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  1. The early 66 series did not have a baffle above the radiator core, those tractors would push coolant out and there was a service bulletin about adding a expansion tank, which I installed one and it fixed it, if you can see the core from looking in the top neck, a expansion tank would help Steve
  2. 18 years ago I replaced the sleeves in the early 706 gas it was 263 to 291 conversion I wrote the number down in my book 530948R2 , it appears that sleeve is no longer available through Case IH may be an aftermarket supply would have something
  3. I have the part number for the IH conversion sleeve 263- to 291 it's wrote down in my service manual when I get back out to the shop I'll look that up. Steve
  4. Change it when aux. tank is about half full. Steve
  5. Heavy front axle, larger wrist pins , 4 roller injection pump , wider bull gears and brake shafts, larger axles and larger brakes. Steve
  6. 3588pfcred


    915 had DT 414
  7. The add on Elwood were available in 2 models , the light one was i think a T8000, i would never use one on a 10 or 14, we installed 2 on 1466 and 1486 , too much trouble Steve
  8. Talkin about three speeds on those 15s with a 3-speed transmission we had some customers that pulled forage harvesters and they couldn't find a speed that would work but in the 86 series about 1977 IH change the 2nd speed gears and I can't remember if they speed up or slow them down but we used to put new gears and whenever we'd replace a torque back in the 80s Steve
  9. Don't ever use the 400 series filters on a German diesel like in an 886 had a customer do that once the 400 series has the bypass valve in the filter base the German diesel the bypass is in the filter it was a wrong combination in the winter it did not get oil quick enough and took a rod bearing out. Steve
  10. The 1566 and 1586 have a 16 tooth pinion 1086 and all others have 13 tooth, 3788 came with 10 tooth and most of those failed. yes putting a 15 ring and pinion in a smaller tractor will get close to 30 MPH. Steve
  11. You can call me tomorrow afternoon. 4one9 82two 729six. Steve
  12. The switch on the range linkage is micro switch for odd/even clutch pacts
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