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  1. Gehring Rotortiller ad from 1983
  2. Bärtschi equipment ad from 1983
  3. Mafag tractor ad from 1932 only 40 tractors were made
  4. Motrac tractor ad from the 40s
  5. Here is an ad for Bucher-Manz Pasture drag from the early 1900s
  6. True, but someday it will be anyway here is a video of a 75 foot Honey Bee Swather
  7. John Deere 3000 series manufactured by Renault for John Deere
  8. Here is a Nodet Seed drill brochure, we had one back in Switzerland
  9. Those Wisconsin engines also made there way to Switzerland and build into Tractors. Like this Oekonom tractor:
  10. CLAAS Super pull type combine Brochure
  11. Rapid Frontbinder attachment ad
  12. That's one nice looking swather, I know that you were able to choose between a cab version and one without but I was wondering if there was an aftermarket cab avaible? Here is also something cool a Walter Wood's Self Raking Reaper
  13. I do not mind lever steering Swathers, would be nice to find one to restore and maybe use a little.
  14. nope Versatile never had lever steering, always a steering wheel!
  15. Here are two pics of the Versatile 103 SP Swather that I took at the ag museum
  16. There is a Kilberry Swather in the Ag-Museum in Austin Manitoba. I think I posted this pic before but here its again:
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