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  1. Komatsu D65P-7

    Yes it was set up with the pedals and levers like that.
  2. Komatsu D65P-7

    It's a great machine for small jobs. You can easily move it behind a pickup and seems to have much more power than you would expect. Parts are a problem. Dealers are very sparse and lots of parts have to come from Japan and take a long time. Hoses are British standard like JCB which is also annoying p
  3. Komatsu D65P-7

    Taking Pete1468's advice I found a cat d6d that was on my way to look at the D65p. I drove it today and it seems to be a good tight machine. I never made it to look at the Komastu today but think the D6D might be more my size. Do you guys any specific things to look out for on this one? D6d
  4. Komatsu D65P-7

    Thanks I'll have to see if they will let me run it long enough to get it warm. He did mention they just put a new radiator on it this year. They are asking $32,000.00 for it. Does that seem reasonable if it's in good shape?
  5. Komatsu D65P-7

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a bulldozer to use on our ranch and I found a Komatsu 83 D65P-7 bull dozer that I am going to go look at in the next couple days and was wondering what things to look for. I Don't know much about Komatsu Dozer's. What are common problems / things to look out for with these machines? It's a little bigger than I was originally look for but we've got lots of trees and brush to push...Thanks for any info.James