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  1. I never knew that Good Year made that kind of belts. That threshing machine could be made by Oliver because the tractor looks like one! In Switzerland and in other parts of Europe barn threshing was common, my father told me that the custom threshers would hook the electric motor which powered the threshing machine directly to the power lines! I am not sure if I can post this link of a film I've found on youtube which shows farm life in 1958 in Switzerland. In that video there is a scene of a threshing crew with the farm family at work it starts around the 36:00 minute mark.
  2. I only know about the Versatile 300 from the Versatile book Versatile Tractors: A Farm Boy's Dream: by Jarrod Pakosh. We have a Versatile 875 build in 1980 on the Farm we use it mostly for tillage work, the New Holland TM 140 did that before but the farm got bigger so we needed a bigger tractor.
  3. That is really cool, how many years did you use that tractor and do have any pictures if it? I am thinking of building a hydrostatic drive tractor mainly for using it at hay harvest, and using it with the corn planter. I have seen a Versatile 300 Hyrdo-Mech for sale a while back. A good idea for a row crop tractor, i think that was what they were used for, I could be wrong with that one. I think Fendt's Vario transmission is similar to Versatile Hydro mech transmission.
  4. Would be nice when Case IH continued making the Hydros. The 3488 with MFD must be even more rare then the 2wd? The Rigitrac tractor is only with 4wd, and top speed is 40km/h (1 mile = 1.6km or kilometers). -Urs
  5. I thought to start a new discusion topic about old and new Hydrostatic driven farm vehicles (tractors, swathers, combines, and etc). Does any one else like them beside me? Pictures of the machines are welcome too. So I think I'll start: Rigitrac is a swiss tractor manufacture that started up in 2003 by Sepp Knuesel a farmer son and a farm equipment dealer and manufacturer.(2003 also markt 20 years since the last swiss made tractor came of the assembly line in 1983). So far 300 tractors have been sold, Rigitrac is a modern hightec tractor with a hydrostatic transmission. The uploaded image is of the prototype from 2003, official series manufacturing started in 2004.
  6. Here is a vintage ad of a Agrar-Rauschenbach threshing machine from the 1944. Agrar from Wil Switzerland bought Rauschenbach from the Georg Fischer Company from Schaffhausen Switzerland in 1939. Rauschenbach was once the largest farm equipment manufacture in Switzerland, founded in the 1840's by Johannes Rauschenbach in Schaffhausen (threshing machines were one of the main products).
  7. The Aebi company made about 7 695 of this mowers and about 75 132 from the grounddrive models. The Company was founded in 1883 by Johann Ulrich Aebi (1846-1919) and started mass production of the mowers in 1897 but manufactured this mowers a view years before. Johann Ulrich (or Hansueli) made his very first farm machine when he turned 19 years old. He made his first 20 mowers in 1876 in his farm shop. The company also manufactured seed drills until they stopped making them at the end of the 50's, the company speciallized at this time on farm vehicles for mountain farmers (which they still make to this day). Cool disc do you know how long Case made this?
  8. That's true they would :-) The amish make forecarts with small gas engines and also with diesel engines to power their equipment there is a video on youtube were one guy that has his horses hitched to a New Holland forage harvester. Here is a picture of one of the mowers with an small gas engine manufactured by AEBI & Co. AG. Maschinenfabrik Burgdorf Switzerland. The company adverticed them as "you can mowe with this mower more than with a two horse grounddrive mower!" I've scant this picture from the front cover of a swiss magazine that doesn't exist anymore.
  9. Here is an ad of a hay tedder manufactured by the Maschinenfabrik (Manufacturing) A Gamper in Waengi Switzerland from 1905 or so. The A Gamper company became known in later years as the Waengi Maschinenfabrik AG. which doesn't exist anymore!
  10. Two Swiss Farm Equipment manufactures still made horse drawn mowers until the end of the 50's, both made a one horse mower with a engine that drove the cutter bar!
  11. One of our neighbors has a Rotaspreader, but he hasn't used it for years!
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