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  1. Yes that's correct, the same check valve that's used on the auxiliary valves on the 86 series
  2. That's called a double acting check valve
  3. Where is a shuttle valve on a 6588. Steve
  4. Yes drain the rear end oil and also pull out the charge pump screen and check that out
  5. 2 years ago I put a differential in a 7110 that come from Boot Hill tractor parts in Missouri and it was actually a 7130 differential with the needle bearings rebuilt to fit in the 7110 lifetime warranty it was a good deal
  6. When the detent arms and rollers under the cover are wore out sometimes strange things happen
  7. I had a torque housing one time that the outside oring on a jumper leaked because the transmission housing was not thick enough, I often use a light and mirror to look and make sure i don't see oring inside, on that tractor i installed a 5/16 lock washer in the torque where jumper tube goes to shim tube out a little Steve
  8. I will update you when I find more, i have a repair shop and see quite a few red tractors. Steve
  9. A friend from Delta Ohio has three 826 tractors 12085. 16232 has been parted out , the last one he bought is stored on another farm it's a gold demonstrator, don't have serial number yet. Steve
  10. On the 15 you'll probably have to pull the fan in the Shroud out the side
  11. Worked at a IH dealer 25 years , started my own shop in 2000

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