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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much but this is what's supposed to be there.
  2. Those are for a battery ignition distributor, not compatible with your magneto. The old parts don't look too bad from here. If the contacts and the spring loaded carbon brush in the center of the cap is ok you're probably fine with the old stuff.
  3. That rod sticking out of the cover should have the spring sticking out of the spool retained on it with a little roll pin and the whole thing should be retained in the spool with a spring clip (my clip looks home made). The rod should be held stationary by the cover and the spool should move up and down along it when assembled. I guess the 2 notched jam nuts are for setting the tension of the spring possibly?
  4. Listen to snoshoe and fputnamjr. Forget what I said earlier, there's no gasket there on an H.
  5. There is a gasket there that you might as well replace since you have it down this far. They tend to start seeping eventually and it really stands out with fresh paint.
  6. I don't think there's anything else it could be other than an intake leak. My Super M has a leak around the bottom of the 1-2 intake port that I haven't gotten to yet and it does the same as you describe with the high pitched squealing when warm. The way I've always heard to find an intake leak is to spray a little starting fluid around all the mating surfaces until you find a spot that changes how the engine runs.
  7. Should be 1/4 inch. Figure they switched to 1/8 inch on the newer stuff because it was a longer run to the gauge and 1/8 inch might have been cheaper?
  8. Looks like a fairly late M to me. Those are IH style disk brakes and an IH hydraulic pump. Very late M's came from the factory with disc brakes and I think the newer timing cover that was needed to bolt up the IH pump.
  9. Must be those Ausco-Lambert aftermarket disc brakes. Seen a few posts about them on H's but I don't remember seeing them on an M before.
  10. Those pumps aren't really rebuildable, no replacement metal parts available. Steiner sells a seal kit if you happen to have a Thompson brand bump I think. If you try to replace the seal on either side of the pump you might be able to use a speedi sleeve on the pump shaft if it has a groove worn in it from the old seal. If the replacement seals don't work then a replacement pump is needed. I think the prices for those pumps went down a while ago so you if you do have to replace it you won't feel it in the pocketbook so bad.
  11. Just looked and Tractor Parts ASAP (All State Ag Parts) sell both new and USED pumps. If it's leaking again so soon I'm thinking you either got a dud new pump or they sent you a used pump. Although if it was a good new pump there is the (small) possibility that something in the hydraulic system on the tractor is causing the pump to build too much pressure and blew out the seal.
  12. I thought the same thing at first. After closer inspection it looks like just a single level floor with a short curtain to hide the lights.
  13. He has some interesting ideas like his "town pump CNC mill," but if you see something you want to reference in the future you better download the video. He likes deleting his old videos for some reason. The last video he posted he said he culled 150 of them.
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