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  1. Pull oil pan put cooling system tester on with it full of coolant. That way you can see where it is coming from.
  2. Anyone use a acetylene? We have a bead blaster so I rarely have to do it.
  3. Are they better than maugansvile ag industrial for PTO’s? That who we have been using.
  4. At work we went through a bunch a wear shoes for John Deere 4995/R450 mower. We showed it to our steel supplier thinking we could get something made to weld to it like AR450. They ended up building the whole thing out of AR 450 thicker than the original for about 40 dollars less than they cost from Deere. We figured they lasted about 50 percent longer. Now we use a claas and a pottinger triple mower and had them make us weld on wear plates for those so we weren’t wearing out the original ones . I would try the A and I and Massey at same time.
  5. I agree 100 percent. I know of a JD 4455 a guy wants 80K for and a JD 4000 for 29500. I know there is folks who don’t want emissions or electronics but those prices seem far fetched to me.
  6. I put a Gibson cat back on a 2002 f250 with a 5.4. Been 7 years still okay. Fit good not loud. It’s a single pipe
  7. My condolences Jeff. So sorry to hear this. MTO I think posted this a while back. May Sam Rest In Peace.
  8. 15/16 for me. I’m on my third one I think. Not even broke just worn out. I have some blue point tools in my truck that work just fine and cost way less. Ratchets aren’t the greatest but you get what you pay for.
  9. Paystar5000


    That model even has the 6 rod suspension. We had a 79 that had one. Only problem was parts were pretty well extinct for that suspension by the time we got the truck. I’m pretty sure at work we had a 66, 72, 75, 78,79 that looked like the model . They were brutes. A big quarry south of me still runs quite a few every day.
  10. That looks to have 38 inch rear rubber? I ran one of those when it was new. Seemed like a huge tractor compared to the 4440 FWA. Is the water pump putting coolant in the base or are you not that far yet.
  11. I will second that . We drive by there frequently to visit my wife’s father. More case tractors than I have ever seen in one place.
  12. The guy who came up with that is quite a tool trust me.
  13. At work we have a bunch of S model internationals with Cummins and international motors. Those gauge clusters are problematic at best. Fuel gauge is a separate circuit. Air pressure is run with air. Depending on model oil pressure can be mechanical as well. The rest if the engine is electronic is run from the engine computer. How many times the needles on the gauges sweep at key on can tell some problems but I don’t remember all the the variations right off. I have sent them out to get fixed for about 200 bucks IIRC to a place called circuit board medics. There are other places that fix them as well. They are a printed circuit board. One I ran into had a blown fuse somewhere but I think that was a t444E.
  14. I have seen this on other auctions sites that use that hibid format. We don’t say jing weeds we prefer zookie weeds in these parts.
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