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  1. Worn out foreign 15.5-38s on 15’s. Flat sidewall New rubber is on order. Sticker shock wasn’t tooooo bad, as I braced for it. Actually it was bad enough. Had considered going with 16.9’s -until I heard the prices
  2. My mother always had a glass jar or coffee can on top of the washing machine. She’d empty dad’s pockets, into that container. Then eventually move this container full of random hardware to the closet. When I got married and moved out (and needed to start buying my own hardware/supplies for use around my off-farm house) I quickly decided to grab a few of those hardware containers out of moms closet. That will be 20 years ago this month and I still occasionally go sort through those jars when I need something. I also have a small bucket that came from my wife’s Grandfather. An item out of it has saved me a few bucks and a trip to the hardware store way more than once. .22 shells and soap stones included.
  3. Local guy that’s got 100lbs on me walks by about once a week with his dog that has 50-60lbs over my little man….we are not easily intimidated. Just ask him.
  4. High tension adjustable bungees. I’m going to start saying that from time to time
  5. Back in action, in about a month, for $400…..in 2022, I’d call that a win and wouldn’t question the man at all. I have a hydraulics shop $20 to solder a fitting (that they supplied) onto a steering line last Friday. A new line was $420 and not in stock. Couldn’t be happier. Last time I was there I had dropped off a cylinder to be resealed. Expected $50, maybe $100 (good sized cylinder) and when I went to pick it up….it was $230. $200 labor….$30 parts. I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t tell them that. I plan to take them another worn steering line next week now that I know they can fix them.
  6. I’ve installed 2 inch to 5 inch lift kits into probably 20 different pickups over the last 30 years, new, used, well used. I’ve ran all kinds of angles, built control arms and ladder bars, re-welded spring perches on axles etc. I’m a farmer not a machinist, and I’ve never had anything vibrate to speak of at all. (A 3/4 ton on 35’s with 5”….yes it’ll vibrate a little if you grab 4wd at speed), but basically, I’ve never had a u joint or seal issue. I don’t see anything of concern there at all other than probably a worn seal surface like they are saying. I’ve actually had two new trucks leak there an ‘11 and an ‘18) before I even got them lifted.
  7. Airplane crashes are terrible, and scary. But really, if a 4 foot Snake falls onto my head while I am raking hay, it’s all cab tractors Or at least motorcycle helmets,from here on out
  8. Needed to shuttle a few hay wagons yesterday and the tractor I was running developed a leak in a steering fitting. These were the closest two available tractors. 20.8’s = more mph. Seemed logical. (weight brackets use to be cheap)
  9. Did 806’s ever have white wheels up front though? Nice tractor
  10. I’ve heard the Amish around here are very well off, compared to those two hours away. Closest one to me has a 986 on steel. He plows with a team of six or eight horses I don’t know what the plows are but they have shiny paint on them
  11. Around here….they just hire the fertilizer and spray companies to come in and do it. Grow crops as nice as anybody.
  12. Keep the popcorn. I’ll take a mouse burger and french flies, pahuhuhlease
  13. Oh I agree. Kroil breaks things free, but has zero lubricity beyond that. As soon as I get a something moving a half turn, I put the Kroil away and grab something else. Usually wd40 or PB. Since they are cheap and easy to find anywhere. I’ve tried the, I think it’s, “ Silkroil” Kroil with Silicon, that’s suppose to lubebetter, but I didn’t think it did much and it sure cost enough
  14. Rusted water bowls and the rusted 10-30 year old 3/4-1” galvanized piping going to them, my experience says KROIL is as good as it gets. KROIL and heat, even better.
  15. I forgot that they had a stubby 1/2” now too.
  16. Well that’s the second coolest black 1466 we’ve seen lately
  17. What he said. A $10 old school automotive inline filter would work too, until you get a better setup on there. Lots of reasons that the filter housing could have been removed. Maybe they were trying to bleed it or change the filters and broke a bleeder or filter bolt off inside of it. Quick way to get it running, bypass everything and sell it. I broke a bleeder bolt off in one of ours when I was a kid.
  18. Somebody had pictures of tac welding a small strip of steel (1/2x1/8x20”?) to the inside of the angle iron brace that’s not correct on some of the aftermarket covers, to make it sit tight and flat to the upper corner of the battery
  19. That’s another huge one right there. those mixing cups were actually in short supply last year. Luckily, the year before that they were giving them out as normal and I had a few saved up.
  20. I would say that looks like it would fit perfectly. You can use automotive brake/fuel line fittings, steel/rubber/copper, anything from the auto parts store to make your connections if you need to. $38 seems ridiculously reasonable. Note the CaseIH filters on my fords. Same as you would use
  21. The guy in that other thread mentions “ Ford 5000 “ sized, I was going to say they look exactly like, exactly like the ones on my 5000’s, so if you were had a used tractor yard close by, And wanted to save a few dollars, you could go get the (non spin on type) off of a Ford, other than Ford does not use a glass bowl, they use an aluminum cup, and it should go right onto your tractor.
  22. I’ve seen them with 4-6”x 1-2 foot sections missing, still being used
  23. 3-4’ milk snake. I seen it coming though. A huge hawk had scooped it up out of the hayfield I was raking. It picked it right back up. Maybe dropping it to kill it?
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