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  1. Swiss company Schilter brought out there own tractors in the early 70s called the UT series, UT means Universal Tractor front PTO and 3 point hitch and etc. over 800 of em where made
  2. an other IH promotional film from the German IHC factory
  3. Two videos about the evolution of the IHC line from the International Harvester Works in Neuss Germany
  4. BUCHER D 2000 2 cylinder MWM air cooled diesel
  5. Apple press I mean cider press
  6. kinda an ad for the McCormick Conditioner
  7. here is something cool I have found today on youtube
  8. I might of posted this before
  9. them Motor mowers tool carriers have a active steering system in em that can also be locked up, it makes the hydro motors in each wheel either stop moving or go the other way to make em turn easier. looks like grapes but could also be some other fruit. yup if its loaded up with one of does loose hay loaders then all the hay is put up loose.
  10. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    a New Swiss made self loading wagon with widening axles for slope work
  11. U-C

    Making Loose Hay

    old Bucher promo film of there self loading wagon model S2 sorry its sadly only in German
  12. Grunder TK 20 with a Fiat gas engine
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