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  1. International Harvester Plow Mulcher Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUQzFoI81Eo
  2. AEBI one Horse mower with engine, I know its not an ad but I posted something way back. -Urs
  3. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Rapid Promotional film of there products: -Urs
  4. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Rapid model Spezial mowing, tedding and raking hay: -Urs
  5. Schilter Transporter Model 1500
  6. Here is a front cover of the BUCHER motor mower model Record broshure. My grandfather had a Bucher Record for a sort time with steel wheels before he traded it for a AEBI AM 52 motor mower. Bucher came out with there motor mower in 1945 with a 9 hp engine. -Urs
  7. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Could be Gary it does have some similarities to Switzerland, but sadly I do not know if a Swiss Family settled in the Palouse area. -Urs
  8. Making loose hay has always been done there but some do make roundbales but only were it ain't to steep. And all the feeding is done indoors and so did we back when we still farmed in Switzerland (but lived in flat and hilly region of Switzerland). -Urs
  9. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    Haying in the Canton of Bern Switzerland
  10. Here is a video some one posted using the AEBI Terratrac TT 281: -Urs PS: the AEBI Terratrac is also sold here in North America
  11. AEBI TT 281 is the largest Terratrac model AEBI makes now with 109 Engine HP and it came out last year: Pics Courtesy of the AEBI & CO. AG.
  12. Thanks man, here is another thing you might like it is a slope tractor Manufactured by the AEBI Company called a Terratrac they also sell the new models here in Canada and USA but this is a archiv film of there first Terratrac Model the TT 77 which had about 43 or 45 engine HP the company started serial production in 1976: -Urs
  13. another broshure cover pic of the AEBI TP 25
  14. AEBI Transporter TP 25 Broshure cover: in rhe back ground you can see a Bernese Farmhouse in the Emmental Valley (which houses house and barn under the same roof).
  15. Lets hook all our tractors to that state und pull it up here or dig a ditch our way.
  16. Oh yes you could order a seat for that motor mower just look at the ad that I posted on August 16! Nice Combine by the way, a cab sure was a big difference when they came out with AC and a heater. When did they start to put a diesel engine in Combines? My Grandfather bought a used combine in 1977 but that thing was already an ancient machine (one of the first combines imported into Switzerland) it was a Koedel & Boehm (or Koela for short). The combine looked similar to the one at the bottom but with the cutter bar of the top one. His had no corn head though. -Urs
  17. Here is another Grunder Motor Mower ad (I think the ads are from the 30s):
  18. Gary love that wall display with the scythes and new bundle pitch folk. cool idea but maybe you should build a BTH (Binder, Thresher, Hauling vehicle) put that binder infront of the TT Ford Truck and the thresher on the right side of the truck and have a quick hitch to both and then you can haul the grain off the field with the truck. Here is something cool that was made by the Sylvester Manufacturing Company of Lindsay Ontario Canada called a Auto Harvester that was used as a thresher or and as a tractor -Urs
  19. Here is an ad for the Grunder Motor Mower: The Grunder Company is a pioneer when it comes to Garden tillers it was the first company that made them starting in August 1 1917 when the company A. Grunder & Co. AG. was founded by August Grunder (1880-1957).
  20. Baling silage with a small square baler promotional film in England with a IHC baler:
  21. Happy Birthday Gary And have fun threshing with a Case on a Montana Farm -Urs
  22. And here is a promotional film of the International Harvester Company in Neuss Germany from 1956:
  23. Here is a promotional film for the Farmall Cub
  24. Here is a link to the promotional film for the Ford Golden Jubilee: -Urs
  25. Those were the days when farm equipment wasn't as complicated as today. The Massey that is in the front, is that combine pulling a chaff collector? How many years was the Massey 90 used? Urs
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