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  1. 51 td6 steering?

    So far tried chaining to tree and pulling but no luck. If get time tomorrow will try pushing against tree.
  2. The manual says to change injector pump oil when u change engine oil. When i opened it fuel came out. Is there a seal that would be bad to cause this?
  3. 51 td6 steering?

    ihave parts and service manual. this tractor sat for yrs. since drum want turn unless sprocket turns I guess iam good that nothing is broken other than stuck clutchs I guess? because with a pry bar on the drum on either side it will move tractor. the right side steering lever will not return u have make it. is this because the clutchs are stuck or the spring inside the clutch pack broke maybe. also steering levers are not adjusted out the same would that affect anything. thanks for the help so far.
  4. 51 td6 steering?

    hello, looking for some help please. the dozer will turn left but want turn right. pull right lever back and hit right steering brake engine just bogs alittle but no turning. also when you pull both levers back tractor keeps on going. I am think right side steering clutch is stuck. if I open inspection holes on rear over dozer and tie steering lever back and using a pry bar turn clutch drum should it turn? it does. I was thinking when lever is pulled back steering clutchs where disengaged and that it would not turn final drive to sprocket. while trying to do this on either side with transmission in neutral tractor moved. do know nothing about these things please help. with clutch disengaged shouldn't the clutch drum be able to be spun.
  5. 1951 td6 hydraulics?

    All I know is southern welding and machine company out of Charlottesville Virgina outfitted with the blade way back when it was new. Brand of part I don't know. I will try and find I'd plates on parts.
  6. 1951 td6 hydraulics?

    I just purchased. Guy said everything worked when last used but had been setting a few yrs. I will get some pics soon.
  7. 1951 td6 hydraulics?

    Please help!! Lol
  8. 1951 td6 hydraulics?

    the hydraulics will hold the machine up when blade is pushed down. but when the blade is lifted up it falls right back down. also what positions does this machine have, up and down or should it have float also. when trying to keep blade in up position the fluid shots out of what I am guessing is a hole drilled in the cap on the reservoir for pressure relief .
  9. 1951 td6 clutch removal help please

    Okay thanks. I didn't have clutch engaged or grease nipple out. Thank guys.
  10. iam having trouble removing clutch so i can replace it and engine clutch brake facing. i followed the manual but once everything is unbolted i can not get the engine clutch coupling out. below is a diagram of clutch set up i have. any help would be appricated. i think the problem is that the clutch shaft is in the way maybe. i have tried to push it futher in side the flywheel to allow more room to get coupling out but no luck.
  11. 1951 td6 help please.

    Hello back again. Yea got it to house this morning. Got it running and the blade will hold the machine up but once blade is lifted up it will not stay up falls right back down. As far as moving goes. Pulling left lever and hitting left brake tractor turns left. Pulling right lever and hitting right brake tractors engine seems to be under a small load but want turn. Any help on these would be greatly appreciated. I will post pics as soon as I get some.
  12. 1951 td6 help please.

    i got manuals they just came in. also got it running. the blade goes up and down but want stay up it goes right back down.. i dont have any hydraulic knowledge. whats a good place to start.
  13. 1951 td6 help please.

    Hello I'm new to these old crawlers. Just got a 51 td6. The left side steering lever seems to be operating fine . Well at least it is springing back when released. I have not got machine running yet. The right side is hard to pull back u till about 2 inchs of travel left then seems get the spring feeling like the other side. U can let go and it will move back about 2 inches forward then you have to push it to the disengage position. Also the flywheel clutch is not locking in. I can hold it to ingauge it but want stay. I have pulled hard but seems like something is holding it back from engauging all the way. Any help on these problems would be greatly appreciated.