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  1. 3 in 33000K hours. It’s a feed mixer truck. I think one of them was caused by the coolant line to the air compressor going bad and running low on coolant. The third one was at overhaul at 28k. That one looked like it had a small leak it was a gummy inside. The wishbone that holds the lifters from turning broke and ruined the cam so with the cam it got an overhaul kit
  2. An independent diesel mechanic I know says the bullet proof EGR coolers are better than the Navistar and tries to use them when he can. I have never used one. Our 06 IH with a 570 has always had Navistar coolers because we never had time to wait for a bullet proof. I agree with your above statement. At work we needed a tractor to pull a large mixer wagon. No glider kit trucks anymore so we were trying something new for feeding. They have not owned anything but a Deere since since at 1086 in the eighties. I was told to buy whichever tractor I thought was the best/ most reliable. After throughly examining/ comparing/ talking with guys that had experience with both a 8245R and a Magnum 250 we went with the magnum 250. That engine / emissions system seems way less complicated than than the Deere. The tractor has a single stage wastegated turbo rather than two turbos on the Deere. Thank fact that we got one with less hours and a CVT transmission ( which we are hoping works well for feeding cows) for 15K less than a Deere didn’t hurt either.
  3. I cut the ends off old hydraulic hoses and weld them shut. That doesn’t solve the heater hose a/c hoses though.
  4. X2. We have 4 of the suspension you mentioned above at work. Hendrickson HN, HMX for silage trucks anything off road are good choices. No walking beam bushings in those to get worn out. They get better traction also than air ride. We run the silage trucks at work hard with many different operators and hardly ever work on the rubber block ones. Nice work on welding the frame. I have stretched or repaired ( usually from rust between them) about every truck frame at work with no problems. There is a place in Vermont that will make the frame rails out of the same stuff as they are new and drill the holes if you can send them the old ones. Done 3 or 4 with them and it works good. I have had a bunch of cross members made of just mild steel. Usually have them made of the next size thicker plate. They have worked fine and cost about half what the truck dealers want.
  5. At work we use BKT 4 rib front tires on the three JD 6230 chore tractors. They work good. Not all the much cheaper than firestone . Just another option. I have used Carlisle but the inner liner is really thin in those and it didn’t seem like they took patches very well.
  6. I recognize the tractor in the 7 th picture. It’s either Danny Thomas and satisfaction of it one of the Horton patience tractors I think. I’m leaning toward satisfaction. I believe all those tractors are still active. Great pictures
  7. We always buy cheap ones like BKT, galaxy. The backhoe at work sees alot of road use, and demo (concrete removal jobs). I would just get a good ply rating. We run the standard backhoe tread. That tread you are showing would work good on concrete. we have used it on skidloaders that are in the barn on concrete 90 percent of the time with good results but I think any kind of wet dirt you would be stuck.
  8. IMO Weld away. That oil is a pretty good heatsink. I have not done it on an 806 but have done it a lot on Skidloaders and it has worked well. I actually weld a short piece of round bar too them and use a pipe wrench. I find I can get a better bead on the round bar than on the nut.
  9. At work we have a 4560 that is programmed as a 6 speed. We have all our trucks governed at 55. That truck is geared such that it is always shifting between 5 th and 6 th. I looked into getting it programmed to just a 5 speed but got a big run around. I have Allison DOC at work it’s grey market. Has read all the codes and shown all the data I have needed for troubleshooting. It was 1000 dollars. I’m not sure if valley truck parts in Michigan could help you. I have gotten a bunch of transmissions from them and they seem really knowledgeable. I don’t think they can sell direct anymore. I have to get them through our Kenworth dealer now but any time I have called they have been willing to help me figure things out so I was getting the right parts.
  10. That’s great. When could I get some delivered? Not a lick of TP to found in any store I have been to( which is only 2). I figure cruising around looking for toilet paper might not be the best idea right now. Not really sure what to make out of all this.
  11. Great pictures. Brings back memories from my high school days of unloading many loads of cob corn off wagons. Also remember grinding quite a few loads off wagons after the cribs were empty and they were buying it from neighbors.
  12. This is the one I use to cut and split all my firewood. We use to use it at work but it was broke all the time and somehow it ended up at my house. They joked one day that tractors costs us a lot less when it’s your house. The hood needs a little work and it needs paint someday. That tractor look good Dale maybe someday this one will get the same treatment. On a side note I think this tractor was bought new at the dealer we still get parts from.
  13. Our tire guy says the same thing. We have the BKT you are talking about on a couple of chore tractors at work and they seem to be wearing well. I would buy them again. At work we put tires on two tractors and chose Michelin. They were the same price or cheaper than Firestone’s. We bought a 75 percent used set of Michelin 18.4x46 two years ago. They are wearing really well compared to Firestone. We haven’t had much success getting deep treads to wear evenly. Firestone has to be the most rugged casing around I will give them that. At work we use SAT II on our bedding tractors. Those tires get run over everything and I mean everything you can imagine and hold up to it and last well. Not sure on traction because mainly just in driveways and concrete.
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