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  1. Glow plugs are working, and I have fuel to the top of the injectors. This one has always been a hard starter. Previous owner had it addicted to ether. Figured I'd check compression, and then possibly send out injectors and/or pump and go from there. Has always ran well when it's running. Haven't been able to get it started lately, and it's been sitting about a year now, inside.
  2. I have a D282 in an IH 150 track loader. I would like to do a compression test on it, as I am having some starting issues. Any help on an adapter or procedure?
  3. Did some work last week, and got things working again. I pulled the screen under the floorboard again, and it was full. Has some time of fiber/fabric in it. Cleaned it out and then opened the inspection plate on the right steering clutch and hosed everything down with WD-40. Ran it for about 2 hours moving dirt. Finally got the steering clutch freed up some and seemed to have good power. Just hope things keep working.
  4. I have an IH 150 Drott series B I bought last year. Have run it less than about 10 hours. Blew a line on the powershift, so replaced it, and just cleaned the hydraulic screen on the left side of the engine. Had cleaned the one under the floor boards and changed big filter not too long ago. It was pretty full with what looked almost like a rats nest. Few shavings, but had some kind of fiber or threadlike material in it. Got it cleaned up pretty well and back in business. Ran it some today. It would run good for about 1/2 hour and then just quit moving. Felt like it still went into gear, but
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