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  1. AEBI AM 53 one axle tractor brochure
  2. I think that baler was made in Europe but not sure which factory though.
  3. Baling like that is sometimes still done in Switzerland, mostly done before the new hay went up into the loft or when being sold:
  4. ZEMP Self loading wagon ad
  5. Front cover of the AEBI Motor mower model AM 10 brochure sadly in french
  6. Maschinenfabrik Fahr in Gottmadingen Germany. Fahr one horse mower with small gas engine:
  7. Here is an add with the cast of the Fury TV series from the 50's:
  8. here is an ad for the first version of the Fahr rake:
  9. And later the chains were replaced with a belt. Belt rakes are still very common in Europe
  10. Later models became more simple:
  11. Well actually a Swiss invented the chain rake but Fahr went into serial production. My grandfather had one he bought new back in Switzerland. -Urs
  12. Seeing those trucks being stuck reminds me of this country song:
  13. Good thing you had that crawler handy. Last year was really wet in my area so we couldn't finish the corn harvest till this past spring. -Urs
  14. Reminds me of a story my grandfather told me years ago, when a FORDSON tractor got stuck in the potato field during the war years and only two oxen were able to pull him out. -Urs
  15. cool combine do you still remember him using it? -Urs
  16. The SKH 150 model replaces the old model SKH 120 which was in production since they started making their tractors.
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