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  1. You will spend less on tractor repairs if you take it out
  2. When letting out the clutch the lube light should go out just before the tractor starts to move
  3. If you are doing any heavy work those plugs are the right ones, if you were doing light work all the time a little hotter plug would be good
  4. Yes those are cold plugs for use when doing heavy work, they should not be a problem
  5. Bottom 2 are the same as the top bolt. Steve
  6. A few years ago I had a customer with a 674 the did a lot of light work with it during the year but he pulled a 6 row corn planter in the spring and when the tractor was warmed up working hard it would shut right off and then in just a few seconds you could start it right up and it was running good it had too hot of spark plugs
  7. Might have too hot of spark plugs, what plugs do you use?
  8. That lower board is on a page in the blue ribbon service manual for the super MTA torque amplifier section , shows numbers for the tools and where they go
  9. In my early years at the dealership i predelivered a lot of 66 and 86 tractors, and everyone had a plow, we would put 2 barrel's of calcium chloride in each 18.4 x38 tire adding a ton to a tractor, in the 80s radial tires became popular, and we always put the 2 barrel's back in each radial tire and there was not much slipage and a lot of bearing failure, in time we started taking half of the fluid out, just my opinion
  10. I have never replaced a Ring & Pinion on any 15## tractor, the most common failure in the planetary is the Ball bearing on the differential output shaft, improvement would be to replace that ball bearing with a roller bearing found in the 4786 parts book. Steve
  11. There were some complaints on those tractors when they were new and there was a service bulletin that said to put a strip of hardware cloth along side of the evaporator to catch that water that's spitting out
  12. Yes the shaft will come out you may want to check the bushings for wear
  13. 3588pfcred

    1566 1086

    The internal PTO shaft on a 1566 is larger it may require the 1086 gear at the front of the Torque housing and maybe the PTO gear and a 1086 clutch also
  14. I had a torque housing one time that the outside oring on a jumper leaked because the transmission housing was not thick enough, I often use a light and mirror to look and make sure i don't see oring inside, on that tractor i installed a 5/16 lock washer in the torque where jumper tube goes to shim tube out a little Steve
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