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  1. He mentioned losing weight, and spreading calcium on the driveway so I don’t think it’s going back in but I may have misread.  I would’ve put it back in myself.  I’ve never had a tubeless tire. Even when you buy new radials around here, the tire shops want to sell you a tube to put inside of them. 

  2. I have trapped 6 like that in the recent years.  45 years….never had a skunk….but now they come into the barn to eat cat food we leave out for the cats. Anyway, I have a neighbor that comes with a regular towel, leaves it half folded up, walks up very slowly, unfolds it and sets it over the trap, carry’s it away. He actually takes them back to his farm and releases them.  Knees down, open trap, he says they walk out slow and never look at him. He does like them to be in the trap for 12-24hr, and he releases them near a puddle if he can find one. Says they go right to it.  He’s got a bigger set than me though 

  3. How does gas start switch to Diesel work? I’ve never seen one. Does gas temporally run through some other portion the injection pump? Does it have a mini carburetor on it? I really have no idea. I’ve been meaning to try to look it up on a parts diagram so that I could maybe understand, as it’s been mentioned on here twice now within the last week. Thanks 

  4. How would a guy check to make sure a cylinder was not bypassing? My idea that I was going to do (before reading here about the plug) was to put the loader up in the air, then support the weight of it with the skid steer,  while unhooking the hoses as if you were going to dismount the loader, and then letting the skidsteer down, and seeing if the tractor loader stayed up on its own.

  5. 87731AA2-C78E-4F52-96AA-C253E33C6176.thumb.jpeg.351a6c67e858a217ab20cf12aaf10f38.jpeg

    you nailed it. The outer plug was tight but the small one in the middle was about an eighth or a quarter of a turn loose. I did not take time to pull back out of the garage and put the bucket on but it would barely lift the loader, its own weight, as I put it into the building at noon time and just now I put  the attach  coupler of my skid steer over top of the  coupler  plate on the tractor, and the tractor lifted up the front tires of the skid steer at idle. So I’m calling it good. Thank you very much. 3329BDB0-16DB-4522-B514-3CBD76ED3EF9.thumb.jpeg.821fa79a4631bfd6ce7c1b8d5866c461.jpeg

  6. Moving gravel with mx115, lift capacity just went down hill.  Three point lifts good and I believe rear remotes work (it’s still hooked to a 10’ heavy three pt brush hog, only have the lift cylinders on it to judge by right now.  What pump is shot?   I’d find a better pic, but it’s time to go rake hay

  7. It burn out at a good pace? Coworker has a ‘19 bmw car (large, pretty fancy, idk the model) but the Oil Light comes on every few weeks, he adds a half quart and goes another few weeks. I doubt he drives 400-500 miles a week. Dealership told him it’s normal, and gave him a 6 pack fancy box of quarts….like it’s a common thing. “Here we have this sturdy box, it stands up in the trunk nicely” keep it full 

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  8. I have minimal interest in those, Other than I see one locally once in a while that looks like it’s been sitting in the bushes outside for 50 years and then the guy gives it a crank and it fires up and he drives it away. I’m sure he would  not sell it for $750. Here in New York I feel like that nice one would be worth $1500- $2000, to a guy that had the interest.


  9. OK OK, I know I’m the odd man out, but after looking at those new  pictures closer, I guess I will change my vote to a buff job (if you decided to, opposed to leaving it) and then see what it looks like. I don’t think I would do Scotch-Brite pad, I think I would use like 1000+ grit sandpaper, Maybe do a test panel on that other tractor first.

    my experience is just my own though.  I have a nephew that’s 8…..he has more interest in driving a new shiny subcompact than he does in looking at an original really nice 1066.   

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