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  1. IH 766 setting valves

    thanks I will give it a shot
  2. 1086 Split Recommendations

    nice did you have it painted or do it yourself ,I am in the middle of refinishing mine I am in Halifax
  3. IH 766 setting valves

    I saw that I just thought there might be a better way and with less risk of damage thanks for the help I will give it a shot
  4. IH 766 setting valves

    I have stripped the tractor of the sheet metal and today I removed the valve cover it is a 76 original gasket because it was red i could not believe how clean the top end of the engine was absolutelt no sludge at all , I Have everything in the front removed as well and on the crank pulley there are three center bolts soo my questions is how do you turn the crank to set the valves.Thanks
  5. detaching coolant guage in IH 766

    thanks up to this point everything was straight forward
  6. detaching coolant guage in IH 766

    I am stripping down the tractor too get it painted and take care of any issues at the same time replacing all the hosing and such, it has a cab and today i removed the fuel tank and went to remove the tank support and the coolant wiring and also the rpm signal wire also the oil pressure line to the gauge ,I was able to remove that one but the coolant lines is proving difficult I have unscrewed the small nut at the gauge but will not pull out any ideas
  7. ih 766 a few questions plus parts ?

    thanks I will over fill the the fluid with a flexible funnel have two 5 gallon jugs of the fluid from the dealer I will hook up the switch and see what happens I do not have the 3 pt hitch just a draw bar . I took the seat out and all the rubber insulation out of the cab today and pressure washed the whole tractor there was loads of grass and oil and mud now I can see everything so far not one leak it is inside now and it fired right up let it run for 30 minutes . I will replace all the fluids and a few rad hoses and maybe redo some of the hydroilic lines so far I am very happy with it It is a nice machine
  8. ih 766 a few questions plus parts ?

    I filled the fluid through the cap at my right foot in the cab is there another spot in the rear end to put fluid in as well I have three reprinted manuals but they are pretty much useless and I have a swinging drawbar as apposed to the 3 point hitch the tractor is faded with some surface rust so I just want to clean it up and make it red again cannot imagine selling it it will stay with the farm when I get one thanks for your help and I will try to post some pictures not to computer savvy
  9. ih 766 a few questions plus parts ?

    I have a 766 I got a year ago had the clutch flywheel replaced and pto shaft as well as some seals It has the front end loader and I moved some snow on saturday and it worked fine no leaks ,I did notice that when the tractor was on an incline up a bank I would lose the hydraulics in the loader , the fluid seemed to bu at the correct level , there is a wire that goes to a switch on the clutch side that is detached and was wondering if it should be put back also the rear wheel inner lock seems to be missing a nut or bolt or it make have broke off where would I be able to find one? I plan to repaint it and get a new stripe kit can you still buy brushable paint for them or does it have to be sprayed . the tractor seems to work very well and I am learning how it works and it has been lots of fun . I am sure therre will be more questions
  10. 766 turbo manifold ?

    I have a few of the cumming trucks laying around but first I will get used to what power it has now before i turn it into a monster thanks for the pictures
  11. 1066 weight?

    I am guessing if the tractor had a front end loader you would want the extra weight .
  12. 76 IH 766 in reverse but stalls out

    I took off the floor cover and the cover on the steering column and there was lots of grass soaked with fluid and it was think I cleaned everything out and then the shifter seemed to work fine although Oi did find two roll pins in the clean up but I looked carefully but cannot seem to see where they would go. I will say one thing it starts really well
  13. 76 IH 766 in reverse but stalls out

    I finally got the clutch and flywheel done on the tractor and I was running it around the yard yesterday everything seemed fine but after a short while the shifter for low to high and reverse was not inside the section of the shifter box so it was stuck in forward gear and when I put it into reverse it would stall and the rear tires did not budge. rookie at this type of unit and if I remember correctly when I went to neutral the park brake would engage but not no any help on where to start , I have ordered a manual but it will be two weeks thanks
  14. 1976 ih 766 flywheel specs

    what is the max they can take off the surface he seems to think there is about a 40 to 50 thou ridge there now just to get back to even
  15. 1976 ih 766 flywheel specs

    I am trying to find the specs for the flywheel to have it machined does anyone know where these can be found it is a diesel or are you just better off getting a new one thanks