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  1. The Famous Deutz 11hp 1 cylinder Diesel
  2. like this Rapid Heureka Swiss Made
  3. Huerlimann D 95 had a 10 Speed forward transmission 2 Reverse, 45 Engine Horsepower 4 cylinder Diesel (41 hp on the PTO) Two clutches so you had LPTO. Made in Wil Switzerland
  4. This Manure spreader is called a bucket spreader used mostly on hill or alpine farms
  5. Awesome IH truck ad, here is another use for a Ford Model T as a doodle bug tractor. It was converted by Johann Neuhaus (he was a farmer that build his first tractor and went into the tractor making buisness full time he sold his last tractor in 1957 and around 100 made (from the mid 30s on ward he made his own frame and final drive)
  6. found this ad on facebook:
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