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  1. I recently installed a two bottom C-294 plow on my Farmal "C". Originally I had a belly mower on it and I only used one of the two Touch Control levers to raise and lower it. Now I need to use the second lever for the plow operation but I am having trouble. Now when I raise the plow I have a vibration in the hydraulic system and the plow starts jumping up and down. If I raise and lower numerous times it may stop the vibration but not always. I just changed the oil but did not clean the strainer as the oil was very clean. The problem started before I changed the oil and it is with the lever that I never used before. I moved the plow back to the original lever and it works fine. I bled the system and like I said as long as I use the original control I have no problems. I need to use both levers. Any help with this issue will be appreciated.
  2. Farmal "Touch Control" oil

    I want to thank everyone for the help on my "Touch Control oil". After hearing from everyone and the IH dealer I decided to go with the Hy-Tran. If I have any difficulty I will drain it and put in 10wt. Thanks to everyone, this is a great site!
  3. Farmal "Touch Control" oil

    I have a 51 Farmal "C" and I need to replace the oil in the Touch Control System. The IH dealer suggested Hi-Tran Ultra as a replacement. That is fine but I would like to save a sixty mile drive and purchase something local. We have an Orschlen's and they have a transmission/hydraulic oil which is suppose to be a replacement. What suggestions for a quality replacement oil that will fight moisture. Thank You