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  1. cab identification

    I must not have my settings right or something, because I google image searched for months and months on end!! I searched almost all iterations of tractor cab, (except for the date).
  2. cab identification

    Outstanding!! Thank you so much, I can finally set my mind at ease!
  3. cab identification

    Here’s the loader on mine:
  4. cab identification

    I bet that’s EXACTLY what it says on the door!!!! Holy cow!! I think you’re exactly right!! How did you find that out? Thank you!
  5. cab identification

    It’s a DuAll 325
  6. cab identification

    That’s a good question, on mine, the latch handles are horizontal...but I think they’re not original.
  7. cab identification

    I suppose, at this point, it really could be anything! Haha! It sure does bug me not knowing for sure though!
  8. cab identification

    Excel looks the most similar, but the roof and rear side windows are different:
  9. cab identification

    It has me completely stumped!!
  10. cab identification

    Ihman1468, I don’t think it’s a full vision. The front of the cab and the side windows seem different. Here’s a pic of a full vision I googled.
  11. cab identification

    Farmerfixemup, I originally thought that too, but the excel (IH diamond), have a slant on the rear of the back side windows. Another difference I found is the air intake on the front of them. This unknown one has 2 brackets on each side to hold, what I think is, a dust filter?
  12. cab identification

    Full vision huh? I haven’t heard of that. I’ll have to search for it! Thanks!
  13. cab identification

    That’s what I thought too. A friend of mine thinks it says comfort...
  14. cab identification

    Right. The big give away is the back side windows, they are square, open like suicide doors and the back of the cab has the steep slope. I think that’s the brand On the door, but I can’t read the dang thing.
  15. cab identification

    Can anyone recognise the brand of this cab? it says something on the door, but I cant read it. I have been searching for months to identify this. Thanks in advance if anyone can get this!!