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  1. 4 hours ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    You have never seen a 4100, 4156, 66, or 86?

    all of the ji c*se 4wd tractors were all wheel steer rigid framed units as well.

    and the Schilter UT series have the same steering as the J.I Case 4WD too, Schilter was mostly known making transporters (or farm trucks for mountain farmers) in the 70s Schilter made over 800 of the UT series some had the 4wd steering. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Hot Plug said:

    X2  " crab steer ...High maintenance! 



    Crab steer is for that the tractor doesn't driffed off the hill side, not today's steering axles. Rigitrac uses heavy duty axles 

  3. 20 years ago this year Sepp Knuesel from Kuessnacht am Rigi introduced his own tractor! He is a well known farm equipment dealer and also manufacture of front disc mowers and hay rakes. Todate over 200 or almost 300 Rigitracs have been manufactured. The Company builds around 30 or more tractors each year.


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