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  1. The late Max Huerlimann (son of the founder) testing a new Huerlimann D 115 A that came of the line.
  2. Hi Gary that tractor is a Ivel it was a British build small tractor build around 1902, I think it was even the world's first small tractor ever made. Here are pics I have found on FB tractors with wood gazifiers: Motrac and Buhrer tractors -Urs
  3. Old MOTRAC dealer home movie
  4. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Buckrake on a Merk Pullax
  5. Merk Pullax model P-12 with a Wisconsin one cylinder 12 hp gas
  6. time goes by so fast ... just to think that this year in April it would be 100 years when one of my grandmothers was born. Awesome ad I wonder if that brand came from the states, that Dozer blade sure gets handy when their is lots of snow! Here is a video of a Lanker Motor mower a very rare machine not many where made, Lanker was better known for their loose hay blowers for the filling hay mows
  7. Something I found on Facebook, Montana Cowgirls Clyde Lindsay, Mildred Douglas and Ruby Dickey in Miles City in 1917
  8. first Patent of the Agrar Self loading wagon, my dad told me where he grow up was the town next to the city where Agrar had its factory and he said he saw a Prototype being tested
  9. Agrar was or still is a well known Swiss manufacture of Hay tools
  10. I think they where the same models around 1912 and I reckon when they setup shop in the US they did ship the parts over from the Swiss plant and later made them inhouse but I could be wrong though. Saurer also had a plant in Germany which became the MAN company later. Between 1904 and 1908 Saurer introduced the world's first truck with a Engine break (something still on trucks today), airstarter and in 1908 developed with Rudolf Diesel the First Diesel engine for a vehicle. Some times I wonder if they would be still in the Truck business if the Managers listened to the Engineers about improving the cab, everthing else was up to date. And a joint venture with Mercedes Benz truck divison which at that time they out right refused ... Swiss irogance in one way to put it, later they did sell out to Mercedes in the end because that company already owned the other major Swiss Truck manufacture FBW.
  11. Not a ad but a drawing made by Alfred Huggenberger (1867-1960) Swiss author and farmer out of his memory of the farmhouse he was born!
  12. Lindner's smallest tractor the 9 hp two stroke diesel
  13. Forgot to add Saurer made its first truck in 1903 and not in 1911 in Arbon Switzerland The first made truck is back in the Saurer museum in Arbon the good old number 0
  14. Saurer Trucks where made till the early 80s, the company was one of the first in the industry that used Direct injection in Diesel Engines. They even sold a licence for their Diesel engine to a Swiss tractor company. Saurer still exists but only makes textile machines which they always made, their diesel engine development department is now owned by the Parent company that owns Case New Holland.
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