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  1. Paystar5000

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Bidding on a tractor at an auction for the farm I work at on January third and the auctioneer proclaimed the tractor would be the best deal of the year. Always shedded Just off the planter are a few of my favorites
  2. Paystar5000

    Another boat repair.

    Nice work. I would love to learn how to tig aluminum but have never had the chance.
  3. I stand corrected. I think I have heard something about three different ones.
  4. I don’t know how many channels our satellite dish has but all she watches is the hallmark channel.
  5. Paystar5000

    New Ford Comerical

    Not going with a half load that’s for sure
  6. Paystar5000

    cheap tires on a silage truck??

    Aeolus is a decent Chinese tire and priced well. Have many at work been capped and seem to work okay. I always try to get 16 ply casing in an Aeolus.
  7. Paystar5000

    cheap tires on a silage truck??

    You did well. A 315 will carry at least 9000 per tire usually so on a silage truck you are not even close to overloading them. I have 6 used ones I would love to part with but I am more than 5 hours from you.
  8. Paystar5000

    Bush Monster repair

    Thanks. I think I will try to track one down.
  9. Paystar5000

    Bush Monster repair

    Nice work. How do you have the ground cable attached?
  10. Paystar5000

    Temporary blade repair

    Good looking repair. At the farm that would probably be finished work because there would always be something more important if that repair was holding up.
  11. Paystar5000

    Upgrading Trucks

    16 mpg would be great because I use my truck for everything from hauling firewood to groceries. I know my 5.4 and the 6.0’s at work get 12 tops. I know of two guys who had dodge 2500 with the 5.7 and went the the 6.4 and were really impressed with the power. Seemed to think the mileage was good but didn’t give me numbers. I for one would sacrifice a little power if I could get 16 mpg getting the groceries. I have never had a dodge so I don’t know a thing about them but we had never had a Subaru until just recently and that has been good so maybe this is good info.
  12. Paystar5000

    Case IH 9250 question

    At work we have L10, M11, ISM in our trucks. Have never rolled a bearing in one. They are super tough. They were trash trucks and cement trucks before we got them. All have at least 15K hours some 20 and only one has needed an overhaul. They use oil but not a lot. They get some oil leaks that will need fixing. An injector here or there. I had an injector fail in a truck with 18k recently and it was the original one from the factory. Really solid engine.
  13. Paystar5000

    Upgrading Trucks

    We have chevy 2500’s with 6.0 at work. Years from 02 to 09. All bought used. Have not had one engine failure and these trucks get run hard. A few transmissions problems but that could be operator. Some transfer case issues but not til well over 100k. Very dependable trucks. I don’t see why the newer ones wouldn’t be just as good . They haven’t changed the power train much. I drive an 02 F250 SCLB has 5.4. Has 140k. Love the truck but it is rusting to bits. I personally prefer the cab and the suspension on the ford over the chevy but the chevy has a lot better power and rides better. The doors on a ford seem to hold up better. I drive an 04 F550 at work with 175k. In 100k has had 12 injectors. Tough to justify that for a daily driver. I work on trucks and tractors and I would really like to find another 02 with a 7.3 but I only live 2 miles from the Shop so I don’t think I can justify it. I have been looking for an f250 or 350 2011 to 2015 with the 6.2 gas because I think it makes the most sense. I also agree with the trucks being to high to actually use them. My lady thinks I am overthinking this as well. In my opinion a half ton is a car with a box but that is just my Opinion.
  14. Paystar5000

    question for the welder/fabricators

    Not a welder by trade just a farm mechanic that welds a lot but I would probably gouge it out with a plasma cutter. We just got an exothermic torch that is supposed to be able to gouge out welds as well. I need to practice with that some.
  15. Paystar5000

    Flatbed for F150

    IMHO the white oak is gonna get really heavy fast. PT pine would probably work well maybe 1” thick. The crossmembers should be not be welded to the frame of the truck. We have used 3/8 x2 flat stock welded the crossmembers to it an u bolted it/ threaded rod with plates to the frame. I would think some 1 1/2 x3 10 gauge tube would work. Gonna have to be careful with weight on that truck. The lights we just used truck light super 40’s. I think you can get away with one each side because I think your turn signals and brake lights are the same bulb on that truck. Hope this is helpful.