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  1. Thanks Ace! Im anxious to hear what you find out! what do you think is causing your leaks?
  2. I am attempting to convert the AC in my 1066 deluxe cab to the 86 series condenser. I have a hydro and it seems like the oil cooler is very large, I dont know if the hydro oil coolers are larger than the gear tractors, but it seems like they should. Anyway, the 86 series condenser wont fit in enough to put the grill back on. has anyone had to make any modifications to get the 86 series condenser to fit and still be able to get the grill back in? any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Really? Interesting! Just another open sided remote valve? What did you do with the spool to keep it open?
  4. Hi Cor Have you gave any more thought to selling and or trading that hydraulic end plate?
  5. I found this in the service manual for the hydros. maybe it will provide some insight to that sensor your talking about? (see pic).
  6. according to Raleigh Ordoyne at Herr Machine, "It's just a temp sender they usually are unhooked" HERRS MACHINE HYDROSTATICS INC. PARTS · REMANUFACTURE · EXCHANGE "It's just a temp sender they usually are unhooked"
  7. so you are not using that piece for power beyond? The piece that is generally there is the standard end plate, part number: 531894R1, (see the the pic below). the part on your tractor is very very hard to find! I would trade you (+$), the original end plate for your power beyond! but at least detailed pics of the other side of this would be very helpful!
  8. does anyone have the factory power beyond plate for a hydro series tractor? the part number is: 533861R91. if anyone does have one, would you consider posting photographs of each side of the piece?
  9. Hello, off topic, but I cant find another way to contact you...sorry, some time ago you posted a picture of a power beyond plate on a hydro. pictured below. this particular part is extremely hard to find, even to measure for aftermarket. have you considered taking it to a machine shop so they can get the measurements for reproduction? or taking it off and posting pictures of all sides of this?
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