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  1. Super M head

    That's a lot of great info that is hard to find in one place, it seems, thanks a lot for all the help
  2. Super M head

    So Anything besides regular m will be the same power unless LP from super through 450? Great I will be on the lookout for that, thanks mates
  3. Super M head

    That is what is in it for pistons, are those normal style ?
  4. Super M head

    So I have a 54 super m, the base has been filling with coolant, took off oil pan and you can see it's been coming down the cylinders, took the head off and you can see coolant around the valve seats, and according to lots of posts I have read, the heads crack. My question is, what head will bolt on and work ? There aren't a whole lot of other super m's around here and I might have to use one from a 400 or 450 or w6? I am not looking to bump up power, though it wouldn't bother me if I did, the engine is a c264 and it has the 8060 head on it now, from what I have read it only the combustion chamber that differs from model to model, lots of info with what will fit on normal m or 450 but not much on what I can use on mine, any help would be greatly appreciated