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  1. International 664

    Does anyone know of anybody that's parting out one of these tractors? I'm finding it hard to locate a couple of parts, since they are discontinued.
  2. International 664

    I bought the good manuals, but I haven't bought the engine manual yet. I figured since I couldn't find it in the ones I have it must be in the one I don't. Then I was reading some IH tractors don't have a thermostat. Does the D in D239 represent nothing more than diesel? And the 239 is a for gasoline.
  3. International 664

    Don't know if TA works or not via not connected. There's a piece missing. As soon as I find it I'll try that. Thanks so much folks.
  4. International 664

    Update: got the clutch pack in. PTO appears to be working, haven't been able to get it out in weeds yet. I had a leak in the radiator and had to get that repaired. I can't seem to find in the manuals a thermostat, is this because there is not one on this model? I replaced the alternator with one that's for this tractor and I'm reading an increase in Voltage at the battery with an increase of rpm, I'm thinking this is correct. But what is the range I should be looking for? If y'all know of web sites with this info on it, if be more than glad to go look it myself. Very thankful for all the knowledge y'all bestow upon me.
  5. International 664

    So very thankful to talk to folks that actually know what they're talking about!!! Thank you!!!
  6. International 664

    By the way, how much pressure are we talking about with this spring. Is it something I could hold with strength, human, or is that tool needed? I do have a small shop press.
  7. IH 664 serial numbers

    Very welcome, Ray.
  8. International 664

    I went ahead and ordered the heavy duty pack, it has 7 fiber and 9 steel. I figured the extra steel could go on either end of the pack. Is this correct?
  9. IH 664 serial numbers

    I have 2567.
  10. International 664

    Serial number is 2567. I have found the PTO does not work under stress, works fine until the bush hog gets in thick grass. Then it stops. I figure it's the PTO clutch pack. So I'm studying and for the life of me I can't find either a filler spot or a level screw. It appears the drain plug is under the tow bar. Anyone know specifically where all this is. I bought the parts and service manuals but they don't show either of them.
  11. International 664

    Thank y'all so much. Now I have a direction to search. I'll get the s/n today as well as a couple of pics.
  12. International 664

    I just recently purchased an international 664. Body is rough, front end loader had many leaks as well as almost every hydraulic fitting. But the engine purrs like a kitten. My question is this: there are many parts missing, like connecting rods for TA, 3 point hitch lever, brake lock attachments, mounting bolts for the rims, ect, ect. Where can I find these parts? I will take picks and attach ASAP. And I'll get the vin number for those keeping a list of these tractors.