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  1. It looks like that plug the shaft goes through is only held in with tight tolerances and an o-ring. Maybe give the shaft a few good yanks straight up and it should hammer the plug out.
  2. First impression from here is intake manifold gasket leaking.
  3. I felt driven to try and replicate this decal for some reason. Don't know if the red is correct or if the background is supposed to be flat white or some cream-ish color. I saw the No. abbreviation on the paper add for the baler but not on any of the examples of real balers. Was a fun little project.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it too much but this is what's supposed to be there.
  5. Those are for a battery ignition distributor, not compatible with your magneto. The old parts don't look too bad from here. If the contacts and the spring loaded carbon brush in the center of the cap is ok you're probably fine with the old stuff.
  6. That rod sticking out of the cover should have the spring sticking out of the spool retained on it with a little roll pin and the whole thing should be retained in the spool with a spring clip (my clip looks home made). The rod should be held stationary by the cover and the spool should move up and down along it when assembled. I guess the 2 notched jam nuts are for setting the tension of the spring possibly?
  7. Listen to snoshoe and fputnamjr. Forget what I said earlier, there's no gasket there on an H.
  8. There is a gasket there that you might as well replace since you have it down this far. They tend to start seeping eventually and it really stands out with fresh paint.
  9. I don't think there's anything else it could be other than an intake leak. My Super M has a leak around the bottom of the 1-2 intake port that I haven't gotten to yet and it does the same as you describe with the high pitched squealing when warm. The way I've always heard to find an intake leak is to spray a little starting fluid around all the mating surfaces until you find a spot that changes how the engine runs.
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