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  1. Hi and thanks to Pirlbeck, TP from Central PA, Ohio Farmer. Pete 23 and R190. Thank you for your suggestions and I will take all replies on board. To restore this tractor properly is a long process. When parts are removed, they are cleaned and etch primed for a respray. The eight blade fan was incredibly dirty, it has been blasted and is now being hand finished for a rust conversion coat before the etch prime coat. If only we could all get the restored tin work back on asap but it is not as easy as that, pulling the 706 apart has raised more issues. To me it is a great model and therefore worth the effort. Thanks again to all for your help.
  2. Thanks Johnny, I am planning to keep this one but it will be a long project.
  3. Really good to see such an early F706, keep working away at it. Lots of parts available in the USA and a popular model.
  4. Great idea 806Frank and noted. Thanks
  5. Hi Snoshoe, that sounds like it would balance quite well, the two block roll pins that keep the gasket in place are there. Hi 460, another good way to balance the head using the existing fasteners, fuel tank (another story) and cradle were removed. Hi Searcyfarms, I am in Australia, the head is going to long standing and reputable company that services diesel heads for tractor sellers in my area. Hi Ace, that is an option but the only help I could muster at such short notice was my Maine Coon cat. I used the chain block because you have more control if the unexpected arises. So thank you to all of the replies to this post and for your time, the head is now off. The image shows that the head gasket blew between the 2nd and third cylinders with no damage. I was expecting burnt valves and this could still be the case, the good news is that the sleeves have hardly any lip but new rings will be installed. The advice that you have given will definitely be used, especially to the lower the head back on.
  6. Hi Zach, the main concerns are lifting in a stable position as the head is very heavy. After the head gasket has been replaced (new one purchased), I have evenly lower the head onto it. Being careful not to damage the new gasket.
  7. Hi Everyone, do any of the D282 owners have any special way of lifting the head so that it stays level. I am using a chain block for removal and reinstall but need to keep it level so it does not damage the head gasket. Are there specific points to lift from?
  8. Hi Pete, Thank you very much for your reply and advice. The tank is going off to Red Koted.
  9. Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate some feedback about F 706 Diesel fuel tank lines. On removing my tank I found the fuel return line next to the main supply line, the water drain line is in a separate location. Is this the correct configuration?
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