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  1. Good deal..... I’m in the process now of moving them out. Had a wedge stuck.......lots of fun. Thanks y’all for the replies. I really appreciate it😉
  2. I wish I had a set of duals for it....
  3. Been spraying with my 1086 set up on straddling two 30” rows. Several of my fields are in pretty steep terraces that when combined with a 300 gallon 3 point sprayer gives a whole new meaning to pucker factor when on a hillside with it set this narrow. I am thinking of spreading it out to straddle three 30” rows to give more stability. I’ve measured the front and it will get out there enough..... and the back surely will with singles. Anybody ever done this??
  4. Well dang .... I don’t think mine has EVER had that pin on the side hole.......
  5. Gotcha.... I’ll check it and see.
  6. Mines pretty sloppy either way. Lots of years on the ol gal. 😉Honestly though I think it’s set up for Cat III. This sprayer has Cat II hardware. Dies it take up that much play when it’s changed?
  7. Yep that’s what I’ve been looking for. 👍 Man I appreciate it!
  8. Hey all. Been here a while but haven’t posted much. I hate to ask for help.... but I’m about to pull what hair I have left out. Long story short...... my old sprayer finially played out and I bought a new 300 gallon 3 point. Was tickled to death the first day.... but soon realized I had a big problem. My Ace spray pump is the old 540 pulley drive type. Once it’s put on and the sprayer mounted every time I turn right the lift arm will hit the pump. NOT good. My 1086 is an early model that doesn’t have sway blocks... only the torsion links. Is there anybody that still makes the blocks that will
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