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  1. Aecherli Motor mower with windrowing attachment for cutting green feed
  2. That is an Awesome ad same with the Waterloo Bronco. Isn't Viterra now owned by Glencore? Here are two more pics of the SLM tractor plowing and reaping Urs
  3. Here is a Front Cover of a SLM tractor Brochure from the 40s
  4. And here is a front cover of a AEBI transporter for Municipal use
  5. Does your brother still have that BCS Motor mower? Does motor mowers are very handy would be cool to get a new one from AEBI with Hydrostatic drive and active steering. Awesome John Deere snowmobile Here is a video of an AEBI AM 10 motor mower with a snow plow attachment
  6. The AEBI AM 75 had a 11 HP engine and was one of the larger models the AEBI Company made. Here is a video of a AM 75 and also of the largest model the AM 90
  7. AEBI AM 75 brochure second page
  8. AEBI AM 75 Brochure front cover
  9. Cool to see all does Cockshutt ads its amazing of the equipment they made. Here is an ad of the MEILI tractors from the 60s. The Ernst Meili Traktorenfabrik Schaffhausen made tractors from 1934-1966 (other sorces say from 1933-1969) the company made a total of 7000 tractors. Some time in the 50s the company started making fiber glass hoods for there tractors.
  10. Meili Tractor ad from 1949 Meili Tractors were made from 1934 to 1966
  11. Here is a pic I took of a Cockshutt baler at the Thresherman's Reunion in Austin Manitoba a view years ago
  12. U-C

    Promotional Films

    Allis Chalmers All Crop Harvester model 66 promo
  13. U-C

    Promotional Films

    Allis Chalmers model CA promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbtr0lIKtpk
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