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  1. 305 hydraulics leaking down

    hi guys I have a magnum mx 305 that will slowly lower any cylinders connected to the remotes 2,3, and 4. Number one is the only remote that will hold pressure. Makes no difference if tractor is on or off. There is no oil leaking from the couplers into the plastic bottles. Do I need to replace control valves possible valve seat damaged ?
  2. 8910 Transmission Lube press fault

    never mind found oil in connection plug on one of the sensors and going to take a stab and say its the faulty one. for future readers it was the one under left foot if sitting in cab, comes off the same wiring loom as the diesel tank level sender. activates trans lube press light on dash.
  3. 8910 Transmission Lube press fault

    Hi all 8910 with trans lube press light coming on can someone help identify pressure sender on transmission. Can someone also explain why the light only comes on above a certain RPM, does the pressure sender only work in a certain pressure range or does the tractor only send power to the sender at a certain RPM. Thanks