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  1. Would go a lot higher here in NY
  2. Neighbor just sold a old and -well worn- 7000 over the weekend. He parked it outside in the brush over ten years ago, maybe 12. Guy stopped and offered him 2k for it.
  3. Apologies, I messed that up. I meant to post in the 2022 Crops thread just above this one.
  4. And not so decent here. It’s all below average this year. Hoping to get another few thousand bales in yet. Put a 1066 on a hay tedder to have a cab and heat. Might put 1466’s on hay rakes next
  5. I hope to never see the inside of one. I do like the air up button though. Goes up probably less than an inch, but it feels like three, and moves faster than the one on my pickup. I move it then just to put my knees at a different angle every usually once a mowing. I assume these seats are all about the same. It’s mostly Ferris around here in NY. Always here hood about Exmark too.
  6. If I can’t drink coffee and/or text while mowing way too fast….I don’t want to mow. Don’t laugh -until you’ve tried it.
  7. We have Harder and Madison, they were the common block silos around here in NY….way before the internet and before me too
  8. What part of the country are you in? I googled superior silo, and it came up as a current concrete silo business in PA.
  9. I wiped the dust off of another set of 1066 batteries this morning. Found the stickers on them still. 2007. Thought of The 1270. Update?
  10. Sounds like what my wife does. She’s a mentor. All new hires are required to spend a few weeks with her, and she checks on them daily/weekly/….hourly…. whatever they need to be “functional”. Because many aren’t. “All Online college educations”. She didn’t ask for or really want the responsibility… but says the kids in those other classrooms deserve better than what they’d be getting if she didn’t. School offered to make it a full time position for her, teaching teachers. Actually the next school over did as well. But she’s a Teacher and wants to primarily always be in a classroom.
  11. What type of silos are those? I’ve never seen one like them
  12. Dodge…. poor mpg? Never heard of such a thing. Other than from the owners that are not the best at math. I had two years ago. 12.5-13.5mpg tops. (10ply tires though, and driven). Going down hill, going easy, mayyybe 14.5
  13. I’d absolutely stop driving it until it’s fixed either way. Thats dangerous.
  14. Well yes, that right there, is something I’m much more familiar with. Very nice. the derby car though, never seen or heard of anything like that
  15. My wife is a teacher of 30 years. There are no half days in her calendar. My youngest just graduated year before last (top of her class of 340), and my oldest just finished her masters and started working as guidance counselor for the next school over. I wouldn’t say they have a single day off a year more than I did in school 30 years ago. Kids are sure crappy though. I’ve heard of kids getting taken off the bus in handcuffs, powerful drugs in possession, Teacher with a nose broken (from a female student) and just this week….6 or 7 year old poked another kid with a pencil enough to draw blood (maybe stitches). Go to Walmart or to a restaurant…heck I was at a gas station tonight, talking across the pumps to an elderly neighbor, and beyond her, to the local cub cadet dealer when we all went silent as a woman in a suv started really really screaming and swearing up a storm toward her three (10-12year old) kids in the back. Loud. I’ll assure you that these people were Not on their way to the fire department fish fry like my cub cadet buddy and I were. Or looking to save 5 cents on gas like my neighbor……but those kids probably attend one of the schools my wife our daughter work in.
  16. I have done essentially the same job twice on Fords in the last few years. Each time the parts that I took off, they sold really fast. I went with more modern style centers and sized wheels that should be more readily available,should I ever need to replace any of them again
  17. I bought mine slightly used and it was missing two of those torx head handle screws with the shoulder. I think I ordered them and the oil from sears.
  18. I had one for 20 years, only ever used it to cut concrete pavers and the patio blocks. It was just like the gray ones in the pictures. I don’t remember what type of oil it used, But I know if you put the wrong stuff in it it won’t work anymore. Lent it to a coworker and he killed it
  19. K+m base, with the 1.5-2” riser kit to clear the hyd lines, and then it looks like another set of plates “fabricated” on top of those. I’m only 6’1 and I’d say that seat is 5-6” too high for me.
  20. I was going to ask the same thing about a small animal auction. I’ve never heard of one
  21. He beat my by .5 seconds
  22. Didn’t you need something more to do with all of the newfound “free time” on your hands? Hahahahaa
  23. “2 billion people eat bugs” -because they can’t find a chicken.
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