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  1. No it's just a glitter knob hard plastic . From twistedshifterz . Com I think I gave around 50-60$ for it .
  2. Rebuild foot valve , redid all the shifting with new seals u joint shift selector and sweet knob
  3. Few stages as I have fixed things .
  4. Figured I would share my cabover I saved from a junk pile . Fixing it up for farm use and haul my pulling tractors . It's a 79 with a 290 big cam Cummins , Eaton 9 speed . Got it home put 2 batteries in it and fired right up . Been slowly working on it as money will allow
  5. I can get to none of the plugs till I move it . As it sits now the belly is flat on the ground from it sinking and ground hogs living under it . I know it's all going to be rusted solid inside there
  6. A little history on this crawler and way I'd like to save it , it was originally bought to help clear the farm . The farm has been around since little after the civil war , close to 500 acres . The farm ran strong till 74 when my grandpa was killed in a silage accident , one week later my great grandpa died of a broken heart and what he had to watch happen . So at that time my dad and uncle were teenagers . Some came to the farm in the late 70's to cut logs , as they were cutting they got the log skidder stuck , so my dad and or uncle thought it be a good idea to drive the crawler down by the creek to pull out the skidder , on the way back out they when to turn to cross the creek popped the right track off . Left for dead been in that spot for 30+ yrs . My dad and uncle just walked away from it . Like they did all the equipment on the farm . As it broke down that's where it stayed . 2 m's ,1 h ,1a ,1 w9r (rice field special) the crawler and among other various items . The good stories I got to hear about it , was when dad was little he said he would ride the blade cylinders like a pony , he said they used it in the silage pit before the silos , said they had a wagon with a slide on it , they would hook the crawler to it and pull off the silage before they bought the silage box wagon . I had an h I was working on with a straight pipe , dad was there and I fired it up , he was like that sound just like that old crawler did yrs ago . So I'd like to fix it up so my dad can see it move again . He had forgot where it sat in the woods all those yrs .
  7. Thank you , yea my only big concerns are if I have to cut the tracks off if it want move , where to get links . And is there anyway water could get in the tranny other than shifter hole ? This crawler has been under water a couple of times .
  8. Thank you , yes the stack has been open for a very long time ,so the motor is completely smoked . It's been there so long all the belts and hoses have rotted off of it . It being in the same family as the m parts for the motor are easy to come by . The back side of the manifold it's completely froze and busted out . But all the leavers and handles still move .
  9. It would have to be drug over a creek and up to hills to the drive way , then across the hwy to my house . A guy with a bigger dozer said he could drag it for a 100$ , but that would be a dead weight drag if anything didn't break loose . Also have thought about brining it out in sections with my tractor . This pic shows how far the move would be
  10. Thank you Dennis . I have been thinking this thing over the last 3 yrs since I first dug the blade out of the ground . I wonder if it's really worth it . If the tracks are frozen solid it may just have to stay there .
  11. Hey guys in thinking about saving this t-6 crawler on our farm property . But it's going to be a chore to get it out . I'm sure every nut and bolt will have to be restored on it . Bad part . Right track is off at drive sprocket , both tracks are 6" or more sunk into the ground . And it's an 1/8th of a mile from the barn drive way .
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