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  1. Here is also a brochure of a Lanz Bulldog
  2. Sure lol here is a brochure of the two cylinder D25
  3. and the MF 98 was a Oliver in red paint. Someone I know said that MF had a fire or something in the RND department when they were working on there own big tractor and then decided to let Oliver and MM make them.
  4. AEBI SP mower only 8 unites were ever made of this version. This tractor mower has a Felix 10 to 15 HP engine
  5. AEBI seed drill brochure cover, my grandfather had a bucher single horse model.
  6. AEBI Motor Mower brochure for horses, AEBI manufactured over 7000 of this mowers.
  7. AEBI AM 41 Motormower ad with windrow attachment for cutting green feed.
  8. PZ Drum mower ad from the early 90s (PZ is a part of KUHN today)
  9. Hürlimann tractor has a 2 cylinder 20 hp engine, 3 forward and one reverse speeds
  10. Agrar horse mower tedder combination, powered by a Basco 8 HP engine
  11. My grandfather had one of this milking machines back in the mid 50s. He was the first in Bettwiesen Switzerland that bought a milking machine, soon after that the neighbors came by and looked at it and bought a milking machine soon after too.
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