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  1. I’m not disagreeing with the packing claim. Is there any chance though that the sequence valve is “sticky” and that it’s not opening for the markers thus the flow continues to the wheels raising them to far?
  2. Hi all, im posting again about my 6 row narrow Cyclo planter that has 4 carrying wheels. do the lift cylinders on these wheels have to be re- sequenced every so often? I was told this may be why when my planter lowers a couple of the wheels continue to lower and don’t make contact with the ground. Any ideas or experience with this? planter goes down level and raises level but anywhere from 2-3 wheels will “overshoot” and lift off the ground before the marker drops
  3. Dale560, I was thinking it might be that cycling valve but I was under the impression that would only affect market operation?
  4. Ok thank u. the planter has 4 wheels. Can u explain how the hydraulic system works so that it knows where to set the depth of the planter every time ? When powering the SCV how do I know when to stop? When the marker goes down? I know this is a really stupid question but it seems like I’m powering it down too far and the left wheel and sometimes the inner left wheel are off the ground before the marker falls down.
  5. B&C Farms: I did replace the hydraulic lines last fall I will check and see if that’s it. It doesn’t seem to chatter and operates smoothly thus it did t appear to have any air in it but I’ll check that thank u.
  6. I’m powering it down with scv. its a Cyclo 900 6 row narrow. So if the packing is bad how does it cause this to happen? I’m still relatively new to farming < 3 years so Id like to learn as much as I can.
  7. Hi all, this year I’ve switched to a 6 row Cyclo planter and am having some difficulty with lowering the planter. When I lower the planter, all 4 wheels go down and the planter lowers. Once the planter is lowered the left(when looking from rear) outer wheel cylinder continues to retract causing the wheel to lose contact with the ground. The marker then drops but the left wheel is suspended in the air. I then have to raise or feather the SCV to get the wheel to drop without raising the marker or the other wheels. This can’t be typical and it only happens with the left wheel. What is my problem? TIA
  8. Got my planter out and as testing everything. Fan motor seems to run good but is getting really warm. It’s not too hot to touch but still pretty warm. is this normal? I’ve never paid attention to it before. TIA
  9. Not a bad idea, I think I will do that. Thank you!
  10. Is there any good way of testing the fan motor on a Cyclo planter to make sure it’s up to spec? Trying to do some preventative maintenance before spring and wanted to test it. TIA
  11. Does anyone hv the ability to take a pic of the particular section in the manual that addresses it and post it here or send to my email? Stullj30@gmail.com I hv a 955 manual and I don’t believe it’s in there
  12. Can I just bypass that valve block and hook the up/down lines to other remote on tractor?
  13. It’s got a 756 on it . It worked fine last year. It once I hooked it up this year it’s like it’s not even trying to lift or lower. I do have 12 volts to the up/down solenoid so I’m not sure if it’s a ground unless there is another spot I need to be testing for voltage. i did try switching up the hoses to make sure and it was more of the same-nothing. Completely stumped
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