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  1. Here is a brochure of the KEMPER bale wagon
  2. not a ad or brochure but still interesting lol
  3. RAPID Rex Motor mower brochure
  4. My dad seen one back in 1976 Alberta but it could of been also a Freeman SP baler though. I think them sp balers were very rare
  5. here is another Swiss tractor brand Buehrer once the largest tractor maker in Switzerland, the company still exists today but only as a service and parts company. The Tractospeed transmission was and still is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering
  6. yup the Huerlimann tractors and also the Bucher are Swiss tractors. Bucher is the parent company of KUHN hay equipment and the Huerlimann Brand was bought by the Italian SAME group in 1977 they closet the Swiss factory in 1983 here is a pic of the Huerlimann Tractor works in Wil St. Gallen Switzerland
  7. Here is a pic of the Bucher Self Loading wagon model S2
  8. Bucher Guyer's first Self Loading wagon in 1960, my grandfather had one just like it. My grandfather was one of 30 farmers that got one of the first series. That machine run until it got traded off in 1970. This pic I got from a magazine:
  9. Hurlimann D 90 SSP brochure cover this model was manufactured from 1957 to 1966 and over 2000 were made.
  10. Kemper promotional film showing all there equipment. Kemper is owned by John Deere since a view years now.
  11. yup same company, Hanomag started making tractors in 1912 (Self propelled Plows) then in 1919 they started making a crawler tractor and in 1924 their first official tractor rolled off the line. Hanomag was one of the top selling tractors in Germany but around the 50s they made two stroke diesels for there Small tractors (which went into production to fast) and it damaged there good name. In 1971 the last tractor rolled off the line.
  12. Motrac Small Experimental Tractor
  13. Hanomag model R 12 Brochure this tractor has a two stroke one cylinder 12 hp Diesel Here is also a promotional Film
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