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  1. Sorry for the delay getting back to this, it has been a busy couple of days. I will call him tomorrow, the ad is still up so hopefully he's still got it. Appreciate the advice!
  2. This is in my local Craigslist, the guy has a bunch of M parts plus this engine out of an 806. Claims about 200 hours on a major and it spun a bearing so they just put in a good D407 he had. No pump or manifolds but the rest of it is there. Asking $200. I'm thinking it might be worth it just for parts. Opinions please.
  3. I "traded" (i.e. bought a used one and sold the old one) pickups a couple years ago and wound up taking one a few years older and more miles than I wanted to get in my budget, but it was a standard cab/long bed. And yes I could have got a short bed/long cab newer and less miles for the same money, which maybe makes me stupid...but I've known that for a long time. But I don't have kids at home and the grandkids are at a good distance so the chances of them riding around in the pickup with the Old Man are negligible. And I wanted an 8' bed without a school bus wheelbase. I see a few new ones
  4. Good old Detroit. First thing you do in the morning is slam your fingers in the door, then drive it like you are mad at it the rest of the day. Otherwise you ain't-a gonna get much done. I do not miss the ones that used to live here.
  5. Odd that this popped up in my notifications when I logged in. I just got back from helping out a friend who has a pet '83 Chevy 3/4 ton 4WD that he completely redid a couple years back. He doesn't drive it much and it occurred to him that maybe it was time to change the oil and filter since he couldn't recall the last time he did it. Well, he collapsed the filter with a strap wrench (small block, I think he said he put a 383 stroker in it) and couldn't get any traction with channel locks either. He finally got it off by driving a screwdriver through it...on the second attempt. First attem
  6. The squirrels and raccoons (and sometimes other critters) are so bad about climbing and fouling wires here, knocking power out, that they wrap some kind of heavy plastic around the poles about six or seven feet up and nail them on. It's slick so the coons, squirrels, and anything else that thinks it's a good idea to climb a power pole can't get a grip and it's wide enough that they can't reach past it. Unfortunately a lot of them have fallen off, they should have used a screw gun. When the linemen were putting them on past the farm I told them they should use a bucket truck and put them jus
  7. Any dry chemical extinguisher you should take it out of its mount and shake it a couple of times a year, the material tends to settle and compact until it turns into a fair imitation of plaster. And vibration only makes it worse. That is the life of them. The one in the picture would probably still work just fine so long as the contents haven't turned into a rock. 36 years and counting on the VFD it wasn't all for nothing!
  8. I have big hands, learned as a young man that they were enough to get the filter tight if I didn't want a major struggle with the strap wrench or channel locks at oil change time. I only use a wrench on the ones I can't get my hand around. Only ever had one leak, and that was my fault...it was plenty tight but I was in a hurry and didn't notice that the old gasket had stuck to the base. Caught it before it lost too much but that could have gone bad real quick.
  9. This post reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid. One neighbor was an old fellow who never owned a pickup. He was out driving around in his car looking at his crops one day and he watched a squirrel run up a pole, touch the hot side, and fall to the ground. Being from the generation that wasted nothing, he picked up the squirrel and tossed it in the floor, thinking that fried squirrel would be nice for supper. This fellow never rolled his windows down either, didn't want to get dust in the car. Well a couple of miles down the road, the squirrel came back to life...and the
  10. I have had items make the unnecessary world tour too. UPS and FedEx certainly do it as well but USPS is by far the worst. And I have trouble on and off with mail, stuff getting sent back marked undeliverable or no box at this location and it's been there forever. There's a couple of things I ordered floating around out there still as well, I don't expect to ever see either one as it has been many months in both cases. Most recently I got a Christmas card from a neighbor about 2 miles away...last week. Address was correct and it was postmarked 3 days before. I called him up to razz hi
  11. X3. Halfway through the original post, "tight valve" was what came to mind.
  12. I've had both good and bad experiences with ebay; all of the bad ones were resolved one way or another. A couple of them weren't really resolved to my satisfaction but they did try. What the OP did was in no way out of line in my opinion. Some of these sellers don't understand the subtle approach.
  13. That would be my experience with Ford pickups. Somebody once asked me if I would recommend one as he was getting ready to trade. I told him just be sure they throw in a comfy pair of hiking boots because you are gonna need them!🤣 Cool find with the saw.
  14. I have picked a few up from time to time...none recently. For one thing I couldn't say when the last time was that I've seen somebody hitching. When I have I tended to avoid the nasty looking ones. If it looked like somebody who had just broken down or something I'd offer them a ride, usually they were pretty grateful. I even took a guy 4 miles to get a can of gas (his can) and back so he could get going; it was pretty dang cold that day. Don't think I would again nowadays though, it's a lot more dangerous world we live in than even 5 or 10 years ago.
  15. That bracket was for a fuel pressure gauge, at least that's what was on our 806D. When the pump got changed over to a Roosa Master it became unemployed...I put an oil pressure gauge in there around 1980. Not as pretty as what Long Farms did (no-name gauge from Autopro -- anybody else remember them?) but it works.
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