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  1. Nice . I have the latest snap on half inch . Lasted 15 months and I got a new one under warranty. I would just stop working and then start right back up again. The only reason I am willing to pay for snap on is the flat rate repair prices of their tools. A guy I work with has a Milwaukee fuel 1/2 the most powerful one they make. I did a John Deere 7750 knife change with it on one battery. I was impressed. We have a couple other Milwaukee fuel tools that work well. I was never a fan of battery tools but the lithium ion tools work great. I don’t know how I got Along without them.
  2. I just pulled up the spec sheet for this loader. It is the exact same system John Deere uses. What I believe is going on is a problem with your load sense circuit to telling the pump to stoke in and make pressure and flow. What happens is when you use a function boom raise ie it opens a passage to the control piston of the pump so that it knows how much oil (flow and pressure it needs to do the task at hand). Steering, brakes, and obviously loader load sense pressure is all routed through the loader control valve ( most likely located over front axle) and is then sent through usually a 3/8 hyd hose to the pump control( mounted on hyd pump). On a Deere there is a qd fitting on the pump pressure control to check load sense into the pump. These are complex systems. I have had better luck with a place that specialized in mobile hydraulics than I ever did on dealer on a few that had such intermittent problems that we could not figure them out. One of ours the piston inside the pump that moves the swash plate would get stuck one in a while and the pump would not stroke in. That valve in the front uses compensator valves to make sure the oil flow goes to all functions evenly . On the Deere’s those are known to get stuck and make it do all the pressure goes to the easiest path. 3000 hours is not too soon . Have had Deere loaders with that valve in front fail sooner. I work on a dairy farm so probably similar to the work you are doing with your loader.
  3. FWIW I saw the other day AG parts offers one that is preset. Not sure what to make of this. Not sure if replacing permanent clutch would be necessary or if discs and seals would do it. Been a while since I have done one but remember borrowing tools from dealer to do it. We have a 4440 at work that doesn’t seem to have much clutch modulation any more so I might be doing one soon.
  4. I had a 4840 power shift I was working on doing the power shift version of these symptoms. We used a flow rater in the line going from the traction clutch valve to the front pump. The front pump on that one was starving for oil making noise so we knew we had a flow problem. The transmission pump end up solving the problem. This might not be super helpful but I thought I would mention it.
  5. The early tier 4 ones had a bunch of injector problems. We only had 2 of them before we started getting cats.the rest of the machine had all the same problems the older bobcats did.
  6. Call your CAT dealer. I find with our dealer the prices on the website can be inflated. At work we have had 18 226B3/ 226D. All ran to 5000-6000 hours. Good reliable machines. Some wheel bearings and oil leaks.
  7. Prestone command in John Deere’s pickups misc equipment. Seems to be the same as cool guard. Recently switch to buying concentrated and mixing with distilled water. Saved about 2 dollars a gallon that way. I think it worked out to 8 and change a gallon when I did iit a few weeks ago. We use the shell version of the CAT elc one in all the cat equipment and Cummins truck engines. I have not had much luck mixing coolants.
  8. Had a similar situation with a 5.4 Ford last week. Ended up being a bad injector. I took a screwdriver and listened to the injector on the cylinder the scanner said was missing and sure enough it was not clicking. This is more or less the procedure I used on the ford. I used a test light as a noid light to check for injector pulse. On a side note we had a Chevy 6.0 have a push rod come out from the rocker once giving a constant miss.
  9. Paystar5000

    04 Pete 379X

    We are currently pricing a T800 and a 367 for a new feed mixer truck. The PACCAR MX13 is the only engine we can get because of certain things we have to have REPTO is the main one. I am understanding that engine was developed by DAF in Europe in about 2004. It’s single cam in the cylinder block and high pressure common rail. I’m thinking the after treatment system is what will give us fits but we will see. Our last two mixer truck were gliders, a Pete and a Kenworth. I was told gliders are over in 2020 but Peterbilt and Kenworth has stopped taking orders for 2020. When you do the spacing on a new truck it will only let you select options that will work together . International Paystars are tough trucks. Too bad that all went down the toilet with the Maxxforce engine.
  10. Lots of feed trucks near here. Usually the mixer wears out before the truck.
  11. Pretty much what was said above. You can do it with a snap on solus ultra. I’m sure there are others that will do it also. I do it at work all the time. We run 55/65 in the 2500 Chevys instead of 60/80 like factory.
  12. Nice truck. I bought the same thing a year ago. Ordered it. Everything I wanted and nothing I didn’t.
  13. It is most likely a 4900 series. It most likely has an electronic DT466 with a HEUI fuel system. They used the DT530 for most applications where they wanted 300 horse or better. At work we have the 466 and 530 and they are tough and reliable. Most issues are with injectors and the high pressure oil system. I would think it would take a software flash of some sort to turn it up. I have not heard of this with the Navistar engines but it is common place for the other brands so I would think you could seek out the right person. At work we have a feed mixer body on a 4900 with a 530 at 300 horse. Allison Transmisson 6 something rear end ratio. Loaded it weighs between 50 and 60 k it it gets along okay. It has 32000 hours has been overhauled twice. First time an injector blew a tip and took out a sleeve. Second time using water needed a head gasket but it had25k hours since last overhaul so it got inframed.
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