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  1. So another dumb question. if I can get the header height knob to work and I can get the pointer to come close to the middle line on the head, can I still use the up/down on the propulsion over to “fine-tune” the height or will that cancel out the auto height floating function?
  2. Ok thank you very much, this helps a lot!
  3. Why is it so jumpy when it’s light?
  4. Ok thank you very much. also, would the feelers not touching the runners hv an impact? I noticed that some weren’t touching so I planned on getting those adjusted with the top of the runners. also would adjusting the springs have any impact? Just trying to think of all things i can do . I also plan on lubricating and moving the sensor tube.
  5. Hi everyone , I’m setting my auto header height on a newer 1020 head. This is also the first year I’m using this head. It has been updated with the adapter harness. The auto header height seems to work as it’ll go down automatically when depressing and releasing down button on the joystick/propulsion lever. I was told that you want to turn the header height control knob so your pointer on the head is running in the middle of the range. the problem I have is that when turning the knob nothing happens and then all of a sudden it’ll move farther then I need it to. It overshoots in both directions . To me it would seem that as you turn the knob slowly it would slowly raise or lower but this is not the case. any help is always greatly appreciated thank you!
  6. Ok thank you very much for the response, I’ll keep that in mind.
  7. I was going to use them for corn but I’ve been told by a couple guys that say slotted grates help prevent overloading the chaffer in soybeans . Is that not your experience?
  8. I am installing slotted grates in my 1666 combine for soybeans this year. I’m curious of how many channels everyone installs on these grates for beans and if they install them on the inside or outside of the grate? I’m relatively new to combining so I don’t have a great feel for the thought process on how many to add. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. I have the power steering pump (photo attached)
  10. I have a 1000 pto pump off of a Cyclo 900. A couple of years ago the bearings went out on it and I never fixed it as I used a spare. Can these be rebuilt or is it better to just trade them in as a core? TIA
  11. Thank you to everyone this helps a ton!!
  12. Hey thank u so much for all your help! Merry Christmas!
  13. It does look like that one but the replacement for a 766 doesn’t seem to fit in a 756( based on equivalency guides) I was call it a switch (vacuum) but then I saw some literature calling it a “sending unit” so figured that was that stock term lol
  14. Does anyone know of the part number of the air cleaner sending unit in a 756? Also is this item serviceable or do you have to buy another? I’m having trouble finding one. TIA
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