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  1. Is the filter typically located in about that location? I imagine the lines were steel from the factory?
  2. Thanks. There’s my no-86 series experience showing. I thought I might be able to own one today….but she was a little to rough around the edges for me. I’ve seen it from the road for 20 years just never up close
  3. I’d list it on Craigslist for $$ Somebody will come offer you $ then It’s their problem. No effort required!
  4. I assumed he was talking just poles and purlins right? Not a finished wall. Still would make me nervous.
  5. Anybody ever seen something like this? I have not. Both lines going into ports at front of MCV.
  6. Is this the Lodge that you guys are talking about or do I have some sort of Amazon knock off brand? I am fairly certain this is the first time I’ve ever touched this pan, and I didn’t know there was a name on the bottom of it. There is a set of them here somewhere, my wife does not like to handle them, Other than I know there is large one here someplace that she fries chicken in once in a great while. I don’t handle them, use them or clean them…so my knowledge is minimal. I am fairly certain they have never been seasoned and they get washed with Dawn dish soap. I know how to use our air fryer though
  7. Thanks. We use to bale with an 826, but it would be lacking for power on the hills we have here once you had a fairly full wagon behind it. New balers and wagons are heavy. A 656 wouldn’t be a very good fit. Neighbor rakes with a nice pair of them.
  8. Makes sense, but I have never heard of that. Apparently I’ve never had a wrench really close to an alternator as the engine was running, although I feel like I probably have at some point. snoshoe, Yes I should have clarified. It will charge, but it will also get warm as it sets and your battery will be dead in the morning, if you leave the wires backwards. I take for granted that some people would not automatically look for signs of a draw on the system like that.
  9. Your wires also appear to be running in the wrong direction to me. They typically go up and forward, toward the water pump.
  10. Reversing them won’t hurt anything, (as a test), it just won’t work. So that’s the super simplified way to tell what’s what. Also, all auto parts stores have the correct plug on hand for just a few dollars. It comes with 5-6” of wire on it, so you can splice that right on if you wanted to.
  11. Wife wore the original belt out on ours. So I had to order a new one ($90) take it apart to replace it…..Then we gave it away.
  12. It won’t hurt anything to try a little extra oil anyway maybe just some cheap oil for now, if you’re going to end up changing it anyway, which seems like a good idea it’s been sitting. Completely remove that five eights plug, sit on the tractor seat, and start it. Oil will shoot out of the hole and go back over the axle in about 1.5 seconds.
  13. For sure. I don’t believe anybody thought differently. I have one with “300” hours on it now and another one with “1200” or “2200”. They were working together today.
  14. Yea that doesn’t look right
  15. I like the nice clear gauge.
  16. I like it. Right to the big torch tip, like I’ve had to do.
  17. I weld shin pieces onto shin pieces sometimes. Herein NY we have Rocks. A guy can wear points out in a day and shins in two. Had a neighbor move here from Ohio years ago. Dad had three new sets of points in the truck and the guy said wow, I’ve had my plows 10 or 20 years and never replaced those . He learned real fast when his old points were gone after one afternoon.
  18. Yep. Neat. Very few owls around here. Good job saving him
  19. Wouldn’t that cut through pretty much any type of roofing material? I had no idea something like that could exist.
  20. I wouldn’t cut this one, or a round rear one myself. Local auction yesterday. NY pricing. I believe they had 5 of them at $175 each
  21. I wouldn’t have tried it with a spear. I snapped one of those once with my skidsteer and the piece that snapped off came into the cab with me
  22. Full service (not my regular station) gas station, guy pumped 10g of Diesel into my new gas 5.4 one winter night. I filled it to the top (25g tank) with regular gas….and kept driving. 10g Diesel, 25g tank, it ran extra smooth and was maybe down a little on power, but it was fine. I put 90k on it after that.
  23. Put in 5 gallons next time. I take 10 or 15 gallons of two-stroke gas out of our snowmobile’s every fall. They are modern machines but I still fill them with oil mixed gas over the summer because it lubricates the injection pumps, the injectors, and in my mind puts an oil coating on the insides of the engine and the exhaust. I immediately dump 5 gallons of that gas into whatever small car is within sight in my driveway. I know I put 5 gallons into a 2014 Toyota last year, and it only has a 14 gallon tank total. I’ve put it in that vehicle probably three or four times before. No problem. I think I’ve run it straight in a Honda Civic before with minimal regular gas in it, until I made it into town to fill up. Neighbor put 20 or 25g of gas in his new (‘19 or ‘20) duramax a few years ago. He was 50 miles away, and he made it almost home before he even realized it. He realized it because the truck had been full of death, and his low DEF light came on. So are used like 500 miles worth of death in about 50 miles. He called the dealer, they told him it happens all the time, not to worry about it. He’s still driving the truck, no ill affects that he’s ever mentioned
  24. Don’t know what it’s going to take until you try. Like others are saying, I have lucked out and literally been able to wiggle them out by hand, once letting them soak for a week with the bolts loose and a quality penetrant applied daily. I actually wiggled one out by hand once as soon as the bolts were loosened, other times we’ve had to use a rosebud torch to get the tube pretty hot, then twist the knee as stated above
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