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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows for sure do i have to remove the main drive clutch to replace the transmission input shaft seal. From what i'm reading i have to. Didn't know if there was any other tricks to it. And if i do have to pull the clutch might as well put a new one in while have it out. Thank you for any info y'all have.
  2. TD9 91 series starter

    It has plug you take out to oil it on the brush end of starter. But the new bushings can't be oiled is what i've been told
  3. TD9 91 series starter

    Thank you North of 60. Yea i have a different starter than that one on my dozer. It doesn't have the solenoid on top like that one. I've tried adding pictures but it wont let me.
  4. TD9 91 series starter

    Thank you for the info guys. North of 60 if you would please send me the parts diagram if you don't care to I would appreciate it. Hopefully it will help and i can fix my problem.
  5. TD9 91 series starter

    There was a felt washer and some metal shims in there but it ate the felt washer up and and ate down into the end plate with the shims.
  6. TD9 91 series starter

    Mine has a Delco Remy model # 1113008. I'm thinking it is something someone has just pieced together from many starters. Hard to find parts for it. I made the bushings for it Shimed it all up and cleaned it all up before putting back together. Cranked over good till i thought battery went down hooked jumper cables to it still nothing. Put two new batteries on it still nothing. Took starter back off and got to looking the armature is pushing really hard against the back of starter eating into the end plate and trying to rub the side of brushes. have took it apart several times now and it keeps doing it. So i'm lost now on what's going on and what to do. Thanks for any help.
  7. Having starter problems on my TD9. Don't think it has the right one on it. Was wondering if anyone has a picture of the one that should be on it or help at all. Thank you