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  1. Cool photos Gary, the combine stating beside your IH is that a Massey Harris? Or is it a Cockshutt? -Urs
  2. In the book that I have it said does wheels rode about the same as rubber tires. We had a very similar Grease feeler back in Switzerland that we used until we moved in 1997. Here is another spring wheel that only used a little rubber manufactured and patented by the Hans Huerlimann Traktoren und Motorenwerke in the 40s.
  3. That's cool, if my info is correct the Gravely with hydro drive is manufactured by the Swiss Company Rapid Technic AG. the two companies have a cooperation since 2006. Here is a link to the Brochure http://rapid.ch/en/brochures/flipbook?id=8098#brochure/ Rapid is Europe's Largest walk behind tractor manufacture.
  4. Here is a Versatile promotional film of there Generation 4 Swather: Has anyone driven one of this or older models and what did you think of them?
  5. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    I haven't posted anything on this thread for a while now and thought to post this film from 1947:
  6. I never knew that IH made AC's. Yup the first part of the film was about the rubber shortage of WW2. Some tractor companies came up with there own solution about the problem like the Ernst Meili Tractor company that made out of junked car springs steel wheels (the Meili Company at this time only made Doodlebug tractors out of all car makes). About 600 of this steel wheels were made: Meili tractor (tractor made out of car parts only the final drive was build by Meili and the steel wheels) a Vevey tractor with Meili Spring wheels Meili Spring wheels on a Huerlimann tractor back view -Urs
  7. Steer drive axle or trailers are a cheap alternative to the more expensive transporter, here is another example of a steer drive trailer:
  8. Here is a silent film of hay making in the Swiss Alps (note not every mountain farmer did it this way). The Goats that you will see in the film are of the Toggenburg breed, I should of posted this first: -Urs
  9. Here is documentary film of the Swiss Tire industry (Firestone's Swiss Factory) showcasing tire manufacturing. The Tractor seen in the film is a Buhrer manufactured by the Fritz Buhrer Traktorenfabrik in Hinwil Switzerland (company still exists only as a parts company www.buehrertraktoren.ch) -Urs
  10. Hi Gary, nice photos from the good old days, I wish I lived back then I found two old movies (short films really) that have Rumely Combines in them but they weren't filmed in Montana: -Urs
  11. Cool photos Gary, thanks for posting them. Yes back then the whole family helped with the haying but they did that here North America too, love that photo were the lady is carrying the heuburdi. Also love the alphorn you sure can here that from a distance. -Urs
  12. Here is another scene from Engelberg Switzerland this time making wild hay. Wild Hay was once very important because many years ago farmers that had no land had to cut all their hay up in those step slopes but it was also cut by other farmers too as extra fodder. And also for poor farmers that had only goats. The Reason why they still harvest wild hay is to prevent avalanches and because it is tradition in some parts in Switzerland (Canton of Bern, Uri, und etc.)
  13. Here is a video of hay harvesting in Engelberg Switzerland
  14. That is true it was an improvement but the scythe is still being used today in places were the Motor Mower can't go. When my grandfather was farming in the 50's he still had to mow close to an acre with the scythe but the rest of his hay land was cut with an AEBI AM 52 Motor Mower also the green feed and the corn for silage was also cut with that mower. BCS is an Italian company and they make the smallest mower for AEBI now but all the other Motor mowers AEBI make have a hydro transmission. Did that BCS have other attachments? This is how the AEBI AM 52 looks like (this mower isn't ours) Here is another promotional film of the Products of the RAPID Company, the film is from the 60s Cool ad by the way -Urs
  15. The Whistle you have in the shop Gary would also come handy in the House instead of yelling Dinner you just blow the whistle. -Urs
  16. Nice ads Ralph, Its just amazing what International Harvester manufactured over the years even milking machines at a time, but I am not sure if they sold does Refrigerators in Switzerland. Also like that Mercury ad would be nice finding one of does trucks around here in my area in Manitoba. I know this isn't an ad but a promotional film from the 30s or early 40s of the RAPID Model P Motor Mower: -Urs
  17. I wonder what kind of aircraft used that tire, a DC-3 maybe or ww2 bombers. Their is a organic guy in Saskatchewan that grows red fife wheat don't remember what his farm is called only remember seeing him on the Prairie Farm Report and he has a Cockshutt combine.
  18. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Huerlimann Tractor with a newer 3 point mounted sickle mower mowing hay in Oetwil am See in Canton of Zuerich Switzerland. Huerlimann tractors were manufactured in Wil Switzerland from 1929 to 1983 and since then they are Manufactured by the SAME Deutz Fahr Group (back then known as Same Lamborghini Huerlimann Group) Same bought Huerlimann in 1977.
  19. Nice, real Canadian made farm equipment. I think we had once such a swather behind the house in the bush but sadly got sold for scrap, I wasn't happy when that happened, back then I didn't know that it was a Cockshutt but it also could of been a Minneapolis Moline Swather. I took a photo of of that combine too at the show and beside it was its successor.
  20. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    It has been a while since I posted something on this thread. Here is a video of a BB Umwelttechnik's Double knife Sickelbar mower with three blades (the cutting system is from Busatis). The combined length is 8 meters (26.2467 feet) A swiss company has a 10 meter version or 32.8 feet in imperial which is a new model
  21. I know this photo of a Cockshutt 540 with a Cockshutt swather isn't an ad but still like to share it.
  22. Does are cool looking tractors, I have once heard that Cockshutt had a 580 in the works with a 1000rpm PTO and only one of the prototypes had survived but not sure anymore if that is true. Here is a photo of a Killbery Grain Saver you had posted an ad a while back and I thought I would post this pic of one that I photographed at the Agriculture Museum in Austin Manitoba
  23. That was White that bought them out, well if my info is correct it was the Combine devision because Cockshutt had one of the best combines at that time simple to work on and threshed a clean sample of grain and little lose over the walkers (an oldtimer told me that had one).
  24. Ralph, I think it is a demonstrator that is why it is yellow or a late prototype before series production started or a so called 0 Series model, International Harvester did that with there Demonstrator tractors. -Urs
  25. Cool mower. Is this the same Co-op company as CCIL or was that a different company? CCIL later sold the CLAAS combines in Canada, but I am not a 100% sure which model if it was the Europa or the Mercury: Here are two videos of each model: Claas Europa archivfilm: And the Mercury: Here is a page from a Huerlimann Tractor brochure from the early 1950's. Tractor with side mount mower and Huerlimann Grasstedder (the grass tedder was manufactured by AGRAR which had there factory in the same city as Huerlimann)
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