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  1. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    Got some more scanned, I'm having trouble with photobucket but ill get them on later here. This file is small enough to directly upload, this is the 2nd 5288 my grandpas on the snowblower.
  2. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    Thanks everyone, I do have some more pics I can upload after I scan them if you would like to see more.
  3. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    Here is one without duals, and also has my grandpas 5288 backed up to ours and hooked together. After spring tillage they used to put the 18.4-42 duals from my grandpas on it so they could cultivate and spray with both tractors.
  4. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    My dad purchased it brand new in 1985 and had the cast wheels for the 24.5s from one of the larger 4wd with 4 inch axle. The duals have a deep dish to fit im not sure what they were from but there was pictures of them being yellow before they got the silver. He went with the big tires because one of our neighbors pulled at tractor pull in the unlimited class and broke a 1 inch log chain... He was impressed. Dad used it for pulling a chisel plow and a larger wilrich field cultivator in the spring. Think it was around 30 ft. He put an intercooler on it right when he purchased it and has the pump turned up, also a westendorf loader. In the fall the tires had fluid in them so he could traction. We still have it today it has 4800 hours.
  5. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    So is there anyway to up the size limit of pictures so i can post the others of it?
  6. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    Deep lugs would look really well i imagine
  7. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    The inners are cast and yes we still have it and my dad is the original owner of it.
  8. Ever seen 5288 with dualed 24.5s

    I have a bunch more but they are over the 512 k limit is there anyway around that?
  9. Scanned some of the pictures of our 5288 when it was new. Dont see any pictures of any with the big duals so i thought i would contribute.
  10. Ih 782

    Have scanned our 782 with our 5288 when they were both brand new. Just thought good to see how it looked new.