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  1. 3588pfcred

    9270 will not move

    If pressures check out good it's probably a clutch pack problem inside
  2. 3588pfcred

    9270 will not move

    It could be an electrical problem at valve body, best to put gauges on valve body and check pressure, maybe solenoid or bad connection
  3. 3588pfcred

    9270 will not move

    Yes. Drain the oil and see what you find
  4. 3588pfcred


    On tractors with cat II hitch, you can remove the control valve through a hole in the drawbar support , the handle won't feel much different with a broken pin because of the spring on top of the valve, park tractor with front end down hill so oil is below pto
  5. 3588pfcred

    1466 governor problem

    Injection pump needs to be rebuilt
  6. 3588pfcred

    suitcase weights

    I think the 06 and 56 100 lb weights were the same held tight with a bolt from underneath
  7. 3588pfcred

    suitcase weights

    The first 86 series had same weights as the 66 series, then in1978 the weights were steel and a little thinner maybe a year later they went back to cast weights with big hole for handle and those were the weights that went on the 50 series the first couple years
  8. 3588pfcred

    7120 magnum shift delay

    Dave Walters, from AG Parts brought me 2 accumulators last fall, but I think it's an item that LTP in PA, is selling , Dave sells for LTP they look just like the original
  9. 3588pfcred

    1466 issue

    MCV pump is weak and the sprag has failed in the torque. Steve
  10. 3588pfcred

    Oil type,weight recommended for older ih tractors.

    On medium and light duty work you won't hurt the engine, but my opinion on doing heavy work with the IH engine's. 361 407. And all. 400 series , they will last longer running 30 wt oil , especially if over fueled. Steve
  11. 3588pfcred

    Looking for

    I will update you when I find more, i have a repair shop and see quite a few red tractors. Steve
  12. 3588pfcred

    Air filter access panel 26,56,66,86 series

    That's right
  13. 3588pfcred

    7120 magnum

    Check Fuel pressure from the primer pump
  14. 3588pfcred

    Looking for

    826 at Randall Eq, 16846