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  1. 756 radiator

    If you don’t have a good radiator shop near you try Radiator supply house in Oregon. There stuff is good quality and I have had pretty good luck with fit. They make radiators for all types of ag, construction, and trucks. The all states ag parts one is probably a Chinese one.
  2. Had to feed the cows

    How big is that mixer? At work we have 2 solo mix 3200 mixers on trucks. Do you put wear plates on the augurs? The one we got in 2013 has 18500 hours on the truck tach has had 3 sets of wear plates welded on the screws, just got new screws, a new floor with a stainless floor liner and has stainless welded about 4 feet up the sides. It feed about 3200 cows every day. That loading dock is nice. Easy to reach the mixer with out any special equipment.
  3. gmc 2002 heater fan

    When we have this problem at work it is always the resistor or the resistor and the plug. I would say the resistor more on the bottom of the fan. Look at the resistor plug closely and usually you can see where the terminals are getting hot. You can get an updated fan through ac delco that will alleviate this some. We get all the parts mentioned on rock auto in the ac delco brand. We have about 10 of these trucks at work.
  4. Fuel problems

    We have had some trouble as well. Running 70/30 blend plus fuel company additive plus some power Service in areas I think we will have trouble. It was 0 at five o’clock and things weren’t too bad. One skidloader running bad. They say putting kerosene in makes it wax in the filters worse but I am too afraid to quit doing it and I guess I can’t say I am seeing that problem. Tomorrow morning supposed to be 8 below with a high of zero. That might create some challenges. For us that is really cold.
  5. What is an R-1W tire?

    Have you looked at BKT’s? They are no Firestone but don’t cost as much either. They look like a continental but are built much better( heavier sidewalls). We run deep treads and regular 23 degree radials on all of our tractors that work really hard but some of the ones that do lighter work we have used them on and they work okay. Our tire guy is big on Michelin’s and Firestone’s but BKT is his price point tire.
  6. Trackhoe bucket repair

    We have a Miller bobcat 225 and a Lincoln ln25 wire feeder. I run Lincoln inner shield 212 outside. Way better and faster than stick especially for out of position work.
  7. 7240 High EGT's

    Maybe it was 1900 RPM. That sounds more reasonable. When we break a tractor in we get it under load and try to pull it down 50 to 100 RPM’s under PTO speed and hold it there for four or five hours. We don’t have a dyno so we use a manure pump.
  8. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Thanks for the response. I have got to practice the carbon arc more. I use the plasma in the shop most of the time.
  9. Trackhoe bucket repair

    What do you use to gouge with? Nice job on that bucket.
  10. Dog tick tested for Lyme

    Our border collie Ava got a couple ticks as a puppy. She tested positive for Lyme. The vet treated her with something I don’t remember what and her levels are now down to where they don’t need to test her anymore. She also got a vaccination so she is less to get Lyme if a ticks gets on her. We still check her regularly.
  11. 986 Electrical Issues

    X2 on the checking the grounds. It would be a good idea to check the voltage the alternator is putting out with the lights on. I have seen many times when they are put under load the voltage will drop very close to battery voltage.
  12. Sad night for a good guy...

    I have seen manuals on all states ag parts that are either good used or reproductions for way less than John Deere. I also recently downloaded the tech manual for a 4840 from bobcat I think it was for 20 dollars. I googled the John Deere manual number to find that. Hope he makes out okay going forward.
  13. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    X2. Good advice right there.
  14. New toy for a demo

    We got a 938k for feeding cows a little less than 2 years ago. We were all Deere before that. It has a 5.4 yard rollout bucket for extra reach. It had 700 hours when we got it. 5200 now. It works very well. The rimpull control is great . We have it set on low and I have never seen them spin the tires and the tire wear shows it. We have a nokian tire on it now that looks like a snow tire. Haven't had any trouble with the hydrostatic trans. The third valve on the joystick sold our operators on the machine. It has worked very well for us so far. Near as we can tell it uses less fuel than our 624k.
  15. Silage packing tractor?

    We have 20 and thirty series deere articulated tractors packing. The 18 speed power shift hold up really well. Easy to go from forward to reverse. 9520 8k hours, 2-9420 10k hours, 2-9430 6-7k hours. Had to take fluid out of fronts on the 30 series because we kept taking out pinion bearings. 20 series still has inside tires loaded plus cast iron and no axle problems. They have all had center pins changed. They have also pulled spreaders, dragline injectors, and 40 foot discs all their lives. Pretty durable if your open to green.