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  1. Google Puck Custom Enterprise. They make some crazy high tech dragline equipment. A custom operator by us has their stuff and had a picture of his setup. He was monitoring and controlling four pumps from an iPad in the injector tractor.
  2. If you found that when you were in a pinch Good for you. Usually when we need something bad all you can find is junk or something that is not quite what is needed. That looks like a real nice tractor.
  3. The down farm economy might affect it but around here those prices are really cheap . I have not seen the tractors but a 1066 or a 7110 for those prices around is unheard of unless they are completely worn out or in need of major repair. Hopefully who ever got them will use them and it’s not some jockey looking to cheat the next guy.
  4. Paystar5000


    So sorry to hear about your Dad. My wife’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a few months ago. It’s taking its toll on both of them.
  5. Okay maybe I oversimplified that. I draw stuff up on graph paper and figure out materials ahead of time. But never an actual engineered blueprint. My dad worked in machine shops for about 40 years and says the last 15 years the cad drawings were so bad he ended up redrawing most of them hand so he could build something that would resemble what they wanted the finished product to be. I will have to google autodesk. Maybe I could use that some
  6. Thank you. I have a project coming up on a sunflower disc I need to make a similar repair
  7. Nice work. I have been on a farm my whole life and never built hardly anything off a plan. Just whatever was in my head or copying something that was all busted up. Would like to try it sometime.
  8. We have the ASAP steps at work on three Deere tractors. I thought the price was fair and the seem rugged. We have K+M on a 4850 so I think my comparison is fair. They are great compared to the factory steps. One thing on the Deere’s I think was I had to be careful to get ones with the handrail which you might not need.
  9. I think We have the next model down. They seem really well built compared to other brands. Our older one is at least 15 years old and is still going strong. We gave it to our oldest daughter when we got the new one. I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with it.
  10. Sorry for your loss. Losing them is so hard because they become such a part of daily life.
  11. Yeah we thought it was ridiculous also. We just got a new fridge. Freezer seemed to have a mind of its own. Got a GE at our independent appliance stores recommendation seems to be good so far.
  12. The last 3 John Deere 466 kits I have used have had federal mogul rod and main bearings and a Felpro head gasket. I put a federal mogul head gasket set in a deere 466 a couple years ago and it seems to be working fine. Gaskets looked to be good quality. John Deere pistons come in the sleeves and it clearly states not to remove them before assembly only enough to assemble the rod. I asked the service manager at our dealer about this and he claims it is to lessen the chances of a broken ring on assembly which apparently at one time was a big share of warranty claims.
  13. Excavator is so handy for many things. I use one all the time at work to remove and install mixer screws and augurs. I have used it to change the hoist in a few dump trucks as well. Just a blown head gasket? I did a 4850 at work that broke a head bolt on the number 5 cylinder last month. We have had some counterbore issues on those 6466.
  14. Who is the genius that decided to put captured rotors on those? I can’t figure out for the life of me why they would have done that. Is there some advantage I am missing? It has become a thing of the past on most everything else I have worked on.
  15. The toilet water shutoff is a nice touch. I have been told hat is a better way to repair then welding.
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