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  1. On 7/4/2024 at 2:13 PM, Big Bud guy said:

    The self propelled 00 series came in the fall of 69’.  The 15 series came out the year before so I consider both to be more 70s combines. So the 03 series vs 5 series was wash for the most part.  The 03s and early 101/51/81 were a copy of the JD anyway.  

    and some guys say JD is the only one that copies ideas from its competitors ;) 

  2. 1 hour ago, Kenneth russell said:

    I don’t think co-op made this big of a swather for the time, looks like this was the 60s, with the wooden bat reals. Metal ones looked like that sturdy grain bin metal, this also didn’t have the orange paint as co-op did in the 60s. I think this went to another brand like Heston or mac-don that either got scrapped, not many of them made, or they changed the entire design. This is quite cool though because it has flex headers for steep hills etc, something combines didn’t have back then. 

    its this Swather model that CCIL made and Steiger maybe sold a few in the States. Years ago I saw a Coop swather like this in a scrap yard but didn't know it at the time that it was a factory unit


  3. we got one but its for butter though 

    also some real old clay pots that where either used for lard or butter that had been cooked and the soild stuff separated to make it last

  4. 8 minutes ago, acem said:

    I won't open the video. He's just trying to get views and I won't support it.

    What did he do?

    He ran that poor old massey to the ground one could say wide open and with a defective water pump if I heard right until the engine gave up 

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  5. This guy was to lazy to but the tractor up for sale which still was in good running condition and destroyed it, what a shame, maybe others on this form might agree with me


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  6. 6 hours ago, 766 Man said:

      Racine but I don't know where in that city.  Probably something that was long ago bulldozed to the ground.  

    I always thought the Massey Harris tractor factory (Wallis or J. I. Case Plow Company) was near the J. I Case Threshing Machine Co. factories 

  7. This August at a local auction one is coming up for sale in running condition a wheatland model has pto, any ways was wondering how good where they compared to the competition and where they reliable? How many where made? are parts still avaiable?


  8. 16 minutes ago, Old Binder Guy said:

    Wow, I don't even know how to post here anymore, hardly. Not much talk either. I'm kind of bushed, but I didn't want the pulse of this to go away. Here's a boy learning gun safety in school in 1956. I don't recall any school shootings back then either. This was before "nuts" discovered their names would go down in infamy, shooting up schools and people in them.


    The PRIDE and joy of East Helena, Charley Pride. He was a real gentleman and his wife was a genuine lady.


    This was on Facebook. But the 1921 "Ford" is an International!


    This has to be a "Red Baby" International Harvester Dealer's truck.


    We moved the steam engines outside a while back. The Model TT started like a charm after setting all winter. Mike started the F-12 and said it started right up too.


    I had to take a picture of the planetary transmission pedals. I use these types of photos on Facebook when they ask if you can drive a stick shift.


    After I (the wheaties kid) started the TD-40 (I have quite a bit of ballast), Mike was preparing to back up to the 15 hp Case to pull it outside. Randy is checking his phone. 


    Randy and the TD-40 are moving the 15 hp Case outside.


    Randy pulled Mike and the Reeves outside too.


    Afterward the boys parked the TD-40 and Annie the Farmall H inside for the summer in a new location.


    I Backed the Model TT Ford inside, beside Annie and the threshing machine.


    Last Thursday, the boys wanted to fire up the Reeves to try out their "new" $400 rebuilt governor. It works like a charm, with just over 1-1/2 thousandths clearance between the body rings and the new spool. They were wooding up for their play time. I had to leave at noon to take Sharon to her Otolaryngologist (ENT) appointment around 2:00.


    Mike did take Randy and I out to the culdesac and back.


    This is a photo of an old photo of the first steam up of the Reeves back in about 2009 or 2010, after I got the engine piped.


    We wanted a photo of the engine with the canopy and the rear tank.


    My next trip to Silver Creek last week, Mike and I got the 1926 Model T up to the shop area, headed out the door. It was running on three cylinders when I put it away last fall. I just had to readjust one of "Ron The Coilman's" coils. 


    This is a TC Power "Block P" steamboat near Bismarck, North Dakota. I can't tell which steamboat it is. Theoretically, Grandpa Yaeger COULD be on it, since he worked on the "Benton" for three years. 


    This is a mockup of the first Froelich (John Deere) that proceeded the Dain John Deere.


    This photo of Henry Ford on a prototype tractor on his farm.


    This is some model of a Rumely Oilpull barn threshing. I try to imagine the chaff the guy in the hayloft gets, when moving the straw back.


    A Best Thirty crawler. 


    And a Cat D-11.


    A Farmall H with a grader attachment.


    I can't remember Harry's last name, but he was famous for building odd Farmalls. This one is three Farmall F-20s.


    A time when folks had brains and worked there asses off to make a living and building machinery that will outlast anything made today. Awesome pics Gary


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  9. 18 hours ago, acem said:

    Unions and companies both get greedy. 

    AGCO (massey) sells alot of hay equipment.  It's the old Heston line.

    AGCO is into alot of AG equipment besides tractors.

    Don't they own GSI (grain bins, etc)?

    That is True AGCO (MF) is the old Hesston hay tool line but for other hay rakes like rotary rakes and tedders, and three point disc mowers is from the German Fella factory, sadly Agco has discontinued the brand Fella.

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  10. My grandfather was on aktivduty in the Swiss Army from the start of WW2 to the end, patrolling the Swiss border. Right before the Germans attacked Russia or Soviet Union the officers of the Swiss army said if they don't invade Switzerland today they will not come which thank god became a reality. 

    When grandfather was onleave he worked on different farms and also went home to his parents. 

    To all does who fought for the Allies and for all of the Swiss Soldiers that helped to protect Freedom I am very greatful. Sadly most folks seem to be forgetting what they did for us.

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  11. 3 hours ago, 1965Dennis said:

    Looks dangerous to me with that kid with white knuckles riding outside the ROPS or canopy.

    If ya look closer there is a fender seat frame, it would be dangerous on hills yes. Tractors in Europe had those fender seats 



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