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  1. Mostly .or kamatzu bought out .
  2. I decided to tackle this project my self, do to a greedy brake shop in my area charging what i felt was highway robery ..and the simple challenge bestowed upon me by the owner that i couldnt do it my self ...also if i did it would never work..well lol ...not only did i do em ..but i saved 500$ under there estamate . I got it done how i wanted ..and done rite....this was actually a simple job ..and quit enjoyable.. im doing a full restore on this crawler and had plans on posting pics as alot of the info is hard to find ..but for sum reason cant ??? Maybe a diffrent section of this sight ?? Any help would be apreachated ..?? The main reason i did the pads my self was i wanted them full face bonded and rivited with no backing its not factory .. so that was an issue i guess ..