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    1980 IH Hydro 86, 1949 Farmall Cub, IH 140 Industrial, IH 350(Current Project)
  1. Hydro 86

  2. Hydro 86

    I know it may sound like a dumb question but are hydro 86 transmissions water cooled. My tractor may have some watery oil in it. I think that it may be causing problems with it slipping. Or is there a way water could be getting into the hydraulic oil.
  3. IH Plow Identification

    Aftermarket Lantz Kutter- Koulters
  4. IH Plow Identification

    Thanks for all your help on this.
  5. IH Plow Identification

    Do you know when it could have been built?
  6. IH Plow Identification

    Thanks that makes a lot of sense
  7. IH Plow Identification

    Detailed view of hitchup system
  8. IH Plow Identification

    I know I have been asking a lot of questions recently sorry. But I have another. With the 300 that I bought that was mentioned earlier it came with this unknown IH Plow. I know for certain it is because the IH logo is very plain on their. It has two Lantz- Kutter Kolters mounted two it. It also appears to have some sort off weird hookup that looks like it could have been a system not the 2pt but something else in front of the first plowshare. I will upload a detailed picture of the hookup. Also what are the type of plowshares does it have if you know?
  9. Serial number plate

    Thanks I can confirm that it has both of the options that were mentioned earlier. Thanks a lot
  10. Serial number plate

    Just bought a 300 utility and was looking at its serial number number plate and saw an s and a j. I know that a j stood for a Rockford clutch. I was wondering what the s stood for?
  11. IH Hydro 86 Original Tires

    Does anyone know what a 1980 IH Hydro 86 would have had for tires out of the factory?
  12. Stuck 350 Engine

    I have bad news. I was adding some blaster and learned that there may be quite a bit of water on two of the cylinders so at this point I believe I will have to pull the head.
  13. Stuck 350 Engine

    Bout 4 years in a leaky free stall barn. I will upload photos when I am near my computer.
  14. Stuck 350 Engine

    Thanks guys for all of the help. I know I will have plenty more questions about other tractors.
  15. Stuck 350 Engine

    I am 14 and have been working on trying to get our family's 350 running. Up until this point I have been working on getting the electrical up to par but little did I know the engine was locked up. I have already tried WD-40 on the piston heads. Any suggestions?