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  1. To run in what class? I'd suspect that you will run into competitors with more cubes and a lot more hp.in the same bracket.
  2. 986 would be 10k here in NY, if it's well used, dirty, with bald tires.
  3. What he said. Wayyyy to dangerous to be running one like that. I have had them go bad twice, can remember each one clear as day: first time I was greasing a Tedder, and when I turned a spool to align a U-joint, the whole thing started to creep. Other time I was wiping the expellor off on the side of a slinger manure spreader ...and it started to turn on its own. Both dangerous. Both removed from the implements that day. You have the oarts, get a manual, it's only an afternoons job, but if you mess it up and or don't do it all....you'll be doing it again. First time around, I think I'd recommend you hire a guy to do it. Dangerous.
  4. Ours, in NY: # 25781 (owned 30yrs) # 33631(maybe 20yrs) , and black stripe (6-8yrs) # 2610178uo57647
  5. I had a ford tranny shipped about that far two years ago, it fit on a pallet and came in a FedEx type box truck, for $300.
  6. Clutches are cheap, and easy though. It's like a 4hr job on those. $600-700 though. Use to be $350.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Nice ford. When you get another 10-12k hrs. on that, it'll still be going strong.
  8. I'm thinking he felt good about the motor. If not, he would have rebuilt it already. Or if/when it needs it, he'll rebuild it then. You don't see many guys here that are afraid if an engine rebuild. Nice job! I've only seen it done twice in person, and I thought Those two were pretty.
  9. Thank you. Yes, don't have to look twice to notice that pipe and air cleaner. Schwitzer turbo. Big one. That pipe was chrome when I was a kid, 30+ years ago. It has become one with the elbow since then. I need to cut that off and get a prettier one back on there. Quietest tractor we have. Deep, even tone. 856 with M+W sounds completely different. Gotta have a muffler on that one.
  10. Thanks guys. I do want to try buffing them up a bit sometime. The black stripe I did rub on a bit, just by hand for an hour or so. Could be a lot better.
  11. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking tractor. I'm fairly new here too, but I suspect these guys are going to tell you to look,for original IH fenders, mounts and steps.
  12. Cool. You'll need bigger rims for the 20.8s, but that's probably good because you can just unbolt yours and sell them as a set. Halfway decent tires sell fast, given the prices on used ones
  13. I love ford 5000's. And ford blue is about the easiest color to work with too. I too would avoid sandblasting. Why disturb that heavy factory primer? Manually Sand it smooth. Even Smoother if you are going for perfection.
  14. I always like that there nf pic of yours too. Neighbor always use to put one under his 1206 for pulling when I was a kid. Thanks, (They're mostly my fathers....I just try to keep them nice). There's another 1066 here someplace that keeps getting missed in the pics, here it is on the right. The one that use to have the white delux cab on it. 11 or 12k hrs on that one too. 856 is a little wet in that pic, had pulled it outside to adjust new/used throttle linkage. Original one had a adjuster nut tac welded in place.
  15. Thanks. 7k hr 856 added in a few months ago. M+W on it. Never plan to take a pic, just snap things randomly. Could have moved those jugs, previous owner said the fuel in it was five years old.
  16. Starting to be quite a collection! That 706 looks nice too. That's a "short" frame midel right? Will be harder to put a bigger motor in that one . And it's got the rim clamps bolted on the outside of the wheel centers . I've never seen that.
  17. I've called around. Aftermarket ones don't appear to exist. Yard guys don't want to be bothered to look. Over in the other section a member posted that he had some heavy screen bent at a metal shop, to mimic one. I almost think I've seen perforated metal that might look pretttttty close texture wise. I'm going to look into it. Looking at mine close, I might even just rivet a few solid thin (symmetrical and as tasteful as possibly) patches to this one. its one cracked in two spots and missing a 1"X1" chunk in the lower corner. Thanks guys
  18. Where would a guy find one of those? You guys here helped me out with window gaskets and some trim pieces a while back. I checked AgParts and Abilene machine with no luck. Grill Screen is all broken around the mounting tabs. Thank you.
  19. Sharper the better, like they said, downside is the sharp edge goes away quick when you hit stuff. No bigger, sharpen again. The idea of "balancing" a brush hog blade is kinda Rediculous, imo. It's a 20some pound blade, that's all wrapped up in what it's cutting. shap, shift down, rev it up, and it will cut great.
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