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  1. Or it could mean the guy taking the picture just pulled the lever
  2. I know of exactly -2- ‘90s dodge trucks that are still on the road here in NY. And one of those didn’t start it’s life here. All others rotted away years ago.
  3. For myself I have purchased 5 new trucks and two cars from the big three manufacturers within the last 25 years. I used to think I would be all domestic forever, until I met my wife and my in-laws, and they had Toyotas. Now we have had three Toyotas and three hondas for my wife and my daughters to drive. Tell you guys what…. I’m going to have a Tundra eventually. Oh, my two most recent vehicles were F150s. Which is why I felt I could jump in here with my opinion. I also have a good coworker of 15 years that has always had higher end SUVs, last few were Highlanders and pilots, she recently switched to the biggest Hyundai, whatever that is, (50k ish) the model name is escaping me right now, she’s has had it about a year and really likes it. I have another coworker that was late coming back from lunch on Friday because their 2019 domestic SUV was 2 quarts low on oil and started blinking warning lights on the dash. Also a higher and SUV, 50,000 miles on it, -2 quarts.
  4. He mentioned that, but said at his age that getting it to that upper roller could have been an issue
  5. Have a neighbor that round bales a little bit of hay for beefers (mostly for fun) and he seldom goes out on a tractor without a few cans. Last year he had a bearing go bad on the baler and start a smoke show, he said luckily it was early in the day and the cans were still full. He used the beer to put out the fire. Had it been later in the day, the machine would have been lost.
  6. “Johnny5 pi$$ed off!” I like Bender. And his one eyed team mate. and Al Bundy. Hit the rabbit hole right there I did
  7. I have all Milwaukee fuel stuff here, I agree, I think it’s the best, but it cost enough too. Was considering the Ryobi for around the house to replace the aging craftsman stuff that I keep there now. Wife misplaced one of my craftsman batteries putting desks together in her classroom.
  8. I can’t believe more of you guys didn’t remember Johnny5
  9. We are hearing that prices are going up $.30 within the next two days here in New York. That will have Diesel up over 7.50 heading to 8.00 everywhere, and 87 gas over five, 5.25 in some spots.
  10. Puller and a Rider! Nice. How have those Ryobi tools been for you? Would you say they are definitely superior in power to that older style craftsman you have there? My neighbor just bought a Ryobi set this week, and he was able to remove the blades on his lawnmower with the 1/4” driver. And I know those blades were installed to 150 ft/lbs, because I installed them last.
  11. I didn’t realize there was a correct answer here
  12. Lots of canned specialty fuels out there have been $20/gal for years. Use those sparingly.
  13. Off road is about $6 here
  14. Yea….I’d love to have that problem. I’d buy a awful lot of each if I could get it at that price.
  15. 87 is 4.70-4.89 On road diesel is 6.80-7.50 !! in NY
  16. We try to buy a set a year. Didn’t buy any last year, as prices seemed silly. Obviously they are even higher this year, but I’ll admit I don’t know….is that $1600 Each, or for a pair? $800 each seems cheap, 1600 seems insane, but more likely. A quick Google makes it look like it could go either way, but the places with them listed for $800 say out of stock
  17. Those three point hitch disc mowers, (modern sickle bar I call them )are very rare here in New York. I think I only know one guy that has one and he uses it to trim around small pine trees. I think because he can pick it up and down, going over, instead of turning in and out to go around the trees. I thought one would be nice to trim along tree lines with years ago, until I went and priced one. Seems like a new one was $10,000 a long time ago and did not look like much to me
  18. Always enjoyed watching the young kittens learn the world. When they are 5-6” long, hand sized, seems they would always climb up a broom bottom, sometimes start up the handle, then freeze and need rescuing.
  19. Do those push to connect one-handed? The ones that I have don’t. Maybe I bought the economy version
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