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  1. Is that a grouser blade? The one we got at work last year is really nice. Easy on easy off looks like twice the blade a degelman is.
  2. I have the Milwaukee m18 also. Bought it to trim the bottoms of my door jambs so I could put flooring under them. Works great. I have used it quite a bit with 2.0 amp hour batteries without a problem. They charge fast so usually your good. I would think with the right blade it could easily replace a jig saw for most things plus do everything a jig saw can’t.
  3. I was looking at that also and noticed that red ford. Lots of those salvage tractors look good but something tells me there is a bad motor or transmission in most of them. Two those tractors had what looked like brand new front tires and rims which they will sell and make a killing on.
  4. We had self propelled chopper tire go flat one time. Had a 15/16 craftsman wrench in it open end through the tire box end broke off. Still in my tool box. Works great in tight spots. And no it wasn’t mine to begin with. Picked it up on the road.
  5. It took me about 15 years to scrounge up the parts to build this. It’s a pressure washer motor, the old compressor from our small shop that was thought to be noisy so it got replaced, and a tank from one of our parlors that got taken out of service when we switched to rotary screw. This is in my small shop at home. At work we have and IR t-30 that had seen 17 years heavy use in the shop. We have bought 2 Gardner Denver air compressors in the last couple years that cost about 1500 each that seem to be very good.
  6. We have a big Tex gooseneck at work with angle iron on the ramps all the way to the flat part of the deck. It can still be a little slick in wet/ ice conditions but certainly better than wood. That trailer is a 2004 and has about had the radish. Between rust and metal fatigue she is pretty tired.
  7. Is that a ford triton manifold? Those are fun. We usually just put new ones on to save time. I have seen a few cracked between the 3rd and 4th ports.
  8. We get it at Fleetpride. The brand is Johnson’s. Might be off on the spelling.
  9. I don’t get the impression after reading this post that your a quitter. LOL. I would want to get that job done first thing in the morning. My guess is it has to be done when they want it not when you want to do it.
  10. Have a dewalt pistol grip and a dewalt d handle 1/2 drill at work. Drilled lots of holes in truck frames with 5/8 reamers and they seemed to be holding up. If they start to get hot I either switch drills or do something else for a bit. The pistol grip was bought on amazon around 100 bucks. Cordless Milwaukee fuel hands down.
  11. Volvo is very popular with a the towns here for wheeled excavators. I would guess they have the state bid for that machine
  12. Try a place that sells heavy truck parts. They will have diesel antifreeze with conditioner already in like the last link you posted. We use prestone command. It’s yellow . Works well.
  13. Saw 2 in tractor house today in PA for that money? You suppose they actually get it? I saw a hydro 186 for sale maybe beaver creek has it maybe not with 1800 hours or something for 28k I think.
  14. Yes it is. There is a farm just south of town with some internationals but never seen that one around before.
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