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  1. Paystar5000

    About chain saws

    Have an MS460 which is a very powerful saw but expensive. Bought a 361 used and that has really good power for its size. Both easy to start. Still has cheap home owner ones now. I think you want to stay with the even number ones. Also have a 55 rancher and a 359 husqvarna both bought used but work really good. The 55 was built before they cheapened up that series of saw. The 359 I think came from Lowe’s originally but besides a couple of fuel lines has been a great saw. I would go with a brand that you get dealer support from. Stihl dealer is 2 miles from me so when it was time to buy that 460 it was a pretty easy decision.
  2. Paystar5000

    Another oil topic🤦‍♂️

    Not that this will help with your exact question but here goes. When we get a new Deere tractor it has a tag on the oil fill saying it has John Deere 10w-30 break in oil in the engine and to change it after 100 hours. When ever I overhaul a Deere we put the Deere break in oil and change it at 100 hours. It must be special stuff because I have yet to be able to source it anywhere but Deere. It’s like 15 dollars a gallon or something. It’s supposed to help get the rings seal against the sleeves better than 15w40. Whether it does anything or not I have no idea it’s just something we have always done at work.
  3. Paystar5000

    How do these prices compare to your area?

    Ours are called cold fire. Cook brothers.
  4. Paystar5000

    How do these prices compare to your area?

    The ones we get get from the heavy duty truck parts place made by east penn manufacturing are just over 100 dollars each. 1000cca post style.
  5. Paystar5000

    Repairs needed...... :(

    Nice. What are the tires on that Skidloader?
  6. Paystar5000

    WalMart The ones these people offer are nice. Made really accurately. We keep one on hand all the time.
  7. Paystar5000

    Repairs needed...... :(

    Good question. Used an 810 harsh til we couldn’t any more and scrapped it. It was on its second used truck at that point. We have three Knight truck mounts we just keep for spares because they are worn out and not worth anything.
  8. Paystar5000

    Oh my Deere

    From someone who has been around John Deere his entire life I can say with absolute certainty that is no the case. LOL. Two 8000 series trans failures at about 10 k hours. One had a broken clutch drum other one had a bearing fail and they think the debris took it out. If I had a dollar for how many times I heard that from dealers or reps of all kinds of equipment I’d be rich. We had a mixer that kept breaking augurs . Three other farms had the same one same problem but knight had never heard of it before. Even brought out an update to fix the never heard of problem.
  9. Paystar5000

    Deere starting em young....

    Hopefully it shows them how to diagnose def pumps, egr valves, dpf’s, bad senors, harnesss and computers because by the time they get old enough to work on tractors that is all they will be doing. LOL.
  10. Paystar5000

    Repairs needed...... :(

    That stand looks good. Working with stuff you have. Keep posting pictures. I would love to see what’s inside. The farm I work at is all green so it’s interesting to me to see what a red one looks like inside. The one triolet mixer we use has been feeding 3200 cows for six years is starting to show its age. Last year we had to have the floor replaced and had stainless put over the top. Luckily I found a guy not to far who had the equipment to lift that tub and burn a 9x20 sheet of 3/4 plate to fix it. 3/16 stainless over the top. Have had stainless on the sides about 4 feet up now need to go above that because the tub is now only about 3/16 think up there and the seams have started to break on the welds. With milk prices they are hardly in the market for a new one. I think a new truck mount is 110k or so. That floor was 20k which seems like plenty but there was no way we could do it ourselves. At the same time we put a new screw in covered with stainless wear plates and about 30 pounds of hardface on the edges to the tune of 10k and a rebuilt one that will need to come out soon. We have replaced all the right angle gearboxes with upgraded ones no planetary trouble yet.
  11. Paystar5000

    My 2018 Fall pictures

    Nice pictures.
  12. Paystar5000

    Does this officially make it a shop?

    A few of my dog in action in the shop. The inside of that building looks pretty nice to me to turn it into a machine shed.
  13. Paystar5000


    4.00 a mile seems high unless you want it done immediately. Had a loader bucket brought from Fort Worth Texas to New York for 500. 10 wheeler from Kansas City to New York 2000. HS Edinger trucking 1-315-696-8946. Ask for Stan. They broker and he has his own trucks. Not being in a hurry helps.
  14. Paystar5000

    Repairs needed...... :(

    Never a good time for that to happen especially now.
  15. Paystar5000

    It's here!!!

    Or something you would hear from an auctioneer or a salesman. This stuff there making now I can’t believe for a minute will be as trouble free when it gets to the age of that tractor.