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  1. After cleaning up the fan discovered that two other blades had been welded back on! So have carefully prepared and welded on the blade that broke off. Should be good for another 50 years.
  2. Pushing up some fallen timber today all going well then a loud bang followed by serious vibration that stopped when throttled back. Relief to find it was a only a broken fan blade but suspect will be hard to track down a replacement as these engines are not common. Can anyone suggest a work around if I can't track one down off a BTD8?
  3. Yes the track chains have seen better days and that mag be a contributing factor. If you look closely the cleats on the plates have had a section welded on.
  4. The track the idler slides on is a bit worn and in that photo the track is jammed against the chassis with considerable force pushing the idler out of alignment.
  5. Dropped left track of my TD9 last summer in middle of paddock of dry grass. Had to stay where it was until I could cut of the pipe I had welded on the track adjuster rod. Any way after pushing back and forward with an old kangaroo jack im back on the road. Have now adjusted tracks a bit tighter, about what is specified. This is the third time I have had the track come off though the other times I was working on rough terrain. Those times I split the track to get it back on. Looking at pictures of machines with loose tracks i wonder that more people dont have this happen or perhaps im just a rough operator?
  6. Managed to leave the fuel cap on top of the tank and it is now nowhere to be found. Suppose buried or fell off halfway across a creek crossing. Either way it needs replacing. Any advice on where to get one would be appreciated as they are an odd size so this could be a a problem.
  7. I have a TD9 with a BD281 engine. The BD281 was from a BTD8, understand the BD281 was also used in the 634 tractor. My father did the conversion in the 80's and the engine has been very reliable. Not sure if I would recommend this conversion now days as parts not easy to obtain in Australia and expect the same in America. These are British built machines so parts might be available there.
  8. Split the tracks recently on my TD9 and was getting nowhere until I heated the link with oxy torch and used a really big hammer. NOT AN EASY JOB.
  9. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Its a TD9, what i now know is the breather is sealed up, thinking that is because it gets pretty dusty back there.
  10. Cleaned up the outside of tbe pto and noticed a couple of drain and or filler plugs. I had assumed it was lubed through the transmission so have never looked at it. Also curious about the pipe exiting the left side of the case, looks like it has an internal hydraulic pump. This machine has a chain driven pump off the pto which works ok but the chain has been a bit of a iability. Can anybody shed any light on this PTO? What and how much oil and is there a pump in this unit. I assume if there is a previous owner added the chain driven pump for some reason. Can't say I'm a fan of the floppy chain.
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