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  1. That is the same company I posted about. If you cAll that number I bet no answer. Because I called it several times. For some reason he has shifted to SLC power products now. The first three we got I believe the billing was this address. Makes me nervous.
  2. We have grote 4656 replacements in a T800 that I’m pretty sure are heated. I don’t removed them being 800 a set. Originally we were buying truck lite LEDs and they were not heated. Some of these are probably 5-6 years old by now .
  3. We have gotten 2 3024T from SLC power products. Also got a 3024T for a 226D that had a DPF from them. It does seem like it’s a guy in an office seeking engines he has newer touched or seen. I called a few weeks ago about an engine for a 226D3 and he could not help me. Something about government regulations. I called the CAT dealer and a reman is a really long wait but they do have all the parts i think it needs to fix it. It blew the number 3 injector tip off and number 4 cylinder is full of engine oil. We have had 30 of these skid loaders and never had one do this. I wish our dealer would let us in on this type of information. We run 15W40 because the oil consumption on 5W30 was so bad. These machines are in use around the clock so they never really get cold started. The other thing we experience with these is every single one by 2500 hours the oil pan and the rocker box gaskets are leaking. We change the oil every 300 hours and do the CCV filter every 1000. Lots of them need the timing gear cover gaskets replaced. We try to trade/sell them by them time they have 6000 hours. They are all 226 and 232 size machines. We did have a 226B3 have an oil pump failure. We just got a new 232D3 the other day. Maybe we will try the 0W40 in that.
  4. I believe Herr and Leaman in New Providence, PA has one just like that on an 856? It has some serious front axle modifications if I recall correctly. I think it has a front axle out of a truck.
  5. At work the tire guy uses rim guard which is citrus based i think? He doesn’t like beet juice because it can get foamy and hard to pump. We have lots of tractors with Calcium in the tires. The chains pictured on the 400 are called double ring chains around here. They work great if you don’t go on concrete much.
  6. Our UPS guy is super nice send pretty laid back when you talk to him but he drives that truck like he stole it.
  7. Just goes to show you can make lots of power without all the smoke.
  8. The same phenomenon occurs here on a regular basis. Just shake my head. IMO I feel like they give diesel vehicles a bad name especially when they are blowing black smoke at every intersection. At work I drove a 2004 Ford 6.0 liter from 75K to 220k. Still has oem headbolts. Deleted EGR early on, huge problem on those engines . The design of the EGR cooler and coolant flow on those was horrible. These people who think they need to add all the extra horsepower are making some of these a problems. Did you get the new 6.7 HO in your new truck? That is a 13K up charge? I have no idea why you would need that. The 6.7 in the work truck I drive is only 330 horsepower and has plenty of power.
  9. This and no polluted air from China makes its way into our atmosphere either. LOL
  10. The 990 and 980 at work both do. They use ALOT of DEF. The one is two years old and other is 4 years old. We just ordered a Deere 9900I that has emissions but the salesman told us the 2 middle models under that 9900 do not. The best emissions by far I have seen is the case IH system with no EGR. Several case IH quadtracs and Deere trac tractors around here when you start getting past the 500HP mark. I feel like past 500Hp you may need the tracks to get the power to the ground.
  11. X2. We had this done for a rocker panel repair on a Chevy. It was crazy expensive like 140 dollars for 2 cans of epoxy primer and 2 cans of PPG urethane.
  12. Some type of software is needed. At work we have 13 caterpillar skidsteers and 20 John Deere tractors and a bunch of Cummins engines. We use grey market Cummins software. Tough to get by with out it. Necessary to identify bad injectors. The caterpillar skidsteers we have you cannot see any codes nothing. I am using TEXA software on them. These skidsteers have a an EGR maintenance timer on them that needs to be reset every 3000 hours or so. Caterpillar charges 350 dollars to come and do this. You are also down until they do it because the machine is in derate at this point. Need it to calibrate new joysticks. I been able to diagnose a few broken wires and operator presence sensor issues with it. Needed it on these machines for cylinder cutout tests a few times. Just these mentioned items pay for the subscription. On the John Deere’s we have used it to calibrate EGR valves and turbos and forced regen. Our dealer told us service advisor is 1700 a year. 5000 up front with some training included. What we need the most from it is the service data. Books are harder and harder to get and more expensive than before. The CD’s they sell are not very user friendly. For the cost of one set of books you have paid for the subscription. Our caterpillar dealer has a tech support number you can call and they will email you all the service data you need. I have used this several times. We have thought about stopping the TEXA and getting service advisor and grey market CAT. I’m a little worried about the CAT because all the stuff at work has product link and i would think cat would know if you were in there with unlicensed software. I don’t think at work we need to program controllers and things like that but we need to be able to keep the equipment running on a daily basis. You will have a lot of downtime if you are waiting for the dealer to repair every little problem. Just my opinion and observations.
  13. X2. Did you notch the tubing where the flat bars are? Thanks for posting this. We get into a lot of stuff similar to this and it’s interesting to me to see how others go about it.
  14. I thought that looked familiar. Looks good.
  15. https://americancls.com/ Check these guys out. I have there vertical tractor mount one. Local hardware store rents this brand. They sell the rental every 2 years and never have trouble finding a buyer. I really like my tractor mount. It’s way faster than the gas engine ones and one less engine to take care of. I have this and it works really good.
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