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  1. There were some complaints on those tractors when they were new and there was a service bulletin that said to put a strip of hardware cloth along side of the evaporator to catch that water that's spitting out
  2. Yes the shaft will come out you may want to check the bushings for wear
  3. 3588pfcred

    1566 1086

    The internal PTO shaft on a 1566 is larger it may require the 1086 gear at the front of the Torque housing and maybe the PTO gear and a 1086 clutch also
  4. I had a torque housing one time that the outside oring on a jumper leaked because the transmission housing was not thick enough, I often use a light and mirror to look and make sure i don't see oring inside, on that tractor i installed a 5/16 lock washer in the torque where jumper tube goes to shim tube out a little Steve
  5. SN 511 prototype , SN 507 is not far from where I live it is a 5488 2 WD
  6. 3588pfcred


    It will force the front snap Ring off of the t/a shaft and create a lot of end play Steve
  7. If you need a new boot for alternator cable, you can find one at the brake wear switch in the 86 series, same part Steve
  8. Senser in radiator is level only
  9. I think the 06 and 56 series friction is adjusted with nut and friction disc, the 66 series has a clamp and bolt to tighten at the bottom of the handles. Steve
  10. When brake discs are wore out its metal-to-metal
  11. Do the brakes work right, are they noisy
  12. Follow adjustment in service manual
  13. When the draft lever is moved the internal lever should move
  14. What position is the draft lever in the cab
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