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  1. 1256 cast center

    I thought the 66 series had a larger axle diameter.
  2. 1256 cast center

    Nashville Illinois. The guys I know of around here all run 66 series tractors.
  3. 1256 cast center

    Yes... The axle spun in the casting so it's junk. I'm located in southern illinois. I would hate to see what shipping would cost on one of those things.
  4. 1256 cast center

    Ok thanks. Mine stripped out on me today.
  5. 1256 cast center

    Does anyone have or know where I can get my hands on a cast center for a 1256? It's the 3 1/4 inch axle single wedge lock style. Thanks in advance.
  6. 1256 fuel in oil

    Ok. Thanks everyone. You have helped me tremendously!
  7. 1256 fuel in oil

    Thanks guys! Is that the only way those seals can go bad is from deteriorating flex rings inside the pump creating too much pressure? Or can they just go bad? Is there something I can look for by just having the pump off? I read something about looking for coffee grinds. I assume that's what your talking about.
  8. 1256 fuel in oil

    Thank you very much! I looked everywhere and couldn't find what I needed. Wasn't searching the right thing i guess...lol.
  9. 1256 fuel in oil

    So I'm pretty sure I have fuel getting in to the crank case on my 1256. I know its probably through the injection pump. My question is does any body know exactly what seals need replaced and the part numbers for them. I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks!