot of flushing to get that cleaned up.
  7. I didn’t look at that picture close enough. That is load bar is very similar to what I am cutting out with that exothermic torch.
  8. X2. We bought an exothermic torch from caterpillar to cut the load cells out of our mixer wagons when they fail. It was 700 dollars? Have used it for lots of other pin removal jobs and it would work perfect on that one. I can get the part number for it if you need. The slide hammer idea of gearclash is probably next best thing.
  9. I just got a JVC stereo for a John Deere 7830 from farmradiosupply.com. We wanted blue tooth. They offered it with a harness that plugs right into the tractor. They had 10 different ones for that tractor with different features and price. It was 100 dollars cheaper than the Jensen the Deere dealer sells. I called and the guy set me right up. Not sure if this helps you but it worked for us.
  10. I would run that a bunch with fuel conditioner in it before committing to swapping the injectors. Things sitting with today’s fuel have a tendency to screw things up. I have had good experiences with spencer diesel in Iowa . Thry came highly recommended by our John Deere dealer. They seem to be highly knowledgeable. They are not the cheapest but the stuff I have got from them has been of excellent quality. There is member on here that does pumps and injectors also. We have a local small shop also but they are so busy it can be thought to get things from them in a timely manner.
  11. X2. When it’s hot I know this is hard to do because you are on the road but take a temp read on top and bottom radiator hose. There should be 15-20 degree difference I think. If they are close Like 5 or 10 something is wrong. All the other things mentioned sound like good advice. X2. I have seen brand new radiators that didn’t cool. I
  12. We are doing this same repair at work on a 1998 paystar with RA474 rears. Spider gears or side gears just disentegrated, can’t see in enough to say for sure. Hand full of teeth in the bottom of the housing . Was banging really bad under load. Got the old one pulled reman came today so hopefully tomorrow we can get it in.
  13. This may not help but the last ones I got came from the international dealer. May want to check around. Find a dealer that sells PAI? Our Kenworth dealer is actually pretty good at aftermarket parts for all brands. I have worked with that salesman for about 15 years he does a good job. Frontier truck parts might be a good place to check . They seem to have a wide variety of stuff. I just looked at that Dorman part again. I’m pretty sure that’s for the 5x7 headlight. You need the ones for the 4x6. I’m pretty sure there is a way to look up parts on dorman website by VIN. Maybe they have it it’s just not that one.
  14. There is no territories for parts that I know of. You can buy from whoever you want as long as they have the franchise to get the ones you need. I E some construction equipment parts can’t be bought at Ag dealers. We get parts from Five star, Cazenovia equipment and O’Hara machinery. Either part Will work. Found in a few cases a and I would have grease zeros and Deere won’t so we used a and I. Have had pretty good luck with all the tie rods we have bought from a and I.
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