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  1. BUCHER potato digger, my grandfather had one of them they were a huge improvement of the potato diggers on the market at that time
  2. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    at almost at the end of the video you can see how the hay gets blown into the hay mow
  3. Austrian Farmer making Hay
  4. Poettinger sells self loading wagons in North America but only there Silage version of them, the hay and green feed versions are only sold in Europe https://www.poettinger.at/en_us/Produkte/Kategorie/14/silage-loader-wagons Here is a Poettinger self loading wagon brochure from the late 60s or early 70s I think
  5. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    this guy is using his stacker for cornstalks, and here is a video of him moving them How did the cattle like the cornstalks for bedding? I think its awesome to use them that way
  6. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    here is another video I found with a Hesston stacker
  7. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Hesston Stackhand 30 video
  8. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Hesston 30 Stack mover video
  9. I thought to post some video links of the Fahr pull type combine in action
  10. is that a rod weeder on the back of the tractor? looks almost like the Morris ones
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