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  1. I would say just pull the head first thing. A head gasket set costs what? $100? If the engine is stuck it should be a cheap tractor to start with so you should have some wiggle room for a parts budget. After you pull the head you can put a plan together. If it's a rust exhibit leave the oil on the shelf until you deal with that. Clean as much of the rust out as you can before dumping anything in the cylinders. Especially down past the top of the piston above the rings. Then dump some rust dissolver in and let it sit a few days. As far as rust dissolver I think you could get away with just white vinegar. I've heard it doesn't attack iron or steel. Have had a few years to think about the topic since I last dealt with a stuck engine.
  2. Does it have the number cast inside in the water jacket like this? Took this picture through the middle triangular hole in a head pulled from a super m.
  3. Should just be the snap ring holding it in along with a ridge of buildup paint or dirt you'll have to work it past. If it's the same as the bypass feed for the power steering on a 450 then beware a spring shooting out.
  4. Well you definitely had a brake stuck on. Boy did that get hot. Shouldn't be anything broken but if it was stuck when you started it would be a good idea to take it apart and at least clean everything up. New discs, springs, and balls can be had from many places if you need them. Also not sure what you mean by e brake? There's the little park brake lock catch right in front of the pedals but thats all there is. Is that what you mean?
  5. Not really much history with mine, both came from auctions not running. This was taken just after the one in the foreground came off the trailer. The big spot on it around the exhaust is from the muffler having no bottom in it.
  6. This looks to be the same picture out of my manual, but much more legible.
  7. It looks like that plug the shaft goes through is only held in with tight tolerances and an o-ring. Maybe give the shaft a few good yanks straight up and it should hammer the plug out.
  8. First impression from here is intake manifold gasket leaking.
  9. I felt driven to try and replicate this decal for some reason. Don't know if the red is correct or if the background is supposed to be flat white or some cream-ish color. I saw the No. abbreviation on the paper add for the baler but not on any of the examples of real balers. Was a fun little project.
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