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  1. years gone by

    I know its going to be a hard find but if i can jist find one preson who might have seen it at least I ll have a state to start looking for it.Just a dream of mine but you never know who is out there reading e mails,hope fully some one with a good memory or knows alot of friends that get together now and then snd exchange stores . Still hoping for something to keep my dream alive. sincerly years gone by
  2. years gone by

    im looking for a specifi 8430 john deerewhich i bought brand new back in the fall of 1978 .Had it for 10 years before it was traded in. i always regetted trading that tractor and am trying to track it down . I was taken to the Rietzel Bros auction in the early winter months of 1988 I tried to find info from them but they had got rid of all there old records and couldn't help me. I was hoping some one might have seen it somewhere you would know it when you saw it the air intake was chromed by a freind of mine guarantied to never rust the last 4 digits in the vin number are 6716 hope someone has seen this tractor I would like to get it back and do a restoration on it. Anybody got any info please e mail me at thanks for reading this Find My John Deere request. sincerly years gone by
  3. I am located in Waterloo Ontario Canada you know of any 1655 owners that want to sell one send me their e mail and I ll contact them just need a few parts to finish one I ve got on the go thanks

    1. Power of Red

      Power of Red


      I did some digging and came up empty handed other than the one at Fawcett tractor. Teeswater has a 1755. Depending what you need, the 1655,1755 and 1855 shared a lot of parts. BOth oliver and cockshutt are the same tractor.  There is a beat up 1755 near me, its got a new clutch and head gasket. i saw it up close and its rought. they guy told me $4000 for it ( last link on the bottom ) agricole


      i hope this helps your quest, i will keep my eyes out for more of them for you,  AL

    2. years gone by

      years gone by

      thanks I ll check out those sites appreciate the help and info

  4. years gone by

    l am looking for an older 1655 cockshutt about 1966 for parts doesnt have to be running just has to have the wheels on it
  5. was wonering if that 8430 is still sitting outside on that hill or if someone has finally rescued it from rusting into the ground

    1. years gone by

      years gone by

      so some of the equiment and ths 8430 have finally  been rescued form rotting into the ground .Sure would love to have a look at that  tractor am trying to find one for a retierment restoration project . Would u happen to know the address of that farm

    2. JD Humm

      JD Humm

      Don't know the address, that farm couple has long since passed on but their son still owns it, his name is Roy Webb and he lives in the Basehor area last I heard.  I know him when I see him and he knows me but that is about the extent of our relationship, I see him sitting in the driveway to that place in his truck on occasion but he always locks the cable behind him, kind of like he doesn't wish to be bothered so I have never stopped by when I see him there.  That 8430 left under it's own power, I remember meeting it on the highway and was amazed it ran but who knows how long it took them to get it running.

    3. years gone by

      years gone by

      thats great to hear that someone finally got it running and is being used or restored. I used to own one back in the 80's but had to sell it as things got tough for me back then, always regretted selling it never did any major repairs to it just a pump rebuild and injectors. Put over 6000 hours on it and the only major money put in to it was new tires and duals.Thanks for the info I will keep looking for one,  if you happen to see one with the last 4 serial number digits 6717 thats the one I really am trying to find ,the one I let go. Thanks again

  6. years gone by

    is that 8430 still sitting on that hill with all the trees growing around it at the junction of 24/40 near Tonganoxie or has someone finally rescued it from rusting into the ground