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  1. McDonalds. It ain’t good, but it’s close, and only .99 cents. Everybody is welcome to stop by.
  2. I made sure to take my hay pic from within a red 1466, with red 1066 and open station 856 in view though. so that’s 3x as red as a much newer and larger combine in a corn field. Just saying. I don’t get it either. Post pic, I’ll like it. corn chopping for bunks is jussst starting in this area of NY
  3. I’ve never understood the differences. We’ve had our 806 Farmall for 40+ years, and I bought the 856 International years ago to sort of be its twin/little sister. Imo there isn’t any differences between them other than cubic inches. 806 is a ‘67 and 856 is a ‘71
  4. It’s a smell that we only get to enjoy about once every 7-10 days it seems this year (wayyyy to Wet!). Feels like I’m never going to get finished.
  5. I’ve made a cardboard template of a window frame before, glass shop used that to make the glass. It needed holes in it for hinge mounts, so they drilled those,then sent it out to be tempered, and it was still reasonably priced. And fit perfect
  6. Ohhhh, so he’s always physically had the tractor, just never realized what serial number it was. Now I get it.
  7. We’re those TERP tractors maybe knocked in the head years ago? And they have sat and weathered since? I was thinking they were recently killed
  8. What he said. Check for fuel at carb. If it’s dry, blow a shot of air back through the line to the tank, then see if fuel appears. If it does, clean line/filter/tank when you can. if the fuel bowl isn’t full, jiggle the float and the needle above it. If that doesn’t work, remove it and shoot carb cleaner and air up main fuel jet/orifice/hole thing. no im not a carb guy, but they aren’t complicated. Somethings plugged.
  9. Yes I can picture of those rectangular or diamond shaped brackets that they make, where are you just slide the weights on, I realized that after I typed it. Although I’ve never seen anything like that thing there hitched to a sled
  10. Full circle one piece weights right?
  11. Would those weights be sitting on some sort of a Drum or bracket type thing down the center, with that big plate in the end holding them in like a washer? Because they don’t appear to have all the staggered bolts, or the traditional easy type 4 pieces of threaded rod.
  12. I agree. It’s not worth 30k in points, so, the gov. program is screwy, and who is paying for it? Tax payers? Idk. I was thinking they were being assigned a <$1000 value, based on how low of value complete machines seem to have out there.
  13. Congratulations. (Although….I don’t follow what you’re saying)
  14. Visible in the first pic, the Farmall 806, you can see where the frame was sliced and looks like a 3” hole sawed in the block. Scrap is high this year, is that how they (the TERP outfit selling them) puts a value on those? Then they probably deduct for tires, figuring you’re doing them a favor by taking the tires off their hands. Other than maybe the International 806, looks like those machines have not been actively burning fuel in the fields to contaminate the air in a long long time. So they were scrap, basically, or somebody pulled them from scrap in some other state, to turn them in on the TERP program to get the credits. We had a Cash For Clunkers program here in NY years ago. The gov. would give you $3 or $5k for your (assumed in efficient) older vehicle if you bought a new one, but, you had to show proof of ownership of the old vehicle for 3-5 years (a few years anyway) and it had to have been registered and on the road at that time. I didn’t think NY’s program was right either.
  15. And yet the machine was still operating just fine we’d assume, obviously the operator was not abusive. (Not saying that anybody with a lot of weights that breaks something is abusive, just saying this guy was not over working the tractor)
  16. Ha. 234-IA posted while I was typing
  17. Drain oil into a clean bucket. If it’s black and just looks like oil, that’s good. Just crack the drain plugs loose on the transmission and rear end, If there is water in them, it will be well separated and at the bottom. Very easy to drain out now, opposed to starting the tractor and letting it get all mixed in. You're going to want to change the fluids at some point anyway, but I would try draining the water off first, to see what’s in there. what is everybody’s opinion on the fuel filters? I almost think I would leave the filters on it, and just drain down the tank best as I could, add 5 gallons of fresh fuel and try starting it, before removing the filters and introducing air into the system. Then once it is running, change the filters as soon as possible. Ten year old diesel…probably isn’t too bad
  18. I’ve spent a lot of time on those. I have 6’ lengths of threaded rod welded together to make an illuminated Christmas star on one.
  19. Ehhhh, is that R2D2 on the silo platform?!
  20. Can’t buy a rusted out junk 2wd with 400k on it for $3k here in NY
  21. Very large helium balloon inside against the headliner. No I was trying to show the threaded holes in the sides of the cab being put there from the factory as a balance point. I made an steel cross brace with a leg on it that comes down and catches each hole. Chain falls up to the rafters. I removed and replaced three cabs like that that winter. Those may be the only three times in history that a guy from RPF has put a deluxe cab back on.
  22. I have 5 of those cab, none have holes there. I’d say somebody drilled and threaded yours. IMO mirrors there would be way to far toward the rear. The rubber snubber above those homes comes out, and it’s threaded, for an anchor to lift the cabs.
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