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  1. TD20 200 Series find

    I crawled under and tightened both sides, left turns on a dime now, right still nothing. When moving forward and I pull back on both levers nothing happens
  2. TD20 200 Series find

    Started pushing mesquites like a hot knife through butter today. It will not make a right turn right turn, any tips guys?
  3. TD20 200 Series find

    Sorry I have no new pictures uploaded yet. If I could get them from the phone straight to the forum I would. Anyhow here is the rundown. All hydraulics are working, all that is left is a new oil change. Somewhere along her journey someone disconnected the gas side. The gas tank is plumbed and used as hydraulic reservoir for the steering levers. It starts on diesel side with a shot of starting fluid almost instantly every time. Once she has been running and warm no shot of starter fluid is needed.
  4. TD20 200 Series find

    Nope got the blade working today, took the above advice just needed more fluid. It was parked and left after brand new batteries were stolen. Then my father in law passed and so it's been sitting 6-8 years.
  5. TD20 200 Series find

    starts like a champ, I can't get the blade to go up or down. Now I'm guessing it has its own hydraulic system. I'm learning as I go, not much of an expert.
  6. TD20 200 Series find

    have an injector leaking fuel, i'm assuming o rings but didn't have a chance to tinker today
  7. TD20 200 Series find

    Quick update. Changed out a fuel line, two fuel filters, lower radiator hose (still need a part number I have it southern engineered), new batteries. Today was the day she started, she's back to life. Needs a little more TLC before I put her to work. Had **** finding a 90 degree lower radiator hose that was correct length. The one I found I had to couple a small piece to it to get the correct length. Anyhow video to come later when I have time to get it off my phone
  8. TD20 200 Series find

    Ordered some fuel filters from My order is still pending according to their website and the mailbox is full when I call. Anyone used them before?
  9. TD20 200 Series find

    I've only had a day and a half to tinker so far and I'm already addicted. I'm missing the water bowl and bail under the filter. Once I find where to get a replacement we will see what she does. I think she is going to run.
  10. TD20 200 Series find

    Just learned there is TD20 200 series dozer on my mother in law's farm. Apparently it has been sitting for a few years after the batteries were stolen and my father in law passed. I'm a newbie when it comes to heavy machinery. New batteries purchased and will start on her tomorrow, updates to follow. Serial # says she was one of the first 200 to be built in '58