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  1. Yeah it’s definitely crazy. When I was passing through home in MN in August, not much for ammo and guns. Really made it tough trying to find 45ACP since I had just picked up a 1911. Now that I’m back in ND flight instructing it’s not much better, it comes in slowly and is gone quick. Really sucks, I just want to have fun shooting pop cans and Tannerite haha.

  2. Yep it’s a 757 like others have said. Cockpit windows are slightly different, taller, engines are completely round, gear has more tires per truck. Additionally, UPS doesn’t fly any 737s currently. Hope that helps!

  3. 2 hours ago, New Englander said:

    ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) was mandated January of this year. It cost me a new transponder for my Cessna but now I have an ADS-B receiver that displays traffic on my iPad so I have traffic information even in my personal plane. I didn't mind the $2500 it cost me to comply with the mandate.   

    That has been a God send for sure, even for the cost. Doing my private at home we never had anything like that, but we didn’t have much traffic at all. Since I’ve come up to school, the amount of traffic is insane and ADS-B is a lifesaver for sure up here. Even though we’re not moving anywhere as fast, spotting traffic is easier and helps maintain situational awareness. 

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  4. My dad’s had a LX885 for awhile now. Decent visibility all around, like that you can lock the booms up from inside the cab. Others have mentioned that I noticed also is the electronic dash can crap out and the gear pumps are noisy. Doesn’t bother me since I wear ear protection anyways. Good power and general maintenance is easy with the booms up. Only major gripe is if the boom is down and the battery is dead you basically gotta crawl over top and down to charge it. Probably could put in remote posts though. Great machine, I really enjoy using it. 

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