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  1. not an ad but to show you guys how one of them belt rakes work here a Rapid Heureka
  2. Here are two different belt or chain side delivery rakes for motor mower one is a BUCHER and the other a Rapid both Swiss made. These rakes were also able to ted hay.
  3. The Hürlimann D 600 was intended for export to South America and for bigger farms in Europe but sadly only a small number were made the tractor has a 65 HP 4 cylinder Diesel engine. The Tractor has a 5 speed forward and 1 Reverse speed.
  4. I should of posted these pics at Harvest time lol
  5. The hitch on the tractor is higher up then here in North America and it can be set at different heights too The PTO is at the same level on the tractor in Europe as in North America and there is no problem of wrapping of hay check this video out there you can see
  6. Bucher K2 Motormower Brochure: my grandfather had the same model but with a seat and a rake attachment
  7. The Rotor hoe harrow hat some advantages over the Rototiller it didn't make the soil as fine as the Rototiller did but it did make it good enough that a farmer was able to seed after.
  8. A swiss tractor maker once had a very revolutionary transmission that shifted gears with a eletric hydraulic system and I read that they sold that patent to Ford in 1962 or 1963 but not sure if that is true or not. I wonder if Ford used that transmission to improve the Select O speed after they fired Harold Brock. But I think its most likely that that transmission never got sold to a different company though. VEVEY was that swiss tractor maker and was one of the top six or five tractor makers in Switzerland. In 1962 they made a prototype tractor with that transmission and showed it to the dealers and they were all in wow and sadly were told by the company they will be going out of the tractor business.
  9. HELA tractor for Vineyards
  10. My grandfather still used 100 kg grain sacks until 1969, back in the old country the grain elevators only took grain that way until loose grain became common.
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