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  1. Who is close to Shiawassee County,Mi.

    I'm about 5 miles south of the southern Shiawassee border. Go into that county all the time for one thing or another.
  2. RPRU Parade Video

    It sure is a beautiful tractor. One of my favorites at the show. Sam
  3. 2019 red power show

    It was late in the month. I believe the last week of June that year.
  4. RPRU Thursday group photo

    I'm in the Farmall shirt next to Brady Boy. The gal is with me and just joined the forum the other day so she just qualified for the photo...
  5. Road kill on your normal route

    Raccoons, woodchucks, squirrels and deer here in SE MI. Opossums too.
  6. What time should the forum meeting be held?

    The schedule on the web site shows it closes at 8 PM. They have the parade Thursday and Friday tentatively scheduled at 7PM each day and show closes at 5 on Saturday
  7. Schedule

    There is one on the Round Up web site. Schedule
  8. Fawns in hay fields - :(

    I got one with a haybine about 20 years ago. The very last strip of hay and the doe came running out of the woods. I was watching her and then the mower went ka-thunk and I knew right away what happened. Never a good feeling.
  9. Union Grove RPRU 2016

    We are driving over on Wednesday so will be ready for the gates to open on Thursday morning.
  10. 2018 RPRU

    Pick cotton? Does that mean this will be a working vacation? Sam
  11. Give and take word game

    wood shop
  12. Give and take word game

    lock jaw
  13. Give and take word game

    circuit breaker
  14. Give and take word game

    rust out
  15. Give and take word game

    quick trip
  16. Give and take word game

    straight jacket
  17. Give and take word game

    Truly Blessed
  18. Give and take word game

    Easy Rider
  19. Give and take word game

    Candy Cane