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  1. 3688 slow hyd remotes

    If overfilling it makes it work right, replace seal in filter cavity with the lip towards pump. Steve
  2. 3688 slow hyd remotes

    Try filling the transmission 5 gallon over full
  3. 806 Frank

    If you are pulling top cover it won't matter if it's in gear or not
  4. 806 Frank

    Yes but make sure it's in 4th gear so the front gear stays on the quill gear. Steve
  5. IH 684 - Water in oil again

    Remove pan and pressurize cooling system
  6. 806 with 2450 loader

    Might be getting a 2450 loader for pushing snow , pushing brush on a pile to burn , oops not supposed to burn here ☺ main reason for 2450 is high lift for pulling cabs off for service work on tractors, should I leave wide front on my tractor or look for narrow front, my rear wheels are out for wide rows with 3 weights on each side. Thanks Steve
  7. 5088 shifting into reverse?

    Sounds like the detent set screw is a common problem , low , medium and high have synchronizers and reverse does not so even when everything is right they won't go into reverse quite as well , Steve
  8. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    The knee stop
  9. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Also the clamp bolt on the arm will hit the knee and that's not right
  10. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Enlarge the picture and look at the tie rod end of the arm
  11. 1466 steering arms and pivot ball

    Big Steve you are right, after taking a second look the aftermarket is on upside down. Steve
  12. 706 Axle Size

    806. 1206. 756 856 1256 826 1026 766 966 1066 786 886 986 3088 3288 3688 3488 3388 3588
  13. 1066 hydraulic ports

    The one closest to auxiliary valves handle base is the relief valve, , the one to the rear is the valve that gives hitch priority , simultaneous valve , i think the lower just a plug
  14. 806

    How would you shift to reverse, and the auxiliary valves would be in the way for the 86 series fuel tank , it could be done

    Most transmission failure came well out of warranty so they were paid by the farmer , a small update for electrical was power source for sentury moved from battery cable end to cab solenoid . I think of 88 series as 2+2 tractors. 50 series are still good tractors would like to have one but I need to get the 1456 fixed first Steve