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  1. In 2012 I replaced the steering clutch fibers and cleaned up to steel disk. They were rusted and I sanded them and reused them. Put on new shoes and dozer steered ok but not great. It sat for awhile and started steering sporadic again. Adjusted linkage no help pushed against a tree pulled both handles and tracks just dug holes. Could stop on a grade with foot brake and clutch disengaged or out of gear. Never had to remove track to fix just seat and bull gears and covers. Once these were off you have to push the inside shaft to one side to lift the steering clutch assembly with brake band. Then push inside shaft the other way to remove the other side. I cleaned and painted pressure plate and housing to help stop the rust. Also this time I went with new steel disk it steers like a dream with very little pull on handles and a lot of brake adjustment left to use. The money spent really paid off in satisfaction for how well it turns now. Attached are some of the pictures of the job.
  2. Hi I am new to red power and have a 1967 500 diesel bullgrader. Just finished doing brakes and clutches not that hard to do once you line up the holes in sprocket for bull gear removal. Turned out the clutches we're rusted and stuck to flywheel and not going into free spin so no amount of brake tightening could stop it or turn it.
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