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  1. That will be fine , since August of 1978 I've installed over 120 re=man torques and it's very common to hear a noise on the low side but it will go away. Steve
  2. So the piggyback pump only takes care of the three-point and the steering comes off of the main pump
  3. Did you check the safety start switch
  4. If the pump is okay it will bleed out quicker if the throttle is in wide open position. Steve
  5. If the unloading valve is stuck or plugged the hitch won't lift a load, pull the position control lever to the lift position and the move a auxillary valve to build pressure, if hitch lifts load problem is at unloading valve. Steve
  6. 71147C2. Countershaft splined spacer. Found on page with torque breakdown. Steve
  7. The shaft on a 3588 has the coupler factory made large to small, another easy thing you could do is remove the pump from both pto unit's and switch them around, and no need for adapter. Steve
  8. Yes that's correct, the same check valve that's used on the auxiliary valves on the 86 series
  9. That's called a double acting check valve
  10. First thing make sure you're dump valve is not stuck Steve
  11. Where is a shuttle valve on a 6588. Steve
  12. the first thing to take care of is the air in the system that's what's making the the hitch spongy probably the seal on the tube between the pump in the filter
  13. Sorry this was supposed to be on the 3688 thread
  14. I always use 2 yard sticks and a vice grips for measuring toe in , the older magnum tractors with mfd should be straight to 1/4 toe in. Driving on a paved road that is crowned, if you let go of the wheel you would go off the road, guiding the tractor straight down the road will cause the left wheel to run straight and too much toe in will cause wear on right tire only, Steve
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