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  1. found this cool Bührer tractor ad from the 50s
  2. Bührer 465L Brochure this model was made from 1975 to 1977 a total of 106 of this model left the assembly line in Hinwil
  3. we had one of does IH press drills with double disk here but that drill was worn out though. Here is a Brochure of the Nodet (made in France) seed drill they are now owned by KUHN group. My grandfather bought one in 1969 when he sold the single horse Bucher drill: Nodet kept that design for years their is even one for sale in Quebec a 4 meter model. My parents wanted to take it along at first but then changed there minds because then we might of had to leave one or two pieces of Furniture in the old Country lol. And there was the parts issue too
  4. that's really cool, where any of does seeders sold in your area? Awesome JD 5010 or is it a 5020
  5. Not a vintage ad but still vintage, farmer plowing near Lützelflüh Canton Bern Switzerland (Lützelflüh is also the town were the Swiss writer and Pastor Jeremias Gotthelf (actually Albert Bitzius 1797 - 1854) lived and wrote stories were farmers were the main characters.
  6. Two German made IHC tractors lol Brochure front covers
  7. Not sure if I shared this yet a FAHR Horse Drawn Motormower made from 1936 to 1952 a total of 4 222 were made
  8. The interesting thing is that European manufactures started making a similar hitch I think starting in either the late 70s or early 80s our Huerlimann had on its 3 point hitch something like that. Here's a John Deere Brochure 2020 sold in Europe
  9. Aecherli One Axle tractor with a 14 hp Stihl Diesel engine and a 7 speed transmission
  10. Hanomag Promotional film for the Model Pefekt 300 in 1962
  11. German Holder Company Historic video with there products the one axle tractor and one of the tractors had a two stroke 10 HP engine
  12. BERNA Tractor ad: This tractor had a 4 cylinder 40 hp engine and a three speed forward with a max speed of 10 km/h and one reverse with 2.2 km/h
  13. Early BERNA Truck made by the Swiss BERNA Truck Company in Olten Berna also made tractors starting in WW1 and later only for road use
  14. SLM Steam Traction engine with a steam powered Rotor plow
  15. Some more old pics from the old country that i have found on FB Spreading manure I reckon I should start a new thread only from this pics from the old country eh!
  16. Harvest pics from the Emmental: This last Pic I am not a 100% sure if it is in the Emmental or if its in a different Hilly area of Switzerland but I do know they are Freiberger Horses a Swiss Draft breed.
  17. Not an ad but its a vintage painting lol from Switzerland
  18. the Following pics aren't in montana but in the Emmental Canton Bern Switzerland from the good old days lol! Bringing in the hay
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