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  1. Timing is fine that should be at 18 degrees all you have to do is back out the high idle screw
  2. Thanks. SDman that's exactly what I was looking for , Steve
  3. I looked in the engine section and also the hydraulic section could not find that part
  4. I am working on a jx95 the hydraulic pump failed in the front cover of the engine main hydraulic pump is on the backside and the power steering pump is on the front I have all my parts except the drive shaft I would call it the accessory drive in the cover I cannot find that part ,. If anyone could help me find that part it would be great. Thanks. Steve. P.S. Early SN
  5. We have turbo problems on a solar, i tried to call MJM Auto parts, phone is disconnected, they rebuilt one for me a few years ago, does anyone know if someone else took over the business or is there another shop that would rebuild a solar. Next option is there a kit available to put a air research or Switzer turbo on with the spacer. Thanks Steve
  6. CIHTECH this is a early JX 95 , steering pump in front of cover and main pump on rear of cover, the main pump is the one that quit, my problem is i can not find the drive gear/shaft in the parts book, i searched the engine section and the hydraulic section , if someone could help me that would be great. Thanks. Steve
  7. It's a lot closer to a 966 or an 806 the 1086 is about the same as a 1466 bigger axles
  8. There's a guy around here that hooked up a propane tank to a 720 diesel John Deere it ran really good and had lots of power until the Pistons melted. Steve
  9. I've worked on that 1066 , we did not sell the tractor new , in 1976 my boss sent me out to adjust the clutch on it and he always liked when we brought serial numbers back of the tractor so he could keep track of them I saw that the cab serial number plate said 966 and I told the owner that cab came off of a 966 he was ticked and went to the dealership he bought it from, he then found out the truth, he thought he ordered a new tractor in 1975 , when he left the dealership they drove into the shop a 1066 fender tractor and a 966 with delux cab and switched cab and fenders , then waited a few
  10. It may not take much more to fix both of the tractors right then you'll have 2 tractors
  11. The standards were changed over time because you could buy dual PTO in a 7220 or an 8920 and they were more rated power than a 1486 and in the sixties you could not order a 1206 with a duel pto
  12. If you have a 4366 make sure the clutch is adjusted, you don't want to pull that clutch, i did my share of cutting corners when I was younger and had 5 kids at home, running tires till they were past wore out, putting used batteries in our vehicles, it was all worth it , when times are tough, the tough keep going. Steve
  13. These pumps are on the right side, power steering is in the front, sounds like if i remove the pump i will see the problem , Steve
  14. I have a JX 95 to work on, has anyone had hydraulic problems, the 3point and remote valves completely stopped working. Thanks Steve
  15. That will be fine , since August of 1978 I've installed over 120 re=man torques and it's very common to hear a noise on the low side but it will go away. Steve
  16. So the piggyback pump only takes care of the three-point and the steering comes off of the main pump
  17. Did you check the safety start switch
  18. If the pump is okay it will bleed out quicker if the throttle is in wide open position. Steve
  19. If the unloading valve is stuck or plugged the hitch won't lift a load, pull the position control lever to the lift position and the move a auxillary valve to build pressure, if hitch lifts load problem is at unloading valve. Steve
  20. 71147C2. Countershaft splined spacer. Found on page with torque breakdown. Steve
  21. The shaft on a 3588 has the coupler factory made large to small, another easy thing you could do is remove the pump from both pto unit's and switch them around, and no need for adapter. Steve
  22. Yes that's correct, the same check valve that's used on the auxiliary valves on the 86 series
  23. That's called a double acting check valve
  24. First thing make sure you're dump valve is not stuck Steve
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