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  1. Does anyone have a parts manual for the 15B's or 175B's? I need the part number or specs for the large O ring (like 20 or 21 inches) that goes between the torque converter housing halves. Have my engine ready to go back in with the exception of this O ring...it is a little stretched and I have spent WAY too much on this rebuild to even chance it. My serial Number is L175BP 15129 Johnny
  2. 175B radiator hoses

    Glad you posted this...I am doing an out of frame on my 175B and wanted to replace the hoses as well.....
  3. 175b tracked loader steering problem

    Yep, I have a 175B and the dipstick tube is where it fills
  4. TD20 200 Series find

    Be careful, it is VERY addictive!
  5. td25c saved

    Keep the info coming!....Man, what I wouldn't give to have that bad boy to tinker with!
  6. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    Another Angle
  7. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    Here it is complete with the reliance head mounted to it, now all I need is a block to mount on it!
  8. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    I added a part tray to the top for rod caps, etc....I think I may have enough overall bracing, lol
  9. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    Updates...well not many, they machine shop has had my block for 10 weeks and I am supposed to pick it up today...WOO HOO! Here is a few photos of my engine stand project...this photo is the frame complete and was waiting on the gearbox at time of the photo
  10. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    I think this project alone will bring a few industries out of the gutter...I will have a small fortune in it by the time she starts puffing black smoke...and I don't even know if it will move out of it's own tracks once it does fire off....I hate to even think about that...lol
  11. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    The base is done after 4 days of off and on work about 20 hours invested cutting, drilling, tapping and welding... This photo brings us current, I will post more as I continue...any feedback on either project is appreciated...(as long as it is positive...lol ) I hope to have the upright section completed by tomorrow if all goes well, rain has put me behind a little bit. It may actually start looking like something in a few days. I ended up building the head on the Reliance pattern so it will accept the interchangeable reliance heads, I purchased the head to fit my engine family...that set me back another $250 more...ouch!
  12. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

  13. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    OK...First off, I do not have a fab shop, so may the professionals please be easy on me.... I have just started this project and probably half way done at the time of this post.. I really liked the basic style of the OTC (way over the top) and the Reliance (not quite enough to suite me). I then got with the design engineer where my wife works and had him draft me something based off of a drawing I came up with. It will be a 2 ton capacity gear head style stand. I found a 40:1 Ohio gear reducer for $50 shipped, My 4x4x1/4" tubing and 2x2x1/4" tubing was $250, the 1K capacity (each) casters were less than $50, the 6"x1/2" flat iron was $0.50/lb at the scrap yard and the channel iron all came from the scrap yard, also $0.50/lb have less that $30 in that, all my bolts were $2.29/lb at Rural King and I have about $12 in all of that, My 1 1/2" round stock came off of Ebay for $35 shipped and my Flange mount bearings were $30 shipped....So all of my supplies were just a few bucks over $500...And I will sell it when I get finished to recoup my investment.
  14. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    Now we have fast forwarded to spring 2017.... Wanting to have my machine as close to "factory new" as possible (48 year old machine and I am worried about anything being new) I scoured the web and found myself a Standard/Standard crank to go back in the block, my crank would clean up easily at 10/10, but that was not what I wanted...the crank was pricey, but I will have mine turned and recoup most of my money back on it. I have since found myself another block, no issues with mine except it is still sitting in the machine, but I want to have my engine ready to go back in when that one comes out to save time. The block is at the shop getting cleaned, checked, line honed, new freeze plugs, cam bearings, and sleeved..I expect it back in a week or so now. Well on to the next problem....an engine stand...I figured I would buy one and just sell it when I was finished....Until I seen the price!! WOW! I then asked around to see if someone had something big enough to borrow...NOT! Well I have time and no current project, so why not just build one??? AND....WE'RE OFF!
  15. 1969 - 175B resurrection (I Hope)

    Once I got the block sleeved, the rest of my parts showed up on my doorstep and it was TIME TO ROLL THE MAIN BEARINGS IN! This next photo was hard to even take...I was SICK at this point....Budget was right out the window! I was out of time for a 2016 completion....Project was put on hold until spring 2017